Ink People’s Tuxford Gallery Offering Community Altar to Celebrate Día De Los Muertos

This is a press release from Ink People Center for the Arts:

The Ink People’s Tuxford Gallery will be celebrating Dia de Los Muertos by offering a space for the community to honor and remember those whom we have lost in the form of a Community Altar.  Educational posters will explain the parts of the Altar, and the culture surrounding this complex and colorful holiday. During Arts Alive, people are invited to make some Day of the Dead art of their own in the MARZ room. All month long, the community is invited to bring messages on paper, photographs, or other mementos for the Altar, but not their only copy! Everything on the altar will be collected at the end of the month and burned to send the messages of love and remembrance up to the sky as smoke.  Beginning at Arts Alive, Saturday November 4th, from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., and continuing during the Tuxford Gallery’s regular hours Tuesdays through Fridays 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and Saturdays noon to 6:00 p.m..

The tradition of the Day of the Dead, Dia de Los Muertos is a gift from those of Mexicano, Chicano and Latino heritage to share with all people. Rather than focus on death, this is an occasion to express the sweetness of life and an appreciation of those whose lives have touched ours. Altars are a way to remember those who have been important in our lives. They are a reminder of the person to whom you are dedicating the altar. Did they have a sense of humor? Were they artistic? Outgoing and fond of sports? Did they have a favorite pet, or place to hike and fish? Was this your best friend-your soulmate? Ofrendas are offerings to the spirits. Share the foods you enjoyed together, and save a space nearby so other friends can visit and share memories.  During the month of November, that space is in the Ink People Center for the Arts, 525 7th Street, Eureka.



  • What a great thing to offer, thank you!!

  • Public paganism! Next up, human sacrifice! Yeah!

    • Just about every holiday has some connection with paganism. Easter and Christmas being the most closely connected but Halloween itself is derived from an Irish (?) pagan holiday. Adapting is not anti Christian.

    • I ♡ being a pagan
      Just like millions and millions of my ancestors
      Who were human sacrificed by the catholic church for 400 years
      Not the other way around

      Dia de los muertos comes out of very catholic areas, altars are in every religion in one form or another.
      Its not a pagan holiday
      Halloween, as its known to you, is.
      Funny how many “christians” participate.

      Dia de los muertos is something we can all embrace and thank especially in this society where we severely lack in rituals around death.

      How beautuful to take a day to honor and remember those who have moved on, and to not fear death so much as use it as a reminder to cherish each moment as much as possible.
      I am grateful to the latino community for sharing it with us and to ink people.

      • As many a pagan ancestor sacrificed whoever they could too. Isn’t so satisfying to be able to ignore unpleasant truths at will? Just like permanent elementary school history ground up and spit out for easy digestion. All the hard to chew parts eliminated.

    • I would be much more concerned with human life getting sacrificed and downright ruined by christianity that I ever would by Dia de los Muertos. A brief study of history might do you some good Stormy.

      • Might be a useful thing for everyone to learn more of history. A self righteous religious bigot is the same from athiest to Zoroastrian. Christianity is no worse than most and a sight better than some. Actually for sheer body count in the last 100 years, atheists such as Mao , Stalin and Pol Pot are hands down winners.

        Most people, no matter what claims they made for their religion, are just as murderous as their technology allowed. Pagans (Vikings, Romans, Attila the Hun, etc) were just as nasty as anyone. At least as much as they were able.

        • I hate to tell you that all religions are not equal especially when it comes to their dangerous qualities. I guess by your definition I would not be classified as “most people” because I have never murdered anyone in the name of religion despite having technology very very capable of accomplishing such things. I believe in science, logic, and reason. Not killing those who believe differently, just proving them wrong.

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