Man Arrested for Serial Burglary in Arcata

This is a press release from the Arcata Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty: [See image here]

On 10/22/2017 at 8:36am Arcata Police Department officers were dispatched on a report of a burglary to an occupied dwelling on the 1700 block of Stromberg Ave.  The victim in that burglary awoke to find a stranger ransacking his house.  The victim chased the suspect on foot for several blocks before losing sight of him.  Officers were unable to locate the suspect.

At about 11:39 am officers responded to a similar report on the 3200 block of Spear Ave.  The suspect in that burglary matched the description of the previous suspect, and that person was last seen running through backyards in the area.

On 10/23/2017 at about 9:15am officers discovered Christopher Landry Jones, who matched the suspect description from the burglaries, in a car on the 3600 block of Spear Ave.  Jones was detained and identified by the victims in the burglaries.  Jones was also in possession of property from a burglary the previous night in Eureka.

Jones was booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility on two counts of 459PC; burglary of an occupied dwelling, 496(a) PC; possession of stolen property, and 1203.2PC, violation of probation.  A hold on Jones was authorized by Humboldt County Probation.



  • Wow, that guy really gets around!

    • Not anymore I have a feeling it will be awhile before he’s back on the streets, with the Probation Dept wanting a hold put on his ass!!!

  • Dude arcata is a sanctuary city. He did no one harm, like bro,let em go. Peace mon.
    Humboldt county put a “ hold” on him. LMFAO

    • Not sure what your definition of harm is… but if you woke up with a stranger in your house taking your things, you would be cool with that? Let back on the streets so he can burgal 3 more people in one day? I’m glad they are holding him!

  • The other local news outlet said these were “poorly executed burglaries”
    OK, come on, can’t we get some more experienced home invaders?

  • You people who steal other people’s property,what goes around,comes around. Can’t wait till someone takes your shit.loser!!!

    • G-Mas… if they had shit to have stolen more than likely they wouldn’t be stealing shit…just a thought…

      • Most of the time its straight to the pawn shop … they don’t hold that stuff. They unload asap if not to the shop then to a middle man who will unload it when things cool down if it is a high value items. Lose your stuff, let PD know then head on down to the pawn shops with ids, serial numbers and the like … some will help, some will not.

  • A guy sneaks into your house in the middle of the night. While a single mom and her children are sleeping. He creeps around inside there to steal stuff….I think this kind of person should just be shot. There- I said it. Capital punishment for this crap. And if anybody shoots a guy like this in their home they should be congratulated. How much are we going to allow? This is unacceptable and very dangerous behavior. the guy could get any kind of sick thought in his head and act on it- while the people are sleeping and vulnerable. This is bullshit. Arresting and letting him go does NOTHING but encourage him.

    • Im just waiting for someone like this to break into my house while I’m home. Yep. U just keep kicking on that door… ready!

      • Yeah but if u actually shot him I wonder what kind of trouble you’d get in? Regardless if people think your in the right or not, it would suck to go to prison bc some asshole broke into your house.. like, what if it turns out to be some drunk college kid and not a thief? Idk I think about this stuff… I have had several burglaries in my Arcata house lately, and I’m afraid I may have to actually do this, so I’m thinking it all out. I like the bear trap idea.

        • I like your thinking girl. Yes Emily bear trap not a bad idea.I have a very bright light on my 12 gauge and yes I would see who it was before I shoot but I live in a more rural area then arcata so if someone’s breaking into my house in the middle of the night,most likly not a drunk student. Like I said before,my first shotgun round is a flash bang gernade round, no projectile. If they don’t get the hint then it’s 00 buck from there on out. No. Killing someone is not what any sane minded person wants to do but I’m fed up with tweeker ripoffs so I could live with it. In California his/her family would try n sue you and it would get expensive and drawn out process.MAKE SURE he/she actually breaks into your home first. Leaving your door unlocked most likley wont hold up in court. Good luck out the Emily. ps. Bait your bear trap with a bag of Sheetrock dust! Im sure “guest” would disagree with me so maybe u should get some advice from the gun expert…

        • Lake County Not So Bad

          Don’t do the bear trap. What if LEO is chasing Jones through your yard and you catch LEO? You need on-site security. I’ve always wanted to spend a week or two in Humboldt. Room and board and a few hours a day to see the sights, check out local awesome coffee shops, and eats and I’m good. I’ve no use for dope, my own gun with laser/light combo, car and am responsible. I’d only shoot in defense.

        • The bear trap idea would get you put in jail. Shooting an intruder in your house is legal under federal law if you are protecting yourself and family.

          • Alright alright but after you’ve had you’re house broken into a few times, nothing sounds better than catching that asshole in a big bear leg trap. And I’m generally not a vengeful person. But the possibility of catching the wrong person or a dog or something keeps me from doing it… any other good ideas? Something with electricity?

            • A good taser will run U about 400 dollars. They will put a man down fast if he’s not wearing a leather jacket or high on pcp, but a good choice anyhow

        • What about an exterior and interior burglar alarm, it’s heard from the outside and inside.

    • Castle doctrine …

    • @It’s a Farce: Agreed.

  • Burglary Jones…
    He’s got a burglary Jones..
    Burglary Jones…
    His name is Burglary Jones…
    Burglary Jones…
    They busted Burglary Jones…

  • Obviously this guy hasn’t learned, nor doesn’t want to learn, from mistakes. He’ll never change, so lock him up for a long, long time! Our courts need to start protecting the innocent public.

  • So bold.

    Why was he out?

    He comes up here from laytonviille to burglarize! Unacceptable. We have enough local thieves!

    His picture should be posted on every telephone pole in the county
    he can’t be much if a burglar with his picture everywhere.

    Then maybe he’d move along.

    Community pressure can detour crime.

    • every tweaker that walks by my office looks into the cars parked on the side of the road. its as if they went to school for it. the difference between a tweakers and a homeless person is easy, one doesn’t have all their stuff with them. this guy has a mug shot in Portland also.

      • You are right, the homeless have all of their stuff with them while the tweaker has all of yours.

        • most of the local tweakers still live with mom or crash at one of the hundreds of tweaker pads in Eureka. this guy is a travelling tweaker it seems with a mobile pad.

      • Spot on, so crafty, like they did all go to some special thief school, so calculating, they all act the same, and so many of them. Turns my blood cold.

        They hang around someplace they have no business in like they are waiting for something, sometimes smoking a cigarette, like taking a smoke is their cover story.

        The tweekers have all day and nothing to do, bizarrely tending to have nothing with them, traveling light, in case they need to run or something.

    • wondering...........

      Speaking of pictures, where is his picture?

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