EPD Releases Information on Attempted Murder

This is a press release from the Eureka Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

AndersonOn 10-28-2017 at about 8:44 pm, Officers of the Eureka Police Department were dispatched to a parking lot at the 1000 block of Waterfront Drive in Eureka for an in-progress felony assault.

Upon arrival, officers located three individuals in the parking lot. A subject, later identified Grant Warner Anderson (33 years old), was found to be armed with a knife. Officers were able to quickly detain Anderson without incident. The two additional subjects were determined to be stabbing victims. One of the victims was transported by ambulance to St. Joseph ER for treatment. The other victim had minor injuries and declined medical assistance.

Through interviews it was determined that the victims had come to the parking lot to consume alcohol. While there one of the victims contacted the suspect and an altercation took place. The suspect produced a knife and began stabbing at the victim. The victim retreated and the suspect followed. At this point, the suspect began stabbing at both victims. Moments later the police arrived.

Based on the investigation, Anderson was taken into custody and transported to the Eureka Police Department for questioning. While in an interview room, Anderson became physically resistant with the officers and damaged city property. Anderson was soon transported to St. Joseph Hospital, where he was medically cleared for booking. Anderson was booked into the HCCF on charges of attempted murder, resisting arrest, and vandalism. He is being held on $500,000 bail.

Detectives are attempting to locate two witnesses associated with either a van or SUV that may have been present prior to and possibly during the incident. These persons are urged to contact Det. John Gordon at 707-441-4032.

This is an ongoing investigation and any further details will be released when appropriate.

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  • lol! He didn’t need medical attention after the fight but he sure did after he “damaged city property”. LLL… loser.

  • Two stories about knives!!
    It’s time to ban knives!!! Or start a registration or permit program so our children and our childrens childrens children will be safe. We need to change the ATF to the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and sharp objects. ATFSO!
    The government will protect us!

    • I agree. And cars. They are tools for terrorist and cause mass victim loss. Ban em all!!! Now.

    • And forks, And spoons! think of all the lives that will be saved! Thousands die every year from these destructive devices, family’s torn apart by heart attacks and clogged arteries! Think of the children. It can’t be the people who wield them either it must be the spoons. If you must have a spoon you need to register it, and it can only hold 10grams of food per scoop, and you need a “tool” installed on your arm so you can’t take multiple scoops in a short amount time. Better yet no spoons only chopsticks one per hand.

    • a few minutes on each of their Facebook pages and the problem become a no-brainer if you have a brain. there are thousand’s of profiles listing “Hustlin” as occupation in Eureka. This mom’s kid (one of the victims) is one of them and he lists “hustlin university” as school attended after Eureka High School. all 3 are locals and the problem is a lack of education.

  • so the victims came to the lot to drink, why was Anderson there?

  • Gunssavelives.com

    So much for guncontrol

    • CBS News. Terrorist killers kills 8. Wounds 11 with a rented truck! Do we really need cars n trucks. Ban em! Ban em all! About a stupid as banning guns…. ps. The terrorist was stopped by a good guy with a gun. Don’t be a victim. Pack a gun. This is still america

      • anyone with a brain would assume he tried to buy guns before settling for fake guns and a truck rental. he tried death by cop by holding both fake guns in hand but failed due to trained service men looking to extract info instead of filling a body bag. luckily it is hard to buy guns in the Northeast and most people don’t own them. one would also assume the death toll would be higher if he had an assault rifle.

        • Or if he had a bigger truck…. keep guns out of criminals hands! Agree and no…..terrorist don’t know how to shoot. It’s all from the hip! Happy Halloween.

        • Too bad no one had their ccw, could have taken him out before he managed to kill so many. Sad ☹️ Fucking coward

          • you would lose your ccw if you attempted to shoot a target moving at 50-60 mph in a congested area. if you hit someone other than the perp, you would be going to jail.

            • Only if you missed, I guess you just sit there and be a victim then and pray someone comes to your rescue. you don’t have to hit the person, if you can’t hit the front of a truck coming at you then you probably won’t qualify for your ccw. Every state is different but here you actually have to be able to hit your target.

  • Kym, why do we only get to see half his face?

  • It’s interesting to read people’s opinions on something they know absolutely nothing about. People can be so quick to judge somebody else without knowing any facts and after having read only a preliminary police report. Smh

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