Three Men Arrested for Kidnapping and Armed Robbery After Hot Pursuit

This is a press release from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:


mcso Mendocino County Sheriff's Office MCSOOn October 27th at 1:24 AM, Mendocino County Sheriff’s Deputies were summoned to a residence in the 23600 block of Primrose Drive (Brooktrails) Willits, for a  report of an armed robbery. The victims reported that 3 African American Male adults, driving a “Burnt Orange” Jeep SUV had robbed them at gunpoint, forced them at gunpoint into a closet, and stole marijuana from them.

As Deputies were responding, they passed a similar vehicle as it was coming onto Sherwood Road traveling towards the City of Willits. Police officers from the Willits Police Department located the vehicle, and attempted to stop it. The vehicle fled and a vehicle pursued ensued. Several suspects exited and fled from the vehicle on Center Valley Road near Bray Road, and the vehicle continued on to where it stopped in the area of South Lenore and Creekside Court in Willits, where the 2 additional suspects fled on foot.

One suspect, Diontae Wright,  was apprehended in the area of the end of the pursuit, hiding in a back yard shortly after the pursuit by Willits Police Officers and Mendocino County Sheriff’s Deputies. A second suspect, Michael Wright, was apprehended in the 1000 block of Center Valley Road by a Willits Police Officer.

The vehicle was searched and one firearm, as well as evidence of another firearm was located, along with approximately 20 pounds of bud marijuana. While the investigation was ongoing, a Willits Police officer located a third suspect near Walker Road on Highway 101. This suspect provided a false name, and was ultimately identified as 24 year old Christopher Bradford of Indianapolis Indiana.

After further investigation, all three suspects were arrested and booked in the Mendocino County Jail. All three were charged with kidnapping, robbery, and being armed with a firearm while committing a felony. Bradford was found to have a felony warrant from Indiana for possessing a stolen firearm. The Indiana arrest warrant identified Bradford as “Armed and Dangerous”.  Their bail is set at $275,000.

A fourth suspect, Hugo Mercado, was identified as being involved, and he has yet to be located. Mendocino County Sheriff’s Detectives will be seeking an arrest warrant for Mercado.

Any persons with knowledge of this case, please contact the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office Communications Center at 707-463-4086 or call the Tip Line at 707-234-2100.



Incident Number: 2017-31567

Crime/Incident: 209(b)(1) PC [Kidnapping]; 211 PC [Robbery]; 12022.5 (a)(1) PC [Armed with a firearm in comission of a felony.]

Location: 23600 Block of Primrose Drive, Willits. Ca

Date of Incident: 10-27-2017

Time: 1:24 AM

Victim(s): 1) Sally Ann Gurule, 64, Willits Ca
2) Van Slagle, 39; Willits, Ca
3) Justin Slagle, 44 Willits, Ca

Suspect(s): 1) Michael Deangelo Taylor, 24 year old male, Split Rock Indiana
2) Diontae Stephvon Wright, 24 year old male, Split Rock Indiana
3) Christopher Deuane Bradford, 24 year old male, Indanapolis Indiana
4) Hugo Mercado 24 year old, Indianapolis Indiana



  • Nice catch!! three down, one to go!

    • See what you dope growers are bringing to the party,now you went and made yourselves world famous with the trim bums from Spain and fucking rip-offs from Indianapolis I hope you get less of the former and more of the later…you all are fucking up the Environment and may karma bite your ass.

      • Ummmm FYI Humboldt County has been world famous for it’s weed pretty much as long as HighTimes magazine has been world famous.

      • They brought themselves from back east obviously. Cannabis has always been here, and only because it is reported more then before, doesnt mean crime wasnt always here as well.

      • how do you assign blame for bringing “THUGS” to the party? Indiana has an epidemic of opioid abuse & that Governor recently declared a State of emergency Are you that prejudiced against herb? Latonville had similar rip off/turned murder last year.2 couples described as”from” Michigan & N.J.

    • Are these the ones who threw the dude off the 2nd story?

  • Interesting they named the victims as well in the press release. How many red flags come to mind ?

  • so
    we now getting criminals from indiana trying to rip us off

  • So much for Hoosier Hospitality!

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Hoosier Daddy?! They could grow their own weed in Indiana. Early Indica, mostly. Plenty of summer rain, good dirt ( containers still a good idea if you have plumbing), hot, humid, 4 or 5 months grow season. It ain’t Cali, but beats going through this shit.

      • Um Indiana has some of the harshest weed laws in the nation FYI. Most likley they would have made 100 k of that 20 lbs there!

        • Lost Croat Outburst

          That’s true. I fogot that fact. I also forgot that there is plenty of feral hemp in S. and central Indy that Ohio State students would border jump for the wild harvest. Corn silk works about as well. Decorative landscape plants, they are a boon for the environment as riparian erosion control and wildlife food and cover.

  • What the hell is up in Mendo lately? Seems I’m reading alot of things happening there.😣

  • [edit] has figured out how easy it is to rob some of these farmers.
    They came, they saw they robbed!
    This is just the beginning, think before you deal with strangers!

    • you do understand that BLM is a legitimate organization, right? does the KKK have a website?

    • You’re either insane or very racist, Black Lives Matter is not a gang. It’s an autonomous political movement.

      • Concerned citizen

        It’s not a gang, it’s a racism movement

      • Maybe they should call themselves “ Black children Matter” . 70 percent of black kids don’t have a father . Might be part of the problem huh ?

        • I think my rascist uncle is staying up late and making up multiple personas on kyms website! This is not the humboldt I know. Go out and meet some black people, people. They are alright in my book. Just like anyone else, you got some good and some bad. Get a grip people, and get some sleep.

          • Charles Engebretson

            Ha ha..I swear somebody that comments on kyms posts is argueing with themself and hoping somebody will join in the arguement so they can gleen a little narcissistic a vampire or a leech

          • I did Emily, they all hate white people. The most racist bunch of humans I’ve ever met. And so the story goes on. We (white) people are supposedly to bend over backwards and walk on eggshells to not be racist around “africans” but they can be as racist as they won’t towards “white” because it’s “our fault”. Bullshit. I ain’t raising my kids that way. Sorry. It goes both ways, that’s why there’s still racism in America. Get over it! Your nothing special!

            • Don’t you think that when you are lumping people as diverse as Bill Cosby with the lady driving the bus that you might be missing a few critical nuances….? Black people are not all of one opinion just like you and I are not of the same opinion.

            • TRULY there is no such thing as white. I am Scotch German Chzech Cherokee…but I’m not white. None of you are from here. All of us are illegal immigrants, we either came here and stole land illegally or were forced here illegally. White does not = american. Go back to the 2-10 original nations your mutt ass comes from. That would be a hat trick!

              • Agree. Im Irish American…. whatever that means even though when I fill out papers I have to put “white” down, they get “African American” not black… I guess I’m still being judged as a color. Racism? Hmmm. I don’t care… but “they” sure would. Once we are all recognized as “humans” this will continue.

        • Basic Biology 101

          OK, Neighborhood_Watch, let’s go through some basic biology.

          In order to make a baby you need a sperm (from the daddy) and an egg (from the mommy). About nine months later, you get a baby.

          Thus every child has a daddy and a mommy, it’s got nothing to do with color or lack thereof.

      • Liberal hypocrisy

        You are extremely confused

  • Let start off by saying I’m not racist but there really not making a good name for there race it seems like most robberies up here are from African American I just got burned by one yesterday got paid in fake money don’t deal with people from out of the area it’s not worth it it’s not like it used to be be carful out there fellow growers

    • “I’m not racist” says Local as he/she generalizes about an entire race of people based on a few bad apples. Local, have you looked at all the white and hispanic folks that have made a whole bunch of dumb ass choices as well?

      • Charles Engebretson

        How about the so called jackson 5(not the band)..werent those white guys..who cares the color.a dickhead thief with a gun is just a dickhead thief with a gun.

    • you’re lucky it was FAKE money and not the AK-47.. been saying this for 10 years 😎

    • Lol. “just got burned by one yesterday… fake money…”
      That’s funny to me. Your just a simpleton black market idiot then…it’s settled.

  • What happened to the guy that always wrote WEED= CRIME? Hell he could wear out his fingers on the key board nowdays.

  • I wonder if it is the same guys from the garberville hotel robbery and car chase? They sure didn’t seem to know when to call it quits. The audacity of thieves is truly fascinating to me. #ScumOfTheEarth

  • J. Worthingham Fatback

    Well, ya dope-headed fuzzy-brained geniuses, you finally did it! You allow such slime to move in among us that you finally put me up to HERE, and after almost 20 years in Nor-Cal, I moved the fuck away from your crime-ridden crap hole!

    So now, every time I look at Kyms page, or LoCO, I get my “daily humor” shot. Thanks, suckers! Enjoy your dope. (BTW, as soon as the legalities get worked out, you know that a corporation in soCa bought about 20,000 acres, with the eyes on growing primo stash and selling by quantity AND quality, right?) Humboldt will be back to “mom n’ pop grows” within a year, or two at the most, and good weed will be going for $400 per pound!

    • U forgot the black market in the rest of the USA dumbass. Legal cali weed can only be sold in cali. primo OG will still sell for 3k in New York City (sucker)!

  • The hardest thing about growing pot now, is trying to sell it without getting caught or ripped off, or getting killed. Oh my, how times have changed.

    • Are you fuckin kidding? The hard thing has always been not getting robbed, killed, or arrested. Do business with friends who are your family and for fucks sake no vehicle violations. I am a very road weary woman with a college education who had to grow to survive, and thankfully got out of that whole scene with my life, a $4,000 truck, and no felonies. As for all the [edit] creeping around, look in the mirror and GO HOME. You are
      giving that have worked their ass off in the industry for decades a bad name.

  • groba dude osnt trustafarian

    Meanwhile the county is waiting to fine you $10,000/day for no permit… Time to find another occupation!

  • Van Slagle is now a “victim” , he is a notorious Meth Head and thief, last time he was the suspect when he was stealing people’s cars in South Willits, he left his cracking pipe behind when he got busted by the popo


  • I noticed the time of this incident 1:24 a.m. . Who deals with business this late in the evening? Or should I say so early in the a.m. that’s right you got it… Tweakers and drug addicts. This actually tickles me pink can’t stand tweakers. And I expecially have disdain for that family. It’s called karma Sally hahaha

  • Good. I’m glad these dope growers got ripped off and their names published.

  • Pot puffing Peter, I would say they found out how hard robbing pot gardens is getting. I think this is a good sign that as people get legal they also are starting to call the police when they get robbed. Once upon a time growers were not able to call the police when their gardens were robbed because then the police would take what you have left. Now farmers have a leg to stand on when they call the police. This is a good thing because farmers were easy targets for these thiefs because the crooks knew farmers couldn’t call for back up. All you rippers out there better start rethinking your game because getting shot is no longer your only worry. Add going to prison on that list.

  • Not to mention if you go legal it is no longer a felony to grow and you can legally carry a firearm to protect yourself then. Just saying…

    • Not true at all….

      drug addicts are not allowed firearms, meaning marijuana users are barred from owning firearms.

      Firearms and drugs are a dangerous mix, and it’s comforting to know as The Marijuana Caliphate is put into ruin, a safer community will emerge, one without dangerous jihadi style marijuana users terrorizing the countryside.

      $10,000 a day fines will drive them from the area making a safe place to raise children in a community free of marijuana terror groupings.

      By next year most of The Caliphate will be driven away and crushed under heavy fines.

      This is a great time for law abiding, non drug addicts as our community is working towards ridding the problem of marijuana from it.

      Soon we will celebrate the day the last marijuana grower leaves the area in shame.

      • Sweet your back..!

      • “Not true at all…. drug addicts are not allowed firearms” why does one which has their permits in order and legally cultivates marijuana have to be a drug addict? I know several farmers that grow some of the best around and don’t even smoke. You can trust that at pharmaceutical manufacturing plants there are armed guards so why should it be any different for a legal marijuana grow?

  • Free my boy d Wright he innocent

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