Casterlin School Students Presenting Lives of 12 Former Blocksburg Residents at ‘Grave Matters’

[Photo from the 2016 Grave Matters featuring Nadia Minikel and Joe Bilandzija]

A group of Casterlin School students researched the lives of 12 former Blocksburg residents, and they will dress up in costumes and tell their stories at Blocksburg Cemetery on Halloween as a part of the “Grave Matters” event.

“They will be dressed in costumes reflective of the life of the person they are bringing to life,” Casterlin School teacher Susan O’Hara said. “The students raised money for the costumes as well as doing the research to learn about the people’s [life] stories they are presenting.”

O’Hara said the students chose to research “people from the 1870s to the 1970s,” which range from early settlers William Blocksburger, Henry Hyde Tichnor and William Henry Barnwell to more recent residents Joseph Willey, Leland Gardner and June Muir.

“Murder victim Avery Keezer will tell his tale of how his dog alerted people to the site of his murder,” O’Hara said.

Other people who will be featured include Lucy Young, Henry Hoagland, Mary Mathieson, Emily Hope, and Flora Curless Perry.

This is the second year O’Hara’s students have taken part in the “Grave Matters” event.

“Join us on October 31st at the Blocksburg Cemetery at 10:30 [a.m.] to hear some of the stories that make up the local history of southeastern Humboldt,” O’Hara said.




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