‘Jackson Five’ Face Long Sentences in Marijuana Robbery

Press release from the Mendocino District Attorney’s Office:

The remainder of the gang of defendants arrested last July for their active involvement in a marijuana robbery on Covelo Road have now each — as of this morning — resolved their cases.

Referred to tongue-in-cheek by some as members of the “Jackson 5,” the following four defendants now stand convicted and each will be sentenced to state prison, as follows:

Alejandro Nunez, age 24, of Willits, was convicted by plea on Oct. 11 of robbery in concert of an inhabited dwelling while vicariously armed with an assault rifle. He will be formally sentenced on Nov. 5 to an agreed-upon 12 years in state prison.

Daniel Hernandezsanchez and Alejandro Nunez

Alejandro Nunez and Daniel Hernandezsanchez

Daniel Hernandez Sanchez, age 24, of Covelo, was convicted by plea on Oct. 25 of robbery in concert of an inhabited dwelling while vicariously armed with an assault rifle. He also was convicted in a separate case of assault with a deadly weapon (automobile) and domestic violence causing a traumatic injury. He will be formally sentenced on November 27th to an agreed-upon 14 years in state prison.

Joshua Clayton Hanover, age 29, of Redwood Valley and Covelo, was convicted by plea this morning of robbery in concert of an inhabited dwelling while vicariously armed with an assault rifle. He will be formally sentenced on Dec. 14 to an agreed-upon 12 years in state prison.

Matthew Jay Sturges, age 31, of Willits, was convicted by plea this morning of robbery in concert of an inhabited dwelling while vicariously armed with an assault rifle. He will be formally sentenced on Dec.14 to an agreed-upon 12 years in state prison.

Because of the nature of these convictions, the custody credits each of these defendants may attempt to earn in state prison is limited to no more than 15% of the sentence imposed. Any person interested in these cases or one or more of the named defendants is welcome to attend the various sentencing hearings on the dates noted above. All sentencing hearings will occur in Department H at the Ukiah Courthouse at 9 o’clock in the morning before the Honorable John Behnke, Presiding Judge of the Mendocino County Superior Court.

The prosecutor who has been handling these cases is District Attorney David Eyster. The law enforcement agency responsible for the investigation and arrest of the above defendants is the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office. Investigation continues into locating additional suspects involved in the July crimes.

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  • Jackson five? There not even white…? I mean black…dam. Im confused

    • *they’re, *damn It’s supposed to be a “joke”, a pun, a play on words!!! Not the best one by far but still not bad!!!

      • You’re almost as annoying as the chump. Your toxicity of internet trolling makes these comment sections an eye sore, especially with all the !’s. Are you constantly yelling??

  • Good riddance shitbags! Try working next time. Oh that’s right I almost forgot that no one will hire you because you’re convicted skumbags.

  • Good thing they were tried in Mendo. Humboldt judges would have given them 7 years with 4 suspended.

  • “vicariously armed with an assault rifle” ????


    experienced in the imagination through the feelings or actions of another person.

    • It must be the law that charges all involved in the crime the same charge, like if you are the driver in a robbery where someone gets killed, you will get charged with murder as well.

  • these fine upstanding members of the community, whom we give sanctuary too. had a stroke of real bad karma, seems like there is a lot of that going around nowadays. i guess old folks pension checks are gettin harder to come by. for these young able bodied men, i will go light on the men part when talking about common thieves willing to commit murder!

  • These people should all be sterilized. They are poster children for the need for a strong eugenics program that has been many years overdue. Sterilizing those who commit violent crimes would be a common — sense, reasonable first step toward eliminating the weak, unfit and genetically undesirable.

  • Did they say he’s 24 years old or 54 years old damn that boy don’t look good

  • The Jackson Five is gonna get a Dirty Dozen.

  • Do they have green cards? I’m not trying to start anything,but if they have no job maybe that’s why their trying to rob and steal. There’s alot of that lately.its just a shame folks come here and steal from us? My new neighbors of about a year moved to another state because it’s so dangerous,jobs are very few and most of the people are zombies here. They loved it here too,and loved our little corner of the planet good people,so sad. This used to be the greatest place on earth😭😭

    • G-Mas, the “leader” of the 5 is/was bred and born in Potter Valley, Mendo. His reputation as a thief is long-standing and well-earned. Sad to say, he’s a full-blooded American.
      His face has regularly appeared on home-made posters around PV under the label of “Thief!” for most of his life, usually around Harvest.
      He is/was pretty much immune from serious charges in the past because his victims could be charged for possession with intent. He knew that and capitalized on it.
      There is a special place in Hell for this guy, I hope. In the meantime, prison will do.

  • that green marketable stuff is what draws these all unusual folks robbers homeless thieves muggers home invasion specialists, and all of the other chemically dependant spawn that live amoung us. its a free country, these are tiny obstacles, for the rest of us to dodge, sooner or later people get fed up, an then say why should i dodge.

  • Ain’t nothing FREE!🤑

  • amimissingsomething

    Kym, Does the Mendocino Sheriffs Office like the sentence? These men all went there posing as deputies and it seems to me they got off with light sentences. Posing as law enforcement is really as low as you can go because the people being robbed don’t want to get in a gun fight with the cops. It also means people are less likely to report a crime. Just my thoughts. Thanks for your great coverage of this crime. pj

    • I don’t know the answer to that question. If I have time, I’ll see what I can find out. It might be a couple of days.

    • While the ultimate disposition of all criminal cases accepted for prosecution lies in the province of the DA, the MCSO investigators were, nevertheless, all quite pleased with the relatively fast and firm resolutions. The Sheriff personally called to congratulate us today on a job well done.


  • Kym,
    This article made me think of another case fairly recently involving a group of males potentially involved with marijuana deal gone bad. They were a group of five I believe up from southern part of state, I believe they were all either Hmong or Asian, they were reported to be in the Highway 36 area. I think this was all around the start of summer….anyway did not hear anything else on this case.

    Just curious if you know anything or can find out what eventually happened?

    Thank you.

  • Give Em More Time lose the key

    What a shame these guys only getting 12 -14 years… the ring leader 25, with 15% good credit these guys will be out robbing and looting again very soon- I have heard these guys have been doing this for years to support their lavish kingpin lifestyles by robbing the growers anywhere and everywhere -seems there is no real punishment for armed robbery, kidknapping, weapons violations etc. -this is just one more example of Mendocino County going hard on Cannabis Growers and Light on Cannabis thieves- not to mention they are part of a criminal street gang and involved in all sorts of other vices such as prostitution and human smuggling. These clowns posed as cops, robbed farmers at gunpoint and threatened to kill the farmers and only get 12-25 years? These murderous thieves have been implicated before in murders and robberies around the county as well. Wonder where all their stolen loot is kept? Somebody is living high on the hog. The County Sheriff and DA needs to dig deeper into this criminal organization and the robberies, murders and prostitution ring these guys are rumored to be involved in. With all the other home invasions, murders and robberies around Humboldt and Mendocino how does the sheriff not connect them with all these other crimes? They need to look deeper!

    • Omg how bout u dig deeper prostitution? Street gangs? Ur smoked

      • Do the crime, spend the time

        Your smoked, if you are Alex Nunez’s mom, you did a horrible job of raising Alex, if you are his babies momma, your a complete fool and idiot because you know he stole from you numerous times, your family, and your friends…. and you still want to stick up for this POS ripoff dirtbag? Get real, prison is the best thing this punk has going, he has never worked for anything and has been a violent ripoff thug for way too long. About time the law caught up with this violent thug. Good Job Sheriff Allman and DA Eyster. Dig deeper, interrogate, where did the weapons come from, what other robberies, assaults or murders are these gangstas responsible for, interview family, girlfriends and friends…. dig deeper!

  • All I know is that Alex is a punk who broke into my house twice and robbed me because I called him on his shit in front of other people. I hope he gets what he deserves while in prison.

  • Alex Nunez robbed from his pregnant girlfriend, robbed from his girlfiends family and robbed from his girlfriends friends. Robbed and burglarized many houses and crops in Laytonville and Willits, steals from his own family, mom and neighbors. He has shown himself to be a complete thief and speed addict. No sympathy here for this notorious ripoff scumbag. I am sure prison will be his ultimate fate. Mendocino and Humboldt are tired of him and his band of violent ripoff thieves. Nit to mention he ran the prostitution ring in the Willits and Ukiah motels with underage and young girls. Good Job MCSO and DA Eyster. Lock him up and lose the key!

  • Do your job MCSO!

    Do your Job MCSO
    How does the MCSO and MCDA not connect this gang (Jackson 5) of armed thugs with this and other home invasion robberies around Humboldt and Mendocino?
    MENDOCINO Co., 5/30/17
    Police are searching for suspects in Laytonville weed theft
    Yesterday’s activity north of Laytonville appears to have been in response to calls about armed men robbing 20lbs of weed. Law enforcement is now searching for, and asking for tips that could lead to the capture of the four cannabis burglars.

    MENDOCINO Co., 5/30/17 — The suspicious events of yesterday, reports of armed men north of Laytonville, and police response have been confirmed to have been related to an alleged theft of marijuana.
    Yesterday, around midday, scanner traffic and tips from readers indicated that law enforcement was responding to reports of a group of armed men in the hills north of Laytonville, near Rattlesnake Summit; while later reports from sources indicated that the incident had been a weed burglary. In a press release issued this morning, the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office explained that they had responded to a call from a cannabis farmer who claimed to have been burgled of about 20 lbs. of weed by four men, one of them carrying an assault rifle.

    According to the release, the farmer found that the trimmed weed, which had been stored in a shed, was missing, and followed some tracks to a meadow on the property where they saw four men, described as Hispanic. He said that one was carrying “what he believed to be an assault type rifle.” The incident took place near the 53000 block of North Highway 101.

    Deputies, canine units and portions of the Mendocino SWAT team, along with CHP officers, did a search of the property, but found no suspects and no evidence leading to anyone. The MCSO is asking for tips and information in this case that could lead to the arrest of the alleged burglars. If you have any information contact them at 707-234-2100 or by e-mail at crimetip@mendocinosheriff.com.

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