[Audio] ‘Self defense’ concluded after woman fatally stabbed boyfriend; Humboldt’s last week of news

In the latest episode of Humboldt Last Week (7:40): (Warning: Explicit content) Back in March it was reported that a woman said she’d stabbed her boyfriend because he was hitting her. He was pronounced dead on scene in Alderpoint. According to Humboldt County Sheriff’s Officer Mike Fridley, the District Attorney’s Office decided not to file any charges related to the homicide listing the reason as “self defense.”

Before the District Attorney’s office came to that conclusion, the Sheriff’s Office said they were investigating further and talking to witnesses regarding a potential history of domestic violence.

In 2016 there were 387 total domestic violence calls received and verified by the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. That number does not include calls received and verified by other local departments.

“…It’s a vicious cycle…” said Fridley, talking generally about the sometimes repetitive nature of domestic violence situations. In the podcast he speaks about the top domestic violence deterrent he’s seen.

In the story you can hear more about the aforementioned case, more from Fridley, and more domestic violence statistics.

October has been Domestic Violence Awareness Month in the county. One of many resources here, Humboldt Domestic Violence Services (HDVS) has a 24-hour-a-day hotline for survivors among other services.

The coverage begins at 7:40 in the audio.

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  • You don't know until u live and even then you are like wtf just happened!!?

    Rant alert!!

    “387 total domestic violence calls received and verified….. number does not include calls received and verified by other local departments…”

    That number also does not include the physical assaults not reported AT ALL or the countless demoralizing abuse tactics of self-absorbed men (and women-yea yea so many abusive women…unfortunately statistics speak to the epidemic of male spousal abuse)

    The crap that Mr. Wonderful carries out behind closed doors is known all too well by victims and their children. But in public he’s “so nice.” The manipulation and gas lighting, the overt and covert lies, the half truths and omissions, and the endless belittling and the invalidating, is eventually a daily occurrence and none of that is “documented” or “verified.”

    The crazy making toxic “cycle of abuse” is legit and mind bending. It ironically includes gifts, and smooth bargaining, amazing promises and “the calm” those fleeting moments of “normal”” only to invariably rev up and explode again… and again…. and again…..The uncertainty of the cycle is why they stay. Forgiving again and again and thinking maybe today it will end and we will be madly in love -like in the beginning- (<~~~~that is blind hope talking ladies – don't listen)

    Ok I'm ready. Cue the mindless victim-blamers now: The ones that sneeringly say that she must have "deserved" to be knocked around, and that everyone lies, that there's two sides to every story, oh and their relationship probs aren't my business, or if it's so bad she should leave.. etc etc etc . Notice . Your neighbors and friends hold these dismissive and shaming views and it is detrimental to the health of our community.

    The health of women and their children are at risk everyday as a result of victim blaming and blindness towards the rights of women to have their needs acknowledged and to live in an honest safe relationship.

    Let's together lift the veil of silence and shame from domestic violence and abuse in it myriad forms. Educate yourself . Listen. Be wary . And aware.

    Thank God this lady made it out with her life! Fuck that guy. And fuck every drunk deadbeat lying turd that thinks they can take something as sacred as love and fake it to get their needs met! I'm so fed up with the chaos and pain caused by self absorbed narcissistic men. It's epidemic.

    Women :Don't be a doormat. Notice red flags. Early! Past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior. . Give up on blind hope. It may cost you your life in the end. Living season after season under this kind of fraud "love" can certainly cost you your youth your health at the minimum.

    Fact: A woman's highest risk of murder is not from random stranger but from her spouse !

    This lady is the exception not the rule.

    If more women stood up instead of took it and acquiesced to the madness maybe more guys would learn: Don't raise a hand to your beloved.

  • amimissingsomething

    Best one so far Myles! Love it…

  • Outstanding! This site is not just about breaking news.

  • Whoa! Marci Kitchen gets another delay! Thanks, HLW…and to Kym for including it.

  • Glad to learn the outcome of that tragic event, and during Domestic Violence Awareness month. Well done!

  • Trillium Hummingbird


    Ladies, don’t stay with a guy who does not treat you right, even if you love him. A man who hits a woman cannot be trusted, and he is beneath contempt.

    Respect yourself. Demand respect from your partner. You deserve to be happy and safe.

    • Violence is not just about hitting…mind-fuck is practiced with skill by those charming swains, making one doubt oneself and one’s sanity, blaming oneself for the turmoil.

      It sometimes takes years to see thru it.

      I lost everything, *everything*, but am so glad I don’t live with that asshole anymore.

  • All you have to remember is if someone truly loves another person they would never intentionally do anything to hurt that person. Never!!

  • That’s true Buzzardsnest. That’s when you stick about six inches of an ice pick in them.

    • Ok. Note to self. Don’t cross Gypsy Rose……ever

      • Or me. Your smug fucked up attitude is part of the problem. Any douche who jokes about this is an enabler for domestic violence. How the hell do you not get that.stinking asshole.
        More women should kill their abusers.

        • Wasn’t being smug. Just saying alcohol is a big factor in verbal,physical abuse. Fact. That’s why a lot of people in these situations drink….they have an “excuse”for their behavior. Fact. Not smug,and yes. Kill your fucked up spouse….too many asshole humans here anyways. Have a great day and try n not be so bitter,it leads to verbal abuse

  • Domestic violence, Sex abuse in Hollywood, Mass shootings in L.V., Too many causes for concern. Just pick a cause for me to get pissy about. I cannot keep up.

  • I’m with you on this one Buzzardsnest. Alcohol is a big motivator. I wasn’t judging you just telling you how I would respond. I’m not angry. I just think women need to stand up for themselves. If they’re afraid than they need to take some classes on the side to learn how to protect themselves and their children. The ice pick is how I would respond. I’ve been a fighter to protect myself since I was a little girl. So I’m not afraid to stand up to man or woman. Couldn’t afford to be when I was growing up. There’s more than one way to skin a cat. You have a good day sweetheart and you to Truthy.

  • Until you have lived it you have no idea what it feels like. I was 7years old my parents had split and my dad used to beat the shit out of us,one night he came to the house,they fought,he beat her so bad and stabbed her in the neck,I tried to help,he pushed me to the floor,and hit me my mom ran at him and chased him out the door,left the knife stuck in the hood of her car. She was in a coma for a year. He was let loose with NO CHARGES!! Please remember a R/O is just a piece of paper it can’t protect you. My pain is always with me. I’ve never raised a hand to my children EVER!! So please be kind about your comments to some they cut deeper than you’ll ever know.

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