Gyppo Ale Mill Installs New Tanks; First Brew Set for November 23

Press release from Gyppo Ale Mill:



  • tired of all this

    Too bad for entrepreneurs in Humboldt. The dope dollars that allowed local businesses to thrive are about to disappear.

    • If we allow enough pot tourism, the breweries will boom too.
      Come smoke and drink yummy things made within 50 miles, thatll sell. The worlds nutso, our laid back enjoy the outdoors way of life & open quiet beautiful spaces may just be the escape people need.
      Gotta keep the roads up tho!


        So people can smoke/drink and not hit potholes…

      • Unfortunately we are known for megatons of shitty OG, not connoisseur cannabis. The very best of the golden tarp is still not indoor. We demonized indoor and gave harbor to the outdoor mega-grows, thus killing the connoisseur cannabis market here.

    • Glad to hear it and I’d like to add, “Welcome!”

      And if the dope industry does disappear (though I think this is unlikely in its totality) a crafty brewery and friendly gathering hole makes for a nice addition– and is a step ahead of the curve.

    • Trillium Hummingbird

      Great, just what the folks here need, more alcoholic beverages… Isn’t it dangerous enough on Shelter Cove Road?

      Expensive beer in SC, a great addition, sure to go bankrupt…

  • Blow it out your ass tired of all this. All you ever say is negative stuff . Why don’t you just move the heck out of here !

    dont like ale but love IPA
    maybe i can find a sample this holiday season while im visiting mom

  • A plus for Shelter Cove. I hope that a good summer season will keep them going.
    It’s a hard life there when the fishing and the weather don’t cooperate.

  • Lundbar Hillbilly

    Great! Shelter Cove needed to improve their visitor amenities.
    And the road in.


    Just another drug dealer.

  • Good to see something positive brewing in the cove. Good luck guys and gals!

  • lost coast and found

    Ship it around the world on a Gyppo ship and sell it in every country in the world.

  • Brewery tanks look like the tanks Walter White used to cook meth in. Maybe they can do both so people can stay awake longer to drink!
    Mmmmmmmm drugs!!!

  • Good to see them referencing the gyppo loggers and truckers. A breed apart, so hopefully a
    line of beers apart. There’s a whole world of people who will travel (slowly) to try out all sorts of brews and local food and just kick back.
    Keep things small, treat people decent, they’ll tell friends and I think there are people who are looking for what so many of us come north for so long ago, and it wasn’t the weed. We didn’t have a clue till we moved north. Pleasant surprise, but still loved the country more.

  • And it only takes one.

    People are in such denial about the science behind alcohol processing in our bodies! Wake up! Only time -not food or coffee- clears that mind-muddying crap from your system!

    In the hunt for a good bottom line (which will be not ez to secure in that location) breweries constantly serve the obviously intoxicated . Shelter cove road will be much more unsafe; thanks for the heads up.

    Just too many dead and injured from this fermented poison

  • Glad to see a brewery, maybe they won’t allow potheads to be served, drug test the employees, and become proud members of a community that doesn’t like weed junkies.

    Not many of these dopers can afford $10,000 day fines, meaning The Marijuana Caliphate is nearly defeated and will be put on the run.

    All workplaces should drug test so we can be free of the dopers and drink IPA.

    • Let’s be honest here. Alcohol is a drug far worse then cannabis. Alcohol destroys lives and families on many levels, all while being the socially acceptable drug of choice. I would rather see our community ridden of Alcholism then so called “dopers” or people who consume cannabis.

    • ethyl alcohol (C2H5OH) is the chemical that produces the effects in all booze. It is a drug. The additives are water and flavorings to enhance dosage and palatability.
      Yeasts are the first victims of alcohol. They eat the sugars and their excrement is alcohol. They eat till their environment is so polluted with alcohol that the alcohol kills them. Like some people I’ve known.

  • I’ve been out here nearly three decades and have seen countless restaurants come and go. The big problem is the “off season”. From May through September, all the places did well, but surviving the other seven months has always been the challenge. Its been proven time and again that the residents of the Cove do not dine out on a regular enough basis to support eating establishments and when the bad weather sets in, outsiders will not drive here for a meal. Now, yes, a brew pub is something new and for awhile it will do box office, but come spring… But I wish them success and will try them out.

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