[UPDATE November 5] 14-Year-Old Eureka Boy Disappeared From School Friday

Jesus TejedaOn Friday, Jesus Tejeda, age 14, was dropped off at Eureka High School about a quarter after eight in the morning. He never made it to class.

“This is totally out of the blue,” said his sister, Mariana Tejeda. “His grades are A’s and B’s. His teachers say they never noticed any changes…He didn’t go to any of his classes when I dropped him off. The day before he didn’t want to go to school because he was studying for Friday’s test.”

Jesus Tejeda is 5’9” with black hair and brown eyes. He weighs about 170 pounds. Jesus was last seen wearing a black jacket with a gray hood, dark blue jeans, and a backpack. He also wears glasses.

“Right now we are working with a private investigator,” said Tejeda.

If anybody has any information about Jesus’s whereabouts, please contact his sister at (707) 845-2294 or call the Eureka Police Department.
UPDATE October 31:
Jesus still hasn’t been located. Here’s a new poster that contains information on where he may have been trying to go. Please give it a minute to load.


UPDATE November 5: Jesus Is Home!!!



  • I hope this young man is found safe…

  • I agree with the not going to school thing. I hope he’s ok.

  • Look around the area especially low areas, wooded ravines near the school.

    I used to live in Eureka and there are many wild creeks going through town, near the high school.

    This kid doesn’t seem to be a runaway, he seems to be a good kid.

    Very sad, my sympathy to the family.

  • You’re full of shit.

  • Terrible that because the school may be exposed to liability that this story wouldn’t have been released on it’s inception.

    Praying for the parents, I can not begin to imagine their pain.

  • I pray they find this young man safe/sound Amen

  • Sharpen your pencil

    If you’re going to comment to someone, reply to them, your kid like keyboard warrior technique needs improving….

  • Praying that he is found safe. 🙏

  • Praying that he is found fast. Hope the investigator and cell phone company work together to give access to his texts and last/latest phone calls to the family… he’s a minor and they probably own the phone account.

  • Omg!!! This poor family. They’re hurting. I sooo pray he’s found. I’m crying. FIND THIS KID! 😪

  • Oh my gosh! That’s so horrible. What an awful thing to experience. Hurts my heart 😟

  • fuckwalterwhite.com

    Friday at 8:15.
    There has got to be a work-truck or other parent driving near at that time. Or cameras on the back mechanics shop?
    Is there a non-custody parent?

    This needs to get more attention quickly!
    Please,kids deserve all of our help.

  • Coming up on sixty hours now. Long time for a 14 year old to be missing. Shouldn’t there be an Amber Alert out by now?

  • No not yet ☹️

  • I would really want to know if this kid has recently dealt w/any bullying, and if so, by whom. He does not appear to be a high-risk kid by any means, to disappear so abruptly after even so brief a mention of not wanting to go to school…that raises a red flag right there. I’d also ask the school and investigators to look into what other students had absences and/or tardies which coincided w/the morning this poor kid disappeared…& dig a little further into what they were doing and/or any interactions they may or not not have had w/him.

    • Yes, especially since he didn’t want to go to school the day before. That to me, seems mighty suspicious.

    • Hi, I am a friend of Jesus Tejeda. Today my friends told me Jesus went missing. I didnt believe it. I went to check his facebook and text him then i daw the message. Thats when i startef to become suspicious. Then I remember not seeing him on friday. I didnt see him in my 3rd period or lunch. I went to go talk to his group of friends. He wasnt there. He was one of my only friends since highschool started this year. I was worried and searched up his name then this website poppef up.

  • Any updates yet Kim? Praying he is ok, this whole story doesn’t add up! He sounds like a studious kid…I hope he’s okay!

  • My God our father and son Jesus Christ. Bring this young boy home. Bring him home safe Jesus please bring him home. Send ur Angels to put there arms around the family. To show them ur love and peace. Ur healing power. Thank u Father, Amen.

    • That spooky magic talk always creeps me out. Hopefully the parents share your superstitious beliefs. Ramen.

      • You don’t need to comment…that’s not your business…your day will come& you will pray too.

        • Based on Hmm’s comment, which I largely agree with, I doubt he will be doing any praying on whatever day you are referencing. Some of us actually prefer to take actions that will lead to actual things happening. I feel sorry for anyone or anything that is relying for prayer to save them. Gotta love how you push your delusion onto others and assume they will eventually in a desperate time come over to your way of thinking and belief. Hope that actually makes you sleep better at night.

          • No one pushed their beliefs onto anyone else… wait that’s not true. Can calling some delusional and saying you feel sorry for them because they believe something you don’t be considered enough of an attack to be considered pushing their beliefs on others? Or assuming that their beliefs are superstitious? Or making fun of someone so crudely?

            • There is a big difference between a belief and a fact. I wasn’t the one who tossed out the superstitious term because I find prayer to be far worse than simple superstition. If you actually believe that whispering words in your head will have any real life impact in finding this kid, then yes I would by definition consider you to be delusional. Sorry not sorry.

          • tired of all this

            I always wonder about all the praying. Stuff happens & then other stuff happens. Prayer seldom if ever has anything to do with it, except to give comfort to the people doing it. It actually annoys me though I usually refrain from commenting. That one really bothered me. The kid’s name is Jesus. I hope you make it home Jesus.

            • Perhaps it’s just me, but don’t you find something wrong with people deriving their comfort from doing something that seldom has anything to do with it like you said? I find it rather fraudulent myself. If you want to put up posters or help spread the word then great. You then are actually doing something that at least has a chance of helping. Saying something with little actual real life value just to comfort yourself, well something about that I find repulsive. I would rather people either have a little less comfort or man up and face the fact that most things that happen in this world are way beyond their control and there is nothing they can do about that. Thats the beauty of the universe in my opinion.

              • fuckwalterwhite.com

                I just took my big dog and small pistol through the trails near there and scouted for cameras on buildings. I don’t pray,but ya’ll are jerks for debating this here.
                I’m really hoping is safe.

          • Mamma didn't raise no fool

            @ FREEDOM CLUB
            You seem to be the one trying to push your beliefs on people with all your F’d up opinions.

            • Examples of said Fd up opinions please. Care to counter any of them with facts of your own or you deliberately trying to be the opposite of the screen name on here?

              • No one should have to bother countering anything. There should be no need to prove something to someone who will refuse to understand and , when they don’t understand, hasn’t the grace to tolerate other people’s beliefs when they don’t share them.

                But I will give this idea- prayer is a way that humans, when faced with something beyond their contol, can find some comfort, acceptance and understanding. It’s a way of sympathizing and comforting others where there is little comfort to be had. To let others know they are not alone, even those who don’t believe in its practical efficacy.

                And, being social creatures, it is in our genes to need that kind of comfort at times. We are a group, even those who hide by themselves, alone with their computer. It makes us less mean, self involved and kinder.

          • Faith is something that is difficult to explain. Like the concept of love…. until you experience it you have no way of understanding it. Once you accept God and give your life over to him you will know.

            • Kind of like how it’s hard to explain how the earth is only 6k years old, dinosaurs never existing, and a baby being born without without the two people procreating. You know what smart, rational people would say,,, If it’s that difficult to explain perhaps you should take a second look at the foolish stuff you believe. Only if the truth matters to you though. I know many are more comfortable to live with their beads buried in the sand.

              • Trying to be the final authority on everything is hard enough but trying to enforce it by bullying the heck out of everyone else who is different must be exhausting. Look at the histories of despots to figure out where it ends up. They just get uglier and uglier in their attempts to straight jacket humans into conformity. The presence or absence of religion is not a factor in the end. It’s the personality of the bully that controls whether they use religion, political correctness, charity, history, science or anything else as tool to push people around.

                Luckily for the rest of humanity a wannabe mini despot is usually sad rather than able. And that is something worth checking into before embarking on a pattern of attack those who are not attacking anyone else. Just keep repeating ‘It’s not all about me.’


                MANY PRAYERS GONG UP FOR JESUS’ SAFETY!!!!!!!!

                • Can you guys please not argue about something that is not related. There is a good kid missing and it is a serious matter please do not bring other things into it

            • “Faith is something that is difficult to explain. Like the concept of love…. until you experience it you have no way of understanding it. Once you accept God and give your life over to him you will know.”

              No, not really. Faith is an emotion that facilities belief. Once you accept The Flying Spaghetti Monster and give your life over to him you will know. Ramen.

          • Praying lets people feel they did something good in the face of bad things, but does nothing more.

        • +”It might be true”

          You dont need to comment either. Its not your business. My day to run away from home? I do pray. May you be touched by his noodly appendage, Ramen.

      • hmm, That seems rude & unnecessary! You May not share the same beliefs as someone els, but there is no need to dismiss or ridicule their intention. They were coming from a good place, but you are not

  • Please come home Jesus! Please help this child come home, Lord! His family needs him! Please keep him safe! Please reconnect this family! Please, Please, Please! Amen!

  • Prayers that this young boy will be found safe and sound.

  • Prayers that he is found safe and sound! I hope that if anyone knows anything at all, they will come forward and tell….love and hugs and lots of prayers for the family!

  • I cannot even begin to imagine what the family is going through not knowing and worrying.

    I so hope that he is found soon, and is safe and sound!

  • Does he have friends that he hangs out with from school? Someone must know some insight of his thoughts.
    All parents should know who their child associates with.

  • Why the hell isn’t this on local news??? They report some bullshit about fire trucks…wtf??? Praying🙏🙏🙏

    • Right. Channel 3 news, is not news anymore but community happenings. Nothing about crime or criminals, but all about local clubs doing fund raisers or giving away food or money. I know that is important but so is knowing what criminals are doing in our area and who they are looking for. That is why I no longer watch it.

    • You ARE looking at the ‘Local’ news. Only last week congress destroyed an 80 year old law that required any news organization have a physical presence in a market.

  • fuckwalterwhite.com

    8:30 Monday morning now.
    Time for school.
    Aren’t there any cameras on campus?

    Any updates? Thanks

  • Prayers he gets home safely…I hold my breathe that our area doesn’t fall victim to a kidnapping with all the shady characters around…I don’t even want to say that but it worries me…let’s work together as a community to get this kid home…

    • There were kidnappers and a serial killer here long before this, its usually not the “shady” looking characters.

      The local serial killer wayne ford was a long haul truck driver who had to bring a body part to the sheriffs as when he tried to turn himself in the first time they didnt believe him because he was one of them, not a “shady” looking character. That was a scary time to be a woman here. Read about blue lake and fieldbrook instances with kidnapping/murder from 80’s&90’s.

      Im so glad the family hired a PI, the sheriffs are useless and will hide their own from arrest.
      Prayin for the best outcome!!!
      Id say look into fieldbrook/mckinleyville area just in case. The sheriff can say all he likes that the aryan nations not in mckville but they are and have been for a looooong time.

      Are there really no cameras outside the school?????

  • Prayers he returns home safe.

  • I hope he is not playing the challenge game called 48 hours where kids disappear for 24 hrs, or 48 hrs, or 36 hours just to see who misses them.

    I hope he was just too nervous to take the Friday test and will show up this Monday morning.

  • May this boy be touched by the noodly appendage of our Lord the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Ramen.

    • A member of the Church of the Hopelessly and Unnecessarily Mean People?

      • If criticizing bad ideas makes one a mean person then I certainly don’t want to be a part of that soft snowflake society.

        • Oh, shaddup, already. Sheesh. Allow others to believe differently than you and to post in their own heartfelt way without “needing” to “fix” everybody, i.e. turn them into clones of yourself.

          It’s about the boy and his family, not you.

      • You are? Sorry to hear that.

  • Check his tablet Ipad Has he been speaking to anyone in Chat room forum? Just read a mother’s account about how her daughters were targeted and close to being abducted. They used a picture of a teenage boy to get their trust. The mother turned the tablet into the authorities and they discovered that several Adult predators in the Chat room forum had interacted with girls!

    • Not all chat room people are bad. When my daughter was 13 she communicated with two 13 yr old boys. I watched closely. Both lived near the east coast. Then by chance we met both of them. They were what they said, 13 yr old boys. (One at a motel swimming pool where his older sister was checked in. Small world.) A word of caution… a child should never say they are over 18. Even if you are over 18 it is a good not to say so. It is a legal thing, the predicator can say they believed they were talking with an adult.

  • nothing worse than a missing child, I hope the young man turns up safe an sound.

  • No news is bad news. Bring this young man home!

  • fuckwalterwhite.com

    Poster says possibly heading to Central California or Nevada. I’m guessing the family has some more clues to go on now? Good luck.

  • Differences aside, I just hope this young man makes it home without any foul play involved…

  • Call,let them know your ok!

  • I Think i seen him in Riodell or someone who resembles him with 3 other boys at Dollar General today about 4 or 4:30. I hope he is found safe and he contacts his family members.

  • It’s Halloween, no teenager misses out on that. Any updates?

  • Another missing good kid teen reported on the news this morning, in the SF area.
    I pray for every child’s safe return.

  • This should be put on the Humboldt Missing FB page…

  • Why don’t we have any search parties? And gee Karen Mitchell was the same age! And what about neighboring houses, no one has cameras?


  • Looking in vain for an up-date… This kid is on my mind, with hope for his safe return.

  • Freedom club!!! Ken is that you!!!

  • Dreamer,nothing but a dreamer,can you put your hands in your head.

  • This is so cluttered with imploded self interest venting…please limit this to info. No time to waste.

  • I have a dog that might be good at tracking…willing to try. Let me know via Kim or some legit way who you are (don’t know how that works and will check back for replies) and I will bring him in morning and in evening to try to see if he picks up a scent trail. will need company..dont’ want to do it alone. Will need something that has his smell on it and least touched by others…picked out from his dirty laundry basket using a glove or plastic bag with fewest other smells to clutter the object.

    • His sister, Mariana, commented above. Try texting her…”..can you please text me at 7078452294 this is his sister” Im not from the area. We’re watching for him and wish we could do more.

  • It looks like the family has reason to think he left the area. It would be nice to hear more.

    It’s like that missing man from Alabama on here a few eeeks ago. I keep sondering whether it was resolved.

  • Sounds like the young man had plans to run away, which have now been discovered. That is actully good news. It means that he was probably not kidnapped or missing due to an unfortunate accident.

  • is there a page on Facebook for him? that seems like a good way to share information and keep up to date on what is happening. i have seen them before

  • other family members (prior Dad,etc.)supported abduction even considered?

  • Check greyhound station cameras and look at rides wanted/offered on craigslist and other forums to that neighbirhood.
    Has his cel/facebook not been used at all? Id call the police south of here, theyd be more apt to help look for phone records than our locals, down the 101 and the 5.

  • Do we have any updates on this story Kym?

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