Honda Dirt Bike Stolen

2005 Honda CRF 230On Friday, a Honda 2005 CRF 230 red dirt bike was taken from the backyard of a home in the McKinleyville area. The bike is smaller than a normal dirt bike.

If you have any information please contact the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251.



  • Anything not nailed down or if there’s some way to get it pried loose it can & unfortunately WILL disappear if left out where it can be seen for ANY length of time!!!

    • Keep Meth & Crack & Heroin off the streets!!! It’s FAR more likely it was either a Meth head or a Junkie behind the theft!!! FAR more likely than a Cannabis user!!! Besides it’s too late cannabis is already LEGAL!!!

      • Um its not legal. It’s taxed and regulated like any class 1 drug. If it was “legal” this wouldn’t be happening. Read through the smokescreen dan. All these yuppy libs voted it in….so what…u can buy overpriced 1/8ths at a “legal” dispensary and u can “legally” smoke it in your house? Wow. Last I heard u can do anything u please behind closed doors in your house unless this is not becoming America anymore. Conservative PC libs want this state like the DMV office. Line up. Be quite. And pay up, all in a sterile politically correct environment. Are we all having fun yet?

  • Don’t leave anything out in McKinleyville, they’ll get in any way they can to get it. Drugs! Drugs and more Drugs!

  • Mckinleyville is huge. Which neighborhood?

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