Drug-Sniffing Dog at South Fork Upsets Some Parents

south fork high school

Stock photo of South Fork High

Southern Humboldt parents have expressed concern on social media that they weren’t informed before a drug-sniffing K-9 working with a Humboldt County Sheriff deputy walked through the halls of South Fork High School on Halloween and into one classroom without prior notice.

According to Lt. Ken Swithenbank, “There was no planned enforcement action.” The deputy was at the school on other business before lunch when “per the school request, the dog was walked through the campus…to show a presence.”

Swithenbank said that according to his deputy the dog “was well received” by students.

Swithenbank added, “There was zero enforcement. They were not actively looking for drugs.”

Contrary to rumors, Swithenbank said, the dog was not taken to Miranda Junior High nor was it on either campus today.

Repeated calls to the school and to the school district were not returned today.



  • fuckwalterwhite.com

    Oh,I’ll bet the SoHum parents were worried.
    Any other state the parents would welcome him. Some schools have metal detectors and cops on campus.

    • Why would parents in other states be happy about police state nonsense? To mess up their children’s academic and athletic careers over a joint?

      • Because it doesn’t stop there, even if you find it acceptable to have children being offered pot? Yup, why ruin careers that a drug addicted futures will never allow anyway? Priorities, folks, priorities. Even if that is the future of one kid out of a hundred, what does any drug offer high school kids making it worth the sacrifice of those few.

      • Those dogs are VERY unlikely to smell a joint or small amount of weed. Also, yes, kids are there to learn and as a person who seriously regrets smoking while my brain was still forming I know it takes an uneducated person to think it’s okay that developing brains and lungs ingest intoxicating substances. I love weed and probably will always smoke it but does that mean it belongs at school? Not unless it’s an ingestible and legitimately prescribed for seizures or autism or pain, something serious like that. I’m very happy that the school was treated like ALL schools in the nation, maybe so hum has a future if they start fixing up those schools, but any truthful so hum kid will you tell you how little they learn in those schools, then they are taught grow weed, party hard from their parents and they have little to no options in adulthood. The schools in so hum don’t even teach the kids to the same standards as No Hum. Bring in the drug dogs, raid every parent that called in, time to take back the hills for people that live in them for the hills and not the pot.

        • Victor G. Flashman

          MOST parents WANT their kids protected from drug craziness at school!

          I hope the high school is the ONE PLACE where teenages will not be drug exposed, AND, if it takes the presence of a drug-sniffing dog occasionally, it should do everyone some good…

          Good luck raising drug-free kids in SoHum…

  • Good work officers! Those “worried” parents most likely have other shit they’re hiding too

  • Where does it say anywhere that they have to notify the parents of such action? Typical so Hum parents worried about someone finding their dope.

    • It is no longer illegal to smell like marajuana. So is it illegal to have a child in a permitting household ?
      If not than the smell of marajuana on any child at the school is not evedence of anything other than their proximity to a permitting individual. Stop assuming. I Personally feel no searches should be done without parental notice and presence.

    • As far as I know a drug K-9 can not be deployed even on an adult without a search warrant/probable cause. A child can not be questioned by LE without a parent present.
      What was your question?

  • A dog trained to smell weed would go ape shit in southern humboldt. 😂

  • Dog should be sent to the glue factory if it couldn’t find drugs at South fork. Or any high school for that matter.

  • Yeah screw those parents for caring about their teens civil rights!!
    So glad to see you all teaching your kids about their rights.
    Its a great opportunity to talk about it. Ask your teen about it.

    Lets teach em about the world theyre inheriting, fascism and moves taken from the wirst human torturing human slaughtering dictators of all time!!! Who needs rights??? Guess what leads directly to that, the removal of civil rights.

    Youd probably also be surprised by whats in YOUR teens backpack.
    Majority of teens especially at arcata high have pot they openly pull out bags of at school and multiple pharmaceuticals on them that are awful, the ones they take to the parties where they dump all the different kinds in a bowl, mix it up and take a handful. The xanax issue is out of control in northern humboldt. Tobacco bong hits+xanax makes you “fish out” as the teens have told me. Ive talked to a lot of them. Teens at south fork actually get in trouble if they smoke pot at school. South fork also has the leading football team right now.
    Most parents i know in no hum have waaay more party drugs around, coke&x&ketamine&all the rave drugs. Its all so available in arcata, especially heroin. I know too many who have been taken down by it in no hum.
    Most so hum parents i kno have joints. Just sayin.
    Watch out for that glass house with that stone in your hand.

    • fuckwalterwhite.com

      Another of “your drugs are worse” arguments to support weed. I’d bet there are elementary students with weed in Arcata,too. Maybe K9 should walk through there…
      It’s only gonna get worse for kids.

    • fuckwalterwhite.com

      Yeah, screw those NON weed parents for caring about their OWN kids rights to NON weed education.
      If you know a bunch of parents in NoHum with horrible drugs,then YOU should be helping protect their kids,since they obviously aren’t. Have a talk with those parents!

      • Just becaue people use party drugs , doesnt mean their children are being neglected or abused. Those are the only reasons anyone should ever step inbetween a parnet and their children. Just because you dont agree with how they choose to enjoy themselves doesnt give you the right to force your beliefs on others. Personally closed minded persons such as you apear to be should not be allowed to bred, as it is that closed minded judgmental B.S. that tends to leave mentally unstable adults on this planet, where they cant get past the guilt trips parnets laied on themand end up hating themselves so much that they cant feel happiness or love, because they were never taught that it is how you get back up not how far you fall or what you tripped on that truely matters. I dont have to point out the many legal ways parnets can screw up their children, but trust me , no one is innocent nor perfect. If you truely feel that you are the perfect parnet or example, then you have mental issuses period end of story.right is right and wrong is wrong, there isnt a mostly right or slightly wrong when it comes to mistakes, you either did it right or your didnt. Everyone messes up. It is a fact of life. Greed , selfishness, pride, judgement, envy, hate, all of these things we end up passing on to our children and each other, never realising the harm each causes or to the depth it effects us. Teach love , show love, kindness , caring compassion,service forgivness not for any religious reasons but because we all know deep inside we have all screwed up, all done something we are ashamed to admit , and no single persons path is the same or at the same point on their trip through life. Do this and you will find happiness , you will find joy, you will see what a crazy yet wonderful planet we live on. And be thankful that there isnt anyone perfect walking around looking down their noses at us.

  • I truly still don’t understand why there can’t be a single news article posted without people just posting their conspiracies, accusations, arguments, and judgements.

    • Because they are all on drugs. 🙂

    • fuckwalterwhite.com

      Because if nobody speaks against weed-worship,then all you would see are pot leaf posters. In an area with such a rich drug culture,it’s easy for some to forget that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

      “It’s legal. I could walk up to the president and blow smoke in his stupid, monkey face! And he’d just have to sit there grooving on it.” -Homer Simpson

    • Take a look at the story about the poor fellow that drowned fishing. Only condolences; no rancor (yet).

  • I went to South fork, my wife went to South fork now my kids go to South fork, this is not a bad thing and just because a few parents got upset or don’t agree with it don’t mean we all take that same side. The majority of the parents I’ve talked to about this has no problem with it at all… Don’t be so single minded, knowledge is key, if you have none don’t bother typing.

    • fuckwalterwhite.com

      “Southern Humboldt parents have expressed concern on social media”

      I guess facebook isn’t all knowing.
      Thank you for firsthand perspective.

  • Most parents didn’t have a problem with what actually happened once we were informed. It was the rumors that were going around that had parents upset, younger students at the adjoining junior high had heard these rumors and got very confused and upset. The kids startet calling there parents because they heard that the k9 was coming back and that the whole school was going to be searched. They didn’t no why and didn’t even know what was being searched for, some even wondered if they were looking for a gun. It was upsetting to me to hear this because my student has severe medical conditions and would never do drugs or have drugs as drugs could could be deadly for him. So There’s no reason to search him, and No one is searching my child without probable cause, unless there is an actual safety reason, like weapon on campus etc.
    I called the school just to see what was going on, the Principal actually told me I was a good parent for doing so, she explained what the article states, that they had reason to make a presence, and they are trying hard to send the message that drugs won’t be tolerated on campus, and she said that the rest of it was all rumors probably made up by some scared kids. The school is not wrong to try and keep drugs off the campus and show the kids that local police are on the same page. The parents are not wrong to call and find out why there are K-9 units at the school.

    • Yes, rumors probably stirred up by scared kids that possibly had something to hide or protecting their parents…sad but true!!

  • It is against the law for police to search or question a minor without parnetal consent unless there is provable cause and imament risk to life. End of story this includes random searches with dogs. There is case law and law suites to back this up.

    • It is illegal for a minor to possess marijuana, tobacco or any other illicit drugs on school grounds or anywhere else for that matter, there is case law to back this up.

  • The school could ask the Sheriff dept to have a K-9 demonstration. It is interesting to watch the dogs perform their tasks.

    • They could and they should. I witnessed a customs inspection once where the dog sniffed marijuana in a backpack. There wasn’t anything in the pack. The officer told the owner he knew it had been there but was gone. The owner had loaned the pack to his friend a few days earlier and the friend later admitted he had carried a single joint in the bag.

      A beagle can sniff a rabbit trail 20 feet away, or about one molecule in 10,000.

      Also FYI, some dogs are trained to sniff out the battery in a cell phone.

  • They should feel lucky to have the protection of that k-9,against drugs,thugs,etc.God Bless

  • It’s not funny, it sounds like this poor dog has a real drug problem.

    Yes, if you are using cocaine, ketamine, and MDMA you are neglecting your children. Kids should not grow around that crap. Got news for you …pot industry is changing, your hundreds of thousands untaxxed profits are fading!!! And thanks for poisoning the trees and rivers- poison yourself- not everything around you- including our kids! Kids should not have drugs at school and if you are worried about civil rights, home school them…but we all know that would require effort and knowledge on your part, which you clearly don’t have if you think it’s ok to bring drugs to school.

  • My dog can smell unhealthy processed meats and sugar laden foods a mile away perhaps she should take a walk through the HS and save us all a lot of diabetics heat failures clogged arteries and so on all day long…

    Just say Know.

  • Love it when the ” Pot gets Stirred up” People are funny…..and everyone should welcome the school being safe for all of our children. Now…get the dog in there that is trained to detect firearms, 🙁 sad to say that is what it is all coming too these days.

  • “….showing a presence…” like the SS in Buchenwald? Those dogs? I find this very disturbing on many, many levels.

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