Fisherman Dies Near Eureka

Humboldt bay sunset

Stock photo of the sun setting on the Humboldt Bay [Photo by Kym Kemp]

A man on the Ruth R, a fishing vessel, died today, confirmed a spokesperson for the Coast Guard who performed a search and rescue operation to recover the body.

Traffic on the marine channel earlier today indicates that the crew was setting longline gear just out of Eureka and a man became fouled in the gear and was pulled overboard, according to a reader. However, that has not been confirmed by the Coast Guard.

The Ruth R., a 37-foot fishing vessel, is owned by a Redcrest man and is docked in Eureka.



  • Prayers for the family, the worst fear of the fishing community, I’m so sorry for your loss

  • Om mani padme hum 💛💐

  • Charles Engebretson

    So sorry for your loss..god bless

  • Psalm 107

    23 They that go down to the sea in ships, that do business in great waters;

    24 These see the works of the Lord, and his wonders in the deep.

    Peace and prayers to the one who lost his life and to his family. Only the brave can go down to the sea in ships.

  • Just took my daughter for a walk on Woodley and read all the names on the memorial today.
    Very sad, our condolences..

  • I am a friend of the owner of this boat. Do you know if a name has been released?

  • My condolences to the loved ones left behind.

  • May he rest in peace.🕊

  • Sorry for your loss my condolences for the family 🙏😢

  • Jesus, I am so sorry. My greatest fear.

  • Kym, this has nothing to do with what happened and please delete this but who took the picture for this article? It’s beautiful but is the moon real and how were they able to take a picture and have the moon appear like this. Just a dumb old woman.

  • So sorry for the family affected by this loss rest in peace

  • Fishermen live with this threat every time they go out. Don’t complain about the price of fish – It comes with a very high price. Prayers to the family – so sorry for your loss.

  • Fishermen are special people that have been called to the sea. Prayer and Love to the family.

  • I had a sailboat on the same dock as the Ruth R. I new Mel for about 10 years.He really new boats and forgot more about boats than I or most people will ever know. I was worried my rusted keel boats would fail and the keel would fall off in rough weather. Mel said he would look at them,he did and said” If I were you I wouldn’t worry for another 20 years ” I believed him like the gospel. He told me he never worked for anybody but his father other than time spent in the Army.What a good life to be self employed.A real good man RIP.

  • My deep condolences and empathy for the family of the missing fisher.
    One thing that the Redhead Blackbelt might consider in the future is to not identify the name of the boat where a drowning occurred until the name of the deceased is released. It’s a small community, publishing the name of the boat leads to survivors to learn about the death of their loved from the news, something that is added pain in a time of great stress and grief.
    It is a respectful suggestion based on the news (The Redhead Blackbelt did not exist when this happened) releasing the name of my husband’s boat being found flipped on the beach. I had been informed by the Coast Guard before the news came out, but the crewmember’s wife was harder to reach and found out about her husband’s death on the evening news. Please consider changing this policy.
    Suggestion respectfully made. My heart goes out to the survivors.

    • Pam, I did consider not using it. But I was relatively sure that family had been notified and I was worried that people who had loved ones on other boats might be worried about their loved ones so it seemed better to set the minds of many at ease. In addition, this is just my personal feelings and you sadly have more knowledge than I do about this. I can’t say that having a call from law enforcement would make me feel better about a tragedy than finding out from the news. Can you tell me why it is better because I don’t understand and it seems to just be accepted by everyone. I don’t know if I am being dumb.

      • I was told by a Coast Guard official by phone that they were searching to rescue my husband and his crewman. Later I called them back to check on progress, and after assuring themselves that I was in a place of privacy, with emotional support around me, they informed me of the flipped boat, and the survival gear on the beach, that they would continue to look, but it the chances did not look good. They made sure I had support in place before I was told. The crewman’s wife happened to be at her mother’s house, so, by chance, she had support with her. She could have just as easily been driving and had the news come over the radio. The information leaves you breathless, unable to think, unable to move. It’s better to be surrounded by those who will care for you, and not be in a dangerous (driving) situation when finding out.
        It’s just something to add into the mix, and I do understand the intent to give reassurance to those on other boats. I do find you try to be respectful in your postings, and I had just wanted to add in this perspective.
        My heart goes out to family of this fisher.

        • Pam, if all people criticized as kindly as you do, criticism wouldn’t have such a bad name. Thank you for taking the time to explain. I will do my best to make sure that I don’t inadvertently break tragic news to someone. I will remember your story and your explanation.

    • If you don’t like how Kym does her job, get your news elsewhere. She does a great job so leave her alone so she can do it. Thanks Kym for doing your very best to help keep us informed on our local news.

      • I appreciate your loyalty. Thank you. But I want to get better and Pam’s criticism seems to come from an honest place and it was very kindly expressed. I know I’ll get more criticism. I just hope most of it is as sensible and as kindly worded as Pam’s.

  • I myself have almost been pulled over the side rail a couple times out long lining, It happens fast. Stated wearing pfd when we would set our gear. We never found out if it would make the difference? But you never know. Worked on a boat up in Alaska called the Buccaneer and if the skipper caught you on deck without a knife on your side it was a fifty dollar fine, Never know when a knife will save your bacon. Sorry to those who have lost loved ones at sea and for this loss.

  • May the fisherman rest in peace.

  • Perspective, I still don’t understand honey. I read what it said under the photo but not knowing anything about photography I’m still at a loss.

  • Thank you Kym. When you get older be sure to keep yourself up to date with the changing times. That way you won’t end up a Do Do Brain asking dumb questions. But, I have always been the type of person that if I don’t understand something I’ll ask questions.

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