Lego Workshop Introduces Over 250 Kids to Engineering During CR’s Science Night

Kid building with Lego

Five-year-old who, with the help of his slightly older brother build this Lego T-Rex. The boy and his creation are surrounded by other creations from the Lego city that workshop participants created. [Photo by Shanna Archibold]

On October 20th from 5-9 p.m., Miranda 4-H’s Lego Engineering Project held an activity at College of the Redwoods’ Science Night. The workshop was organized by the leaders of STEM, Shanna Archibold and Jonathan Archibold, who taught and directed it along with Malachi Church.

a group of girls intently building with Lego pieces.

A group of workshop participants intently building with Lego pieces. [Photo by Shanna Archibold]

The kids who came used civil engineering and Lego pieces to create their own structures. In the end, all the projects were brought together to create a Lego city.

The goal of the project was a community outreach system to show that 4-H is about more than just showing animals. It was a great success and had estimated 250 kids attend the workshop. Here is a video about the project that was originally posted on the Humboldt County 4-H, California Facebook page.



  • My three-year-old loved Science Night — it was such a blast for the whole family. Thanks to those who put it all together!

    • Thank you for your gratitude! The Lego Engineering was lots of fun. There were many other wonderful workshops, too. A special shout out to everyone who did a workshop, Johanna and the other organizers, and all of the Academy of the Redwoods students who helped.

  • FUN FUN FUN!!My Grandson loves them😎

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