Ringleader in Marijuana Robbery Pleads Guilty

Trevor JacksonPress release from the Mendocino County District Attorney’s Office:

The recent focus of an intensive manhunt — a county-wide marijuana thief — threw in the towel this afternoon and accepted the District Attorney’s “take it or leave it” settlement offer in order to avoid the threat of greater punishment down the road. The DA’s time-sensitive offer would have expired at the close of business today.

Trevor Michael Jackson, age 34, transient at the time of arrest, plead guilty before Mendocino County Superior Court Judge John Behnke to a felony crime spree that included: burglary in the second degree (a burglary of a locked structure to steal marijuana) occurring in March 2016; kidnapping and robbery in concert while armed with an assault weapon (to steal marijuana) occurring in July 2017; and vehicle theft (while running from the law on the two prior cases) in August 2017. As part of the negotiated pleas, the defendant was required to and did stipulate to a state prison sentence of 25 years. Under current law, he will be required to serve at least 85% of that sentence.

As also required by law, the defendant’s three felony cases were referred to the Adult Probation for a social study and sentencing report. This report is relied on by the prison authorities when they are undertaking intake classification and facility housing decisions for defendant Jackson. Being returned to prison should not be too great of a lifestyle shock for this defendant — this will be the fourth time he has been committed to state prison.

Jackson is scheduled to be back in court on November 27, 2017 at 9 o’clock in the morning in Department H for formal imposition of the agreed-upon 25 year sentence. Any person interested in one or more of these cases or this defendant is welcome to attend that sentencing hearing on the 27th.

The prosecutor who has been handling these cases and who formulated “the deal” is District Attorney David Eyster. The law enforcement agency that responded to and investigated with tenacity the many crimes perpetrated by this defendant was the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office.

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  • Back where he feels most comfortable. Too bad we have to waste the money.

  • I can’t help but think if he was in the eureka courthouse his punishment would of been less, maybe probation?

    • Eureka courthouse would serve him milk and cookies, pat him on the head, and ask him not to do it again, around here, today, and release him. That’s how we do!

      • Spot on, free to terrorize the community.

        Thank god Mendocino put him away.

        Why can’t Humboldt have justice like Mendicino does?

      • Can you provide any data to back up this claim?
        Are you saying that criminals who commit the same crimes are not charged properly?
        Are you saying that criminals with the same charges in Humboldt County are convicted less often?
        Are you saying that criminals convicted of the same crimes in both counties are sentenced more leniently in HumCo?
        Or is this simply an emotional expression of relief that this dangerous gun criminal is going away until he’s 55 years old at least? This relief then mixed with frustration of a devolving culture as nearly 8 billion two-leggeds manifest their self destructive industrial rampage on The Earth, Our Mother in various ways personal and societal- none of which end well?
        Just askin’. 😀
        Peace out! ✌🏼

        • You must have forgot about the local priest that was murdered by someone release a few hours prior from the Humboldt Hilton.

          There are plenty of similar stories of crimes committed within hours of a criminals release here.

          Seek and ye shall find.

  • Robbery and kidnapping will be up 10 fold you should have to supply security of some sort in order to grow legally

  • Great, now what about jail time for the grower who incited this robbery? Equal punishment across the board

    • Conservative Stupidity

      Hair Hitler: is that you, Donnie?

    • Somehow I can’t find that information. Please tell us what this grower did to incite the burglary.

    • Willy, you sound like the heartless idiots who blame rape victims for not dressing over-conservatively! Typical “blame the victim” mentality… you must be friends with the defendant in this article- Get a clue!

    • Incited,,, Please! This POS has been running a muck all over this county for a long time. Glad he will be locked up for a decent amount of time if for nothing else, but the public’s safety. I hope he has a chance to examine his life and make the proper changes before he is released, but I am not holding my breath.

    • So should gas stations then. Apply any of your moronic ideas to every industry other than just cannabis and see if you have the same opinion.

  • Gallegos would have apologized to him for the arrest. Then asked him to try to be nicer. Our new DA is not much better. The take-home lesson here is that if you want to rob growers you should drive north of Mendocino until you get to Humboldt County. Then rip all you want- minimal arrests and light sentences!

  • Fourth time back to prison at age 34. Don’t ya think it’s time to just keep him there???? Obviously has no respect for the law or other people.

  • After three times in, it’s now a matter of punishment finally, the department of rehabilitation is ridiculously inadequate for hard headed and desperate individuals.

    • Agreed. I am all for giving second chances, but only to those who truly want and can show progress towards turning their life around. After this many fuck ups I think its time to relocate those resources towards a better cause.

  • Three strikes, you’re out.

  • Mendo Sheriff dig deeper

    I heard him and the Jackson 5 were involved in this robbery too….
    Police are searching for suspects in Laytonville weed theft
    Yesterday’s activity north of Laytonville appears to have been in response to calls about armed men robbing 20lbs of weed. Law enforcement is now searching for, and asking for tips that could lead to the capture of the four cannabis burglars

    Hope they do the rifling on the guns and send the results to the DOJ and see if the firearms are a match for any other murders or robberies. These guys have been robbing and thugging for years now. Bet those guns are connected to other murders and found bodies….

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