‘Campbell Creek Connexion’ Re-Painted Roughly 20 Fire Hydrants in Arcata

This is a press release from the City of Arcata:

A big shout out to Campbell Creek Connexion (A Nazarene Faith Community). The Arcata community thanks Campbell Creek Connexion for the great work they did during their Community Care Day on Sunday, October 22. The Nazarene Faith Community came together to re-paint roughly 20 fire hydrants in the City of Arcata. Next time you are at City Hall, make sure to check out their handiwork on F Street between City Hall and the Crab’s Ball Park. Thank you to Pastor Bob along with each and every volunteer who kindly donated their time and creativity to add brightness to our city streets. Your generous service to our community enhances the everyday environment surrounding us!



  • Firefighters thank you for your volunteer work. Even though I come across as a Mutten Eating Bridge Troll, I too am a EMT/firefighter. Much appreciated

  • it is always good to have kids apply highly toxic paint without proper safety equipment. these vapors can literally make you dumb by attacking your CNS, just like lead does.

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