She May Be a Bitch, But They Miss Her

tan pit bullCoco is a 75-pound pitbull with bad knees. She went missing from Grenz Lane in the Salmon Creek area of Southern Humboldt. She was last seen at the entrance to Hideaway Hills two nights ago.

“She may be ‘a bitch’ to other dogs but is very sweet and affectionate to people,” says her owner. “We are very worried about this ole girl.”

If you have information about Coco, please contact her owner at or 662 295 5940.



  • I’m praying so hard for you,she’s so beautiful.

  • Don’t worry kyms will find her

  • Great headline; I envision Kym smiling while dreaming these up.

  • That dog was killed for chasing cats in someones yard on Pine Drive.The Pit Bull was with a Rottweiler.
    Warning shots were fired, but the Pit Bull would not stop going after the cats, the Rottweiler got the message and fled.
    Keep your dogs in your own yard.

    • Do you happen to have an address so they can go get the dog if it really was this one or know what happened to the dog they shot.

      • I agree. Coco should have a proper burial. It would only be a coward POS that wouldn’t allow someone to bury their companion. And someone said something about being around for the “aftermath” and also “warning shots” were fired. Warning shots would come before the aftermath, so it would be hard for you to state that so matter of fact. I hope Coco’s people aren’t as aggressively caring about her as kubota’s cowardly friend is with said cats. Not an extremely large community, would probably be easy for things to get very ugly way out in the woods…..

    • so are you the one who killed someones pet?..

      or how do you know so much about this?

      • No, I didn’t shoot the dog, but was near by and saw the aftermath.
        Shooting the dog saved two pets from certain death after an attempted attack on them in their own yard.
        Peoples pets should be safe in their own yard and not have to worry about marauding killers on the loose.
        Unfortunately this happens 5-6 times a year, especially with all the new land owners who seem to be clueless that their animals are causing mayhem in their new neighborhood.
        Don’t let your pets wander, keep them home.

        • Since you know so much about the death of my dog, maybe you could tell me where her remains are. If she is truly gone, I would still like her to be home with us. Pls if you have any info. Post where I can find her.

    • I’m from Hideaway Hills and this is what they did to my dog 2days ago, he wasn’t chasing anything or anyone, now he’s gone. He suffered horribly as we rushed to save him, these people are cruel and sorry excuses for human beings.

    • Tell your friend to keep his beloved cats in his own yard as well.

  • Two days?

    I went into emotional melt down after four hours when one of my critters hopped the fence (it turned out she took off to look for a barbecue, which she found).

    Anyway, my hopes are with Coco’s companions that they get her back soonest.

  • Report it to law enforcement what they did was illegal . Consider filing a civil suit once u find these cowards. This was lame. Not mention cruel.

    • I’m gonna go ahead and file your statement under sadly being misinformed. Sure, it’s upsetting that the dog was shot and killed but a violent dog whose owner already claimed was aggressive towards other dogs/animals should not be surprised at this outcome at all. Try blaming the owner instead of the guy who shot the dog trying to keep his own beloved pets from not being Disfigured and mauled by another dog. I’d do the same even though it would break my heart to do so.

      • Filed under Pain and Suffering: Value: 50k

        You are the one grossly misinformed. Dogs are considered private property and there are countless laws on the books protecting them. Even if they are off leash they are not targets to be snuffed. Just so we are clear this is not about being “upset.” You cannot execute domestic animals. No cat was at real risk of disfigurement or mauling. Stop being dramatic and an apologist for a heartless criminal.

      • Coco was not ” aggressive ” toward other dogs. She was grumpy and getting and in pain because of her knees. She could hardly even run, never less catch up to a cat. She was not a violent dog. She likes most other dogs and would never even imagine snapping at a person. It’s also majorly insensitive for you to blame the owner. Everyone who was close to the dog is in some degree of distress at the moment, and for you to point fingers is pretty cruel.

  • Owners of loose dogs are the killers

    Among the many things screwed up in the thinking of selfish people is they have the right to foist their lazy ass pet keeping ideas on their neighbors. That they get dogs that have the capability to kill and decide to let them roam at will. Because it is easier for themselves for the dogs to see to themselves.

    If it’s too much trouble to restrain your dogs properly, exercise them appropriately and clean up after them on your own property , then you have made arrangements to have others clean up your mess for you. You are not fit to own dogs but at least get Chihuahuas so that only your own pet is likely to pay for your laziness.

    I can’t know whether the person who reported the dogs shot is lying to make a point to the oblivious or being kindly to let the owner know the fate of their animal. Either way it’s all on the owner.

    • You seem to be well versed in both sides. You must be omniscient. So do tell the poor folks where they can find the remains so they may have a proper burial. I believe that is what is important now. Can pull a trigger, but can’t own up to the responsibility? Maybe just can’t hear the rest of us from such moral high ground?

      • Owners of loose dogs are the killers

        Being responsible for your own pet is a pretty low standard for being called a moral high ground, even intending it as sarcasm.

        If it makes even a couple of people rethink their let-em-run-free ideas, it’s worth putting up with some sarcasm in a comment section. Better for both the dog owner whose pet lives another day and for those who loved what the dogs kill.

        • Since I’ve lived here in Salmon Creek, 20 years.. there have been more dogs shot on pine drive then anywhere else I’ve ever lived. Ironically, the story has always been the same. Dogs were chasing my cat..really?? My opinion…whoever keeps shooting these dogs, shouldn’t even own pets. Shooting any animal other then the ones that have provided food for the human race. It is so gross!!!

  • If any aggressive neighborhood dog goes after my geriatric pet on my property, count on me to blast the aggressor into oblivion. Sorry, but My innocent and harmless dog ain’t going out that way. Promise you that. Go ahead sue me and I’ll be quick to wipe those notarized court papers with my ass during my very next bowel movement and send them right back your way. I’d be proud and honored to get into a costly litigation battle over a situation like this.
    P.s. To the OP… sorry about the lost your pet. It is a hard pill to swallow and is never an easy process to endure. If the shooter truly was in the wrong then karma will catch up one day. Unfortunately, Only he knows the truth of what really went down.

    • It’s a very painful issue. Dog owners, especially those who let their dogs run, always say exactly the same thing “My dog would never hurt anyone.” Yet other animals die when free running dogs attack so at least some of those people who say that must be really wrong.

      As a person who had witnessed the bloody killing of a pet and the injuring of two others, before I could drive the dogs off, in their own shed by the neighbor’s dogs, I simply don’t buy the statements. Especially since the owner of these dogs told animal control it was an accidental escape when I had seen the dog running around for some time.

      There is a simply solution that will take care of most of the issues. It is to follow the legal requirements to keep control of dogs. That is a legal and moral obligation not to put off onto others. Take it seriously and the infrequent accident escapes can be forgiven as unlikely to be repeated.

    • You said it!

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