Firearms and Contraband Found in Wrecked Vehicle on 36 This Morning

Traffic Collision Car AccidentThis morning, the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page reported a wrecked vehicle off the edge of Hwy 36 east of Swain’s Flat Outpost and west of Golden Gate Drive. The vehicle, a Ford Explorer Sport Trac 4-wheel drive, landed on its roof 60 feet off the embankment towards the river. According to a Fortuna Cal Fire responder, there are firearms and contraband in the vehicle.



  • Firearms and contraband in the vehicle., no, not around here!!!


  • Are we going to get more information on that Contraband ?

  • Huh,how did that get their?lol

  • Survival kit…

  • Sounds like another ripoff wrecked the get away car

    • Yeeeppp

    • Drive like you want to survive

      Or just another idiot driving like they did all summer. headn back to fortuky with the days product. Many eople depend on luck to get them to their destination. Luck runs out sometimes! I’d check the brush real good around there. if they compounded their stupidity by not wearing a seat belt they could have been ejected quite a distance.

      • Check the River to see if the useless waste of skin, that was driving wound up polluting the River even more!!!

        • Harsh. What if it turns out to be a friend of yours?

          • My friends know better than to drive like Morons & wreck their vehicles, this had to be a “Growdozer” driving like a freaking idiot!!! Also my friends don’t drive around with a small armory worth of guns etc in the vehicle!!! Any other dumb questions???

            • Guns fine long as they are legal and not stolen, contraband not so much, I am completely fed up with the ridiculously horrible drivers myself, if they want to take themselves out if the gene pool fine, long as nobody else is harmed go for it. (Problem is usually someone else is the person harmed)

            • Patriot in Willits

              Sure thing. “Were you driving that Ford Explorer, Dan?”

        • Are you the Dan Fuller from Blue Lake?

  • Any word on status of driver?

    • To the best of my understanding, there was no one in the vehicle and there is no information on the person driving.

    • Well Watson, Its safe to say they are or were stupid. They carried a gun for ‘protection’ then drove themselves off the road.

      • I carry I gun in my truck all the time(legally) and accidents happen. Does that make me a stupid peice of shit? Well…..never mind … lol

        • One gun carried legally, NO!!!! However a small armory worth while driving like a Bat Out of WEELLL anyway, doesn’t sound terribly intelligent from where I’m sitting!!! I have lived on & driven this road for 30+ years, I think I know WTF I’m talking about!!!

          • You sound grumpy big guy. Tell us what’s really bothering you.

          • Hmm. . Heaven forbid anyone overreact or read between the lines once again !!
            A first responder says firearms.. To me that’s plural..more than some it’s an “armory”!! And contraband ?! Means what ? A pipe ?..bong ?..bag of weed?..a lighter maybe..
            Some already seem to know without a doubt !?!?
            A vehicle of the road.. No idea who’s, or how it got there, or why..
            But someone seems to have all the answers every time.. With the same friggin comments every time.. And it keeps getting older every time..!
            Give it a rest already.. you have serious issues with Hiway 36 for a Blue Lake resident

            • Ahem…cough..cough… He lives right next where the crash was in on 36, he said he grew up in blue lake. 36 is ridiculous I don’t blame him for being angry, I drive that road, alderpoint, and sheltercove roads frequently and they all have there idiot drivers, but on 36 they are traveling an freeway or autobahn speeds when they are on the wrong side of the road.

  • What color was the vehicle?

  • standard issue for most rigs around here, but normally it’s not left in the car for L.E. to find.

    • With the delivery lost mules rabbited.they are expected to . Another delivery comes in a few days . Same with cristal and tar . No problem.common.usually neighbors get and hide merchandise .

  • Drat it all something “exciting” in my neighborhood & I slept through it??!! OMG NO!!! :-p Just the usual Sunday morning in Bridgeville these DAZE!!! Even with all the rain these ignorant morons, is that an Oxymoron,??? W/e the case I hope it’s over with soon & all these extra idiots driving this road will all go back to w/e hole they crawled out of!!!! :-C

  • Any more information on a description of the vehicle? Color? Any different colored body parts?

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