Chief Watson Presents Kids With ‘Custom EPD Fidget Spinner’ for Good Deeds

From Eureka Chief of Police Steve Watson:

I “caught” these wonderful kids doing something good Wednesday night–they came with their parents to help clean-up 20-30 Park. They became the recipients of a custom EPD fidget spinner for their good deeds! We’ve got a lot more and our officers will be looking during the coming weeks to “catch” more kids doing something positive (like wearing a bike helmet while riding, giving back to their community, helping others…).



  • It’s what the cops use while we deal with crime. They don’t enforce the law so they have to have something to do.

  • Cabin in the woods

    No need for me to give the ol’ “Loose parts can be a choking hazard” speech when these kids just cleaned up all the needles in the park.

    Now these little warriors know where to find the free ammo for their blowguns.
    Nothing like growing up in Eureka!

  • Friendly Observer

    What a kind jester to reward these kids for a deed well done.

    Regrettably, Chief Watson has here selected among the most frivolous and shallow rewards possible.

    These junk Chinese toys are the bane of every elementary and middle school in the county. What possible good could Chief Watson think would come out of a young, impressionable child playing with such a mindlessly compulsive toy?

    Thanks, but no thanks, Officer Inveigler.

    • The Hermit of Grizzly Mountain

      They should be gifting fidget spinners to the people who do bad deeds. Idle hands are the devil’s playground!

  • That’s cool. Thanks for helping the kids, EPD!

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