Three Arrested in Arcata

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On Monday October 30th, 2017, at approximately 1:00 P.M. Humboldt County Drug Task Force Special Agents with assistance from Officers with the Arcata Police Department served a search warrant at an apartment located in the 800 block of K Street in Arcata.

When Agents and Officers arrived they located 21 year old Sarah Arnold,arnold 27 year old Jorge KingKing and 21 year old Gabriel Ramonez.Ramonez A search of the apartment revealed approximately 1 gram of suspected cocaine, 2 grams of suspected DMT, 1 gram of suspected MDMA, 2 tabs of suspected LSD, 26 grams of suspected psilocybin mushrooms, numerous 8 gram nitrous oxide canisters and one pound of marijuana bud. A digital scale, packaging materials and other evidence associated with the sales of controlled substances were also located inside the apartment. In addition, Agents located $6,920.00 in U.S. Currency that was believed to be proceeds from the sales of controlled substance. This money was seized and subject to asset forfeiture proceedings.

As a result of the investigation Sarah was placed under arrest for possession of a controlled substance. Gabriel was placed under arrest for possession of a controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance for sale and possession of marijuana. Jorge was arrested for possession of nitrous oxide and maintaining a residence for the purposes of distributing a controlled substance.

All three were transported to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility where they were booked on the above listed charges.

Anyone with information related to this investigation or other narcotics related crimes are encouraged to call the Humboldt County Drug Task Force at 707-444-8095 or the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Tip Line at 707-268-2539.



  • Humboldt sanctuary collage town. Classic

  • Hope they started a 401k for their later on in life stuff, that is, if they live long enough😱😁😝😋😎

  • What a joke waste of resources go after the main line supply pounds of meth pounds of heroin. Then they will put a dent in the needles on Broadway. No dope no need for needles to the neck .

  • Just met the last guy the other day walking in the community forest, he introduced himself as the King of Hippy Trippies if I needed anything, ironically.

  • Oh my God four college kids got caught with a gram of cocaine… Those are all silly College kid drugs. I agree with mogtx…..go after the big dealers heroin and meth….. freaking methamphetamine is turning my town into Zombieland. So many people overdosing from heroin. It’s a freaking epidemic.

    • Exactly. How is this even news? What a waste of resources with the amount of meth and drunk drivers we have around here. These are college kids playing with drugs, like every generation has. Someone must have snitched.


    • no meth & no heroin = no problems. these drugs are enjoyable when consumed properly and planned accordingly.

      • Enlightened Troll

        Except cocaine. Cocaine nowadays is so adulterated that it only resembles cocaine of the past, it’s really nasty.

        • yeah jet fuel is a horrible extractant, but you still go to bed before the sun comes up and it doesn’t turn you into a freak that talks to the crosswalk button. and if you are able to use enough to mess up your life then you or your family earns enough to send you to some sweet rehab facility with a view. I use to play cards with coke back in the 80s, like most. it was easy to stop using it, I just didn’t buy anymore.

      • I agree completely.

  • Psychedelics- hey alright now! Personal amounts it sounds like. Okay- that cocaine is not righteous stuff. Hard on your body and you’re feeding nasty cartel bosses and the CIA. I can’t get behind it. But a collection of good quality psychedelics is nothing to be ashamed of- just maybe stash it better, or don’t deal out of the house! Notice how there was no meth or heroin….go easy on these kids!

  • White folks: Dont Dread Up…unless you do it right…you need curl people, please.

  • Two tone dreadlocks, tattoos, hooped earlobes and nose jewelry. Her next “look how cool I am” project will be face tats. Sad choices.

  • This literally describes 90% of living rooms of college households in Humboldt County….

  • Stupid hippies 😂

    • Victor G. Flashman

      That’s “stupid fucking hippies” to you…

      “Once you get locked into a serious drug collection, the tendency is to push it as far as you can” Hunter S. Thompson, “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”

      Cute young woman, looks stoned tho…

  • What an outrageous waste of law enforcement resources! Gross!

    Boo Humboldt County Drug Task Force! You suck!

    • Boooooooo hiiiisssssss

      Right there with ya!!!
      Just ridiculous, makes me not want to pay my taxes. Does 6 grand even offset the cost of personel and processing? Not to mention our overcrowded jail with only one DA to cover arraignments since all the other DA’s had to quit cuz fleming sux balls and the countys new hire is a flaming idiot who has made it a hostile workplace. Vote that biatch out people, thats who gives the legal go ahead for these raids!!!!!

      Cops wont even show up for home breakins, but theyll put resources toward this?????
      Oh thats right when your victim of robbery the cops cant confiscate your home and money so its not worth it for them. Guess these cops needed some money to play with this wknd, they cant sell dead peoples estate items to one another for cash anymore since theyre under investigation by the state for it.

  • When has DTF ever busted a meth lab ?like never . That alone is how bad DTF would be nice to see that happen someday .

    • NOT going to happen as long as the Meth Labs don’t fall behind on their Bribery payments!!!!

      • the more you research the more you learn that its about friends and family. they don’t like to bust friends and family. I don’t think its much more than that, except they strongly believe that weed made them do meth and if they remove the weed they won’t do meth. very narrow minded. if weed leaves this area it will be a hard drug wasteland for a long time but they don’t want to believe it.

      • Being addicted to her ion, meth, or cocaine is already a prison sentence.. most people using those drugs get possessed by their drug. They do not enlighten you. Our government fears psychedelics. They wake people up show another side to life. Change peoples paths and perspectives. This is why crimes associated with these are actually pursued.. the amounts they had were clearly personal use.


    Duh. Every arcata hippie has or wants that drug collection.

    So he’s getting charged for “possession of marijuana?”

  • The pervasive invasion of these drugs are increasing at a rapid rate, and somehow I feel that it’s our modern society that makes escape from reality so sweet. We have become a nation, and especially a state that’s becoming lost to normalcy. The disconnect in the younger generations is very troubling to me.

  • Jobs? No Trimming? No. What are these kids going to do

  • Meanwhile in Eureka, meth and heroin freaks are shooting up in broad daylight on the sidewalks, benches, parks, the mall–discarding dirty needles everywhere…

  • tired of all this

    Stupidest waste of police resources (outside of the constant parade of 647f arrests) in recent memory.

  • Barely enough for a weekend of Dead shows! No black. No white. Let em off easy.

  • Just curious: how come they are referred to by their first names?

  • Surprised they got arrested in humboldt, must have sold some to an informant.

  • Waste of taxpayers dollars. Should have let them party. It’s a “good time” amount.

  • Total waste of time and resources. Bust the meth heads and heroine junkies that sit on the plaza and fight every damn day, who actually harm our community and hurt local business. I doubt these kids were harming anyone. I wish them the best of luck. Our jail is too crowded and our streets our too dangerous to be focused something as minimal as this. Use your heads APD. Or maybe try some of what you took and enlighten yourselves.

  • Millennia fabulous furry freak family… Norbert the Nark wins again.

  • Most people attend college from ages 18 to 21. These fine citizens are likely past college age as they are 21 and 27 and have now decided to join the entrepreneurial class downtown. Sarah perceived an opportunity to cross market to both the brown and the blond dreadlocked community. She also decided to take advantage of the local mentoring offered by trained marketeers like Jorge.
    Ambitious from the start, they carried a diverse product line. In order to address customer questions about product characteristics from an experiential standpoint, they invested in continuing education and are regularly using a variety of their products to keep up with the latest developments.
    Likely too busy expanding their enterprise and investing in inventory to to acquire the typical arsenal of exotic firearms that most of their peers decorate their offices with. And Sara’s inspired willingness to give back to the community by hiring inexperienced tattoo practitioners to advertise their services on the front of her neck reflects the kind of sacrifices up and coming business people make to build their unique brand.

  • Nothing they were caught with was more than personal use. They were just trying to align their chakras, nothing wrong with that.

  • Fleming is the worst no good for nothing DA we have ever had . She called me personally and told me she was not going to do a damn thing for the attack that was buy my relative .I gave the police physical evidence of him being here,and she says I don’t have time to prosecute this case. she said she could not prove it Beyond Reasonable Doubt cuz he my attacker had an alibi .That being said she is not getting my vote for re-election. These are true facts .she will probably set marci kitchen free because she can’t prove it without Reasonable Doubt. Her ,and X Sheriff downy are birds of a feather. He is gone now just got to get rid of her.

  • Timothy McVeigh's ghost

    Possession of marijuana… that’s funny

    Asset forfeiture is the takeaway from this lesson. Keep your money in the bank

  • Sounded like a good time to me.. what a shame.

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