[Update: Russell Captured] Sheriff’s Office Updates ‘Southern Humboldt’s Most Wanted’ Poster

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Update 6:30 p.m.: Sergeant Jesse Taylor of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office messaged us to let us know he found Michael Hoyt Russell walking in the 3200 block of Redwood Drive in Redway.

“He was taken into custody without incident and was also charged with possession of suspected methamphetamine,” Taylor said.



  • Throw Kenny Springer in jail and throw away the key . 17 years ago he was a menace to society and I see 17 years later ne still is. Seeing that guy’s picture makes me realize even more how glad I am I don’t do meth .

    • Tried it one stinkin’ time as a kid and immediately knew it was BAD…very BAD. Anything that makes you feel like Supermahn cannot be healthy. Crack is just like that except more expensive. Either way you’re F-cked with a capital “F”.
      “Drugs are bad, mkay!”

    • I had a love/hate relationship with him. I loved to hate him. I am NOT surprised to see his picture on here!!

    • All of them need to go on a permanent vacation to the big house…

  • the HCSO spends the bulk of their money on cutting down a plant and the most wanted list has nothing to do with the plant. maybe focus on the problem. I had one of the DFW guys tell me all of this crime stems from the grows and I replied no it all stems not educating your kids and they get into meth and then into crime.

  • I hope they catch that Clinton chilling and put him away for life. He’s a notorious heroin Junkie… Dropped my sister off at the hospital after he politely injected her with Heroin. told the hospital she just quit breathing and he didn’t know why and ran like a chicken s***

      • Not TMI for me. Means manslaughter can get added to the charges if/when he’s caught. He needs to be put away for a long time for taking a life like this.

    • So sorry for your loss, Peggy.
      That drug dealer Patty on Wood Ranch is a waste of humanity, like the junkies and tweekers who go there for their fixes. Your sister was a casualty of that sick sorry-ass scene with Clint and Patty.
      May she RIP.

  • Peggy sarver is one of my most favorite people ,and friend . Clint schling was using heroin 17 years ago ,and I see he still is wow ,so sorry he did that to your sister see you soon my peg .Kenny Springer has been on this list for awhile good job law enforcement not.

  • Does it really say ” Clitton”?! No wonder….

  • Jason Rice has been on this list before.

  • This is your brain……
    This is your brain after a stint in humboldt county public schools.
    Any questions?
    Btw, Thanks guys for being the poster children to the county’s abysmal education system.
    You guys are making lots of community folks proud with your fabulous decision making skills.

    • No locals? Really?

      Man folks do the things these folks have done everywhere.

      • No education system can fix the deficits created by a drug ridden and irresponsible society.

        • I agree with your take on drug ridden and irresponsible society. My question to you is what do you think we can do to reverse it to make it better?

          I believe some of those responsible for our situation are in positions of power; both politicians and bureaucrats. I say this because I have friends who claim inside knowledge. If they are correct then we as a community and nation are in more serious trouble than I at first believed.

  • Why the FK do they even do these, except to waste time? They will get them into jail, and turn around and release them- mostly with NO supervision. Don’t give me the PO’s are too busy to do their jobs- that is a BS excuse. Most likely why these stupid lists of “most wanted” are done- as an excuse why they have no time to actually do their jobs. This place has gone to crap, and will just get worse

    • I can’t wait to move,this was a great place to grow up in fifty years ago,the hunting was good,fishing was fucking Awesome,and you could go into the back country with out the fear of cartels,and growers,and let’s not forget the Bulgarian influence…can’t wait to see it in the rear view mirror. Only three more chemo treatments and let this shit hole implode!!!

  • We’ve been in trouble for awhile. It’s now,that we need to worry about. I have law enforcement in my family,I trusted them in every way possible. Today’s law enforcement not so much. I see the badge doing things they shouldn’t,abusing their power. Breaks my heart we should look up to them,run to for protection like their motto “to protect and serve” is that even on the police cars these days?NO

  • Thankyou for posting this, it’s important that the public know who to watch out for. At least I’ll know to walk the other way if I see them.

  • Maybe kym can tell us when and if they are caught. We’re is Dog the dialect hunter when you need him. Lol

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