Use Marijuana? You’re Likely to Have More Sex Than Your Abstaining Counterparts

Sexxpot a strain of cannabis aimed at improving women's libido.

Karyn Wagner, whose Humboldt collective began marketing a marijuana strain called Sexxpot in 2015, said dispensary buyers scoffed when she pitched them the product aimed at increasing the female libido. Today, she may be having the last laugh. [Photo provided by Karen Wagner]

We don’t want you to get too excited but, a Stanford University study published online today in theย Journal of Sexual Medicine, found “marijuana users had significantly higher sexual frequency compared with never users.” In fact, in spite of worries about marijuana use affecting sexual ability, the study found that not only is consuming marijuana “associated with increased sexual frequency…[it] does not appear to impair sexual function.”

According to an article in EurekaAlert, a science news site,

In addition, the trend remained even after accounting for subjects’ use of other drugs, such as cocaine or alcohol. This, Eisenberg said, suggests that marijuana’s positive correlation with sexual activity doesn’t merely reflect some general tendency of less-inhibited types, who may be more inclined to use drugs, to also be more likely to have sex. In addition, coital frequency rose steadily with increasing marijuana use, a dose-dependent relationship supporting a possible active role for marijuana in fostering sexual activity.

The reason for this correlation is unknown but, it is intriguing. NPR, the Washington Post, and Forbes among others are all are reporting on the story if you want to check this out more fully.



    • Victor G. Flashman

      When it comes right down to it, there may be a higher rate of copulation among pot smokers, but remember that a small difference in total frequency, which is described as significant, may be due to environmental and “other factors”. It is difficult to accurately assess the reports of drug abusers without tightly controlled experiments, so I wouldn’t apply much import to this story, although it makes titillating copy…

      The main point here is that the subject of pot use vs coital frequency needs further study.

      Any volunteers?

  • Marijuana lowers inhibition promoting sexual promiscuity in those who would soberly have self control/respect over their sexual experiences and decisions. It takes the ability to make clear rational decisions away from the user. Increasing in pregnancy out of wedlock and STD transmission. Even more concerning is the fact that for those who have difficulty acquiring consensual relationships, smoking Marijuana will enduce/ promote predatory behavior. Resulting in rape, child molestation and even sexually drivin murder. Studies preformed on all aspects of social decay have one thing in common and that commonality is Marijuana.

    • Could you cite some studies on that? I don’t remember seeing any that support your contention.

    • No locals? Really?

      Can you site some studies saying you have to be married to make babies?

    • Nancy Reagan would be proud.

      • Lisa that’s the craziest crackpot s**t, I’ve ever heard. Are you sure you not talking about alcohol? You even put your name on this, ๐Ÿ˜‚careful what you preach ๐Ÿ˜‚

    • I’m betting Lisa won’t be returning with any evidence to support her closed minded garbage she is spewing. I mean if you don’t like how cannabis affects you feel free to not partake like many do with caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol. I say there is a link between it and rape and child molestation blows your cover of being a crackpot. I imagine there in fact would be an inverse correlation between those things. I would love to have a list of all the things you consume so that I can judge each one and associate it with the likely negative affects some of them have.

    • Have another drink Lisa.

    • Lisa, i was with you for your first two sentences, then you went off the rails. I do think one can lose sight of “rational” clear decision-making when it comes to sex, if very high. But it’s all a matter of perspective, and when high, my perspective was (in my randy early days) Make Love Not War; Be Here Now; Love the One You’re With. In terms of the mindset i purposely set for myself–to let go of inhibitions, to realize that love and connection are what we all want and need, that it’s very human and very healthy to share pleasurable touch (and that i was on birth control), etc.–letting myself lose control was part of the rational plan. I didn’t always make the best decisions, and i have certainly warned young girls i know of the possibilities for bad judgment–when nothing in the world seems more important than immediate high love.
      But people do know what’s going to happen when they get high and are in a sexy situation, especially if they know they become suggestible and gullible, so they really can’t blame the herb.
      However, i really don’t believe that erotic or “promiscuous” passion overcomes people to the point of rape, child molestation, sex-associated murder, or any of that other reefer madness stuff. That’s power-over arrogance, kind of the opposite of love-kindness-peace sexy vibes.

    • Obviously a lack of physical relationship leading to a biased view of marijuana versus inhibition and promiscuity. Evidently need more cannabis in your way or the other.

    • groba dude osnt trustafarian


      You sound like a mean religious hysteric, frightened of sex and everybody. I’m thinking you were abused by someone sexually, and I hope you can work out your issues.

      It is my opinion that smoking weed is more of a social convention than a sexual one; that sexual cues among pot users lead to increased sexual behavior, not primarily the drug effects. Hey, a girl gets lonely and boys will pretty much get down for no reason at all!

      I don’t think pot lowers inhibitions as much as it increases suggestibility. Women like to have sex and so do men. Pot is just a flower and, sex is a wholesome and natural activity. Sex, it’s just sex, it doesn’t really mean anything, it’s just a pleasant activity… Sex can get you higher than pot, and smoking pot, in my opinion, is about the same as drinking coffee, from a social aspect.

      I went to the Black Oak Coffee shop in Ukiah one day, got a coffee and sat down to read my email, and then I noticed that a woman had sat down across from me and was smiling at me. So can we say that coffee reduces inhibitions, induces sexual behavior? I am an older, married man, and not particularly attractive, so that coffee is strong stuff…

      No, in most situations, sexual cues come from men and women being in the same place, seeing someone they like, and then being social. People don’t go directly from cues to copulation, there needs to be some familiarity! Maybe just a little…

      In general, drugs dull the sensations, and reduce the acuity of our feelings. I think that sober people have more sex, since they test reality better, and have better perception of other people’s feelings. There is nothing wrong with smoking weed and then having sex, but you will connect with your partner better if you just go with the pleasant sensations and skip the drugs!

    • You’re crazy!

    • Well have they done a study of people who do banana crank and crack,and how much sex they have? I bet it will blow weed out of the water 10 fold! Lol

    • Sharpen your pencil

      I think you meant to say alcohol…. I don’t think you have any sort of grasp as to what the effects of marijuana are….

    • What compels you to make such statements?


  • Is that what happen to Frisco, too much weed and no ladies, lmao

  • I have just as much sex with myself as I did pre-pot.

  • I hear the seeds are the best for this, smoke as many seeds as you can.

  • groba dude osnt trustafarian

    The problem with this theory is that men who smoke pot get higher levels of FSH and LH and Prolactin and Estrogen, while their Testosteone dwindles down to the bottom of the range. Testicular function falls off, as do sperm counts, AND, the more you smoke, the less erectile function. Men grow breasts, the testicles shrink, and they get ED… Eating too much and getting fat make it worse, for all of you with munchies…

    Try it yourself at home!

    Women, on the other hand, get a derangement of normal hormonal functioning, irregular cycles, and increased testosterone, which explains their increased libido. Once again, eating too much and gaining fat causes too much estrogen, infertility and increased breast cancer…

    Men say that women would be better lovers if they wanted more sex, but women say they would want more sex if men were better at it!

    Humboldt County, as well as the rest of Oregon and Northern California, have higher than average incidence of Gonorrhea, Chlymydia, and PID. This is all documented in medical literature, look it up yourself.

    Pot causes many things, but sex is a result of hormones, opportunity, and proximity. Having a willing potential willing partner helps! Protect yourselves, as antibiotic resistant Gonorrhea causes sterility, and the free-fucking-folks of Humboldt are the model for how to wipe out the human race with un-treatable disease…

    Condoms are handed out for free at most local clinics, including Hoopa and Weaverville and Redway. Enjoy!

  • I wonder what the age group was in the study.

  • If true, a 20% increase is a larger effect than Viagra or Cialis!
    No wonder all those aging hippies have 215s!

    • Karl:
      Most of those aging hippies have spouses, too…

      • Men have Viagra…pot can be kind of a wonder drug for post menopausal women. It can create extended orgasms & your old guy gets a contact high and also has longer orgasms…Being married for a loooong time is interesting& pot absolutely can have a positive influence on sex. Especially if you pay attention to your partner in all other aspects of life too. Slow it down and enjoy.

        • See if your doctor can get you some Bremelanotide. It’s currently being trialed for enhancing sex for women of any age, and is supposedly quite effective, without the side effects of pot, like stupidity.

  • So why was my posting deleted? I didn`t use any derogatory terms or advocate violence. This seems pretty unfair. If you care to do a Google search on “Marijuana Homosexuality” you will find a great deal of information corroborating the connection between marijuana use and homosexuality.

    Remember, even we homophobic bigots need love and understanding. Besides, we`re not homophobic all the time. If the [edit] is in front of us, we couldn`t care less — it`s only when they`re behind a guy that they`re dangerous.

    I even had a pair of [edit] as tenants once. I took good care of them and they liked me; thought I was a great landlord. One was a hairdresser and he gave me free haircuts after I helped him get some sort of rent subsidy. I always took one of the other tenants with me, though; I wouldn`t be alone with him. [edit]

    • God, give me the wisdom of Solomon.

      1. When earlier you posted the exact same comment that I deleted, I asked for scientific evidence. You never replied.
      2. There is no scientific evidence. I’ve looked this up before after someone–perhaps you?–made a similar comment
      3. I try to steer folks away from hate speech while allowing free expression of opinion but the sheer ridiculousness of a) being afraid of homosexuals as a group simply because they are gay and b) being sure that marijuana makes you gay overcame any lingering doubt about whether the comment had any redeeming value.

    • I needed a good laugh before heading off to bed!

    • John, Google, really? Anyone can make a website, including homophobes like yourself. How about an actual printed book by scholars or scientists, not a simple web page, created by some crackpot fool like yourself. Google, ๐Ÿ˜‚!

    • Conservative Stupidity

      You homophobic bigots need something but it ain’t love. Kym won’t allow me to post what you need.

  • Hellloooooo, anyone who’s ever seen “Reefer Madness” would know that they knew this in the 1930’s.

    • Anyone who’s seen Reefer Madness should know that the film was not scientific, it was an out-and-out attempt to make the use of ‘reefers’ seems the first step to insanity.
      In the 60’s is was a cult favorite and when shown (underground) it brought lots of laughter and derision at the heavy-handed plot, screen play, and even worse, the acting.
      There were similar films having to do with the dangers of “Race” music and what listening to it could go to a clean living young person when not warned.
      When the laws came in to control what people could show the public, the scare films remained but other films didn’t.
      Watch some of the old Thin Man series…there’s one that involves a jazz musician on board a ship…Nick explains to Nora about ‘smoking’, she listens but doesn’t seem to upset, she
      wants to solve the crime. Yes, there were plenty of martinis flowing…that was acceptable.

      In the Road to Rio after many problems, Bing recovers his ever present pipe and says “Smoke up and learn the truth”.
      The Gene Krupa Story was a big crusade again smoking and when a big star Robert Mitchum was found in possession of weed, he got two years in a LA County Honor Farm. From old stories it was as much to make trouble for Mitchum for not playing the studio’s game as an actual crime (considering what the studies did cover up.)
      The Federal Government passed laws to protect us from the evils of whatever and most states went along.

      As far as what to take for effect (based on over 30 year old brief experiences, it’s not the smoking. Smoking gets it into the lungs and into the bloodstream and thence to the brain.
      The old man was given some tops that had been ground to make into hash (supposedly, don’t know if that every worked out), a very fine powder. We were invited to a mountain party of friends and such so I had some easy treats–some people may remember the
      recipe. Carob powder (chocolate was bad some people said), honey, cream cheese, maybe some peanut butter, touch of nutmeg and cinnamon. Mix and form into small half-walnut size balls. Roll in carob and use a piece of waxed paper (oh how green we were!) to wrap
      each piece. Not that many, only for friends but after eating or–or two, couple started leaving. ‘Great party, thanks, we’ve got to go’. You didn’t have an ounce of dried powder (well, no one I knew did) so it wasn’t often used but I imagine the actual make up of the
      treat was applied to other dried forms.
      The thing was, baking wasn’t that good to the volatile oils and adding additional oils just make cooking and such really gummy. And some ultra-green people would only use raw, cold-pressed safflower oil (just thinking of it turns my stomach) so it was more medicine than magic.
      Of course I did observe that those who already had consumed a serious amount of beer didn’t seem to be affected. Unfortunately the old man was one of those.

      • Conservative Stupidity

        So you’re saying Reefer Madness ain’t real. You just burst the peabrain prohibitionist and party of STUPID Republican bubble.

  • Well, I’m a “never user”, and I’ve been single for a while, so there’s another data point for you. Alas, I think that rather than this being caused by not using marijuana, it’s more to do with the difficulty of finding women who do not use marijuana, as well as being mature, intelligent, and good with a strapon…

    • groba dude osnt trustafarian

      Well, BT, this is graphic proof that nobody wants to shag an older person. The most accurate thing we could say is that young folks smoke weed, and young folks have more sex. Morals have little to do with it, and us older folks may be smart but were not that sexy, no matter what happened in the 70’s…

      Humboldt County women have more sense than the men, and part of being equal is women having the freedom to do as women please with their bodies, so we could say that increases in sexual activity perceived by researchers may be due to the sampling techniques, or the increases may indicate that women are becoming more equal. In Humboldt, the women control the men, to some extent, and that shift of power is pretty sexy by itself.

      Increased sex is probably due to women being more free to do as they please, or at least I hope it is…

      Also, stoned people are probably just reporting more sex, as wishful thinking, since stoner guys masturbate too much to be successful with women, and since stoner women are too busy raising the children they had when they were hanging out with guys and smoking dope…

    • I hope that you get the opportunity to walk on the wild side with an herb lovin woman. We are not all alike. Some of us are mature, employed, fully self sufficient, and less inhibited than our non smoking friends. If you can compromise on that one point of not being tolerant of even light smoking, you might be pleasantly surprised.

      • Trillium Hummingbird

        The current crop did not invent dope smoking – I have been there, just back in the day when young and less smart…

        • groba dude osnt trustafarian

          OH, AND, Trinity Puff, did you want to meet up?

          • From your earlier comment about being a married man, I would think that your wife might frown on us meeting. I do enjoy reading your comments though. Keep flicking the intellectual sh*t at those who deserve it.

      • I find marijuana consumption, and just about everything else to do with marijuana, to be remarkably annoying. I do not want it, or anyone using it, as part of my life.

        Also… Less inhibited? That’s not what I’m looking for. Even if you can use my feeldoe without a harness, I’m not interested until we’ve been together a while. heh.

        • Conservative Stupidity

          You don’t decide what I do. Try treading on your own self instead of others.

          • … Where did I try to tell you what to do? I stated what _I_ do not want. You can get as high as you want and sleep with as many floozies as you want, as long as you do it somewhere else. It’s only conservatives that go “I don’t like this (or some ancient fictional book tells me I’m not allowed to like this), so you’re not allowed to do it.”


    Baby Boom starts in January!!

    Be safe out there!


  • Lisa and John should hook up

  • Pot + Sex. Sounds good to me. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Conservative Stupidity

      Then you must be a bad person according to the peabrain prohibitonist and their corresponding party of STUPID Republicans.

  • late 60’s, madison wi still rural far west side. local rollerskating rink filled with us 13+ yr olds.
    the wallpaper in the bathroom had the design of sayings throughout it.

    one i wondered about for a few more yrs after i left the area.

    “a little pot and soon hot”

    *fanning herself*

  • It doesn’t take a study to know that sex is directly proportional to the amount of alcohol and drug ingestion

  • Trillium Hummingbird

    Inversely proportional, over time…

    Drink too much, get too high, no one will want you and you won’t be able, anyway…

  • Marijuana is an aphrodisiac. Newsflash.

  • Just a way to sell more!!lmao

  • just takes me longer to cum and i’m outta shape so I get tired

  • Alcohol does this too, but people don’t remember what happened ;^p

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