Dani Burkhart Announces Run for 4th District Supervisor

Press release from Dani Burkhart for Supervisor:

 Dani Burkhart

Dani Burkhart

Dani Burkhart, a local consultant on land use entitlements and business compliance, is running for the 4th District Supervisor seat in 2018.

Her educational background and understanding of Environmental Science and Economics, along with her experience in community organizing with the Humboldt County Democrats and other local groups, are just a few of the reasons her supporters are excited to help launch her campaign on November 5.




  • President of the dope growers. Oh great, all we need to finish us off is more pot and more pot pushers in charge.

    No thank you.

    • George i think you hit the nail on the head again, thats twice in one week! i would love to chime in but mom always said if you cant say nice things remain quite, im about to choke on a lot of this stuff.

    • Wow. U said it. All I had to read was the first couple of sentences. Bought n soon paid.

  • I’m surprised this press release did not include her achievements in the field of ….empowering our mega-grow cannabis “farmers” to bury the last of the mom n pops! Anybody associated with that stink called California Cannabis Voice- Humboldt (CCV-H) should be outed and identified. That organization did nothing but position all the worst players for dominance while selling a load of nice, empty words to the small families. Is she related to Hans Burkhardt out of Mendocino? He was a cool guy and engineer. Maybe she should push that angle? The part where she’s been here “over 10 years” is not impressive at all. Why- that puts her right in the middle of the greenrush and all those parasites that arrived! Makes me suspect just a different flavor of corruption…https://www.emeraldheritagefarms.com/about

  • fuckwalterwhite.com

    Similar LoCo article has “Cannabis” as the first word of the headline. And “Weed” as the first word of the article.
    No mention here at all.
    Just an observation.

  • tired of all this

    Does anyone know what “land use entitlements” means?
    Pretty weird……

    • Sold to the Highest Bidder

      Good question!

    • I am a land use planner with 40 years of experience and am a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP). Entitlements is term associated with a person that is familiar with obtaining permits from local governments. When Humboldt County initiated the Cannabis Ordinance, they created an entitlement process for obtaining permits. Examples of her entitlement applications might be helpful in determining her “experience”.

  • Qualified? Not hardly.

  • fuckwalterwhite.com

    If she is cool with Family Interactive Zone at a pot festival,then I’m not cool with her…

    All of Humboldt is a Family Interactive Zone in the middle of a weed festival…

  • Well, I think she sounds like an intelligent woman with a plan to survive. That makes her smarter than the average pot grower…

    I doubt if I would vote for more pro-pot folk, but I remain open…

  • You conveniently left out her strong ties to pot growers kym.

    • I envision her limiting the amount of grows to satisfy her conflict of interest, similar to the current but the opposite.

    • I think you failed to read the earlier comments in which I addressed this…Also…I know this may surprise you but I am not all knowing about cannabis I actually didn’t know she had strong ties to cannabis until I read the LoCO article.

  • Entitlement indeed. This whole county is stuffed full of foreign weed workers, criminal growers and their attendant druggie users, and entitled yuppie business folk. I call all of them “The Liberal Class.” Better description than “the middle class,” which was destroyed by their moms and daddies.

  • the misadverntures of bunjee

    Well…..she might be paid of by whomever. Or not. But they can’t vote for her unless they’re registered to vote in that District. And then those same folks also have to actually vote. As it is, I think Bass is going to bury her, but then again, there’s a lot of anti-incumbent sentiment going around. Always is, but I keep hearing about people wanting to clean house as a whole.

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