[Audio] Carson Mansion dollhouse a reminder club now allows women; Humboldt’s last week of news

In the latest episode of Humboldt Last Week (6:32): (Warning: Explicit content) A stunning dollhouse replica of Eureka’s Carson Mansion was once again making its rounds on social media last week.

“I saw pictures of it on the internet there it just looked like the fanciest house in the world and I was wondering if I could build it,” said dollhouse maker Ron James, who says he sold it to Nike CEO Mark Parker for over $32,000.

Clearing up misinformation, one comment with many likes on social media last week incorrectly alluded to the mansion’s Ingomar Club excluding female members. As of at least 2010 that is no longer the case, according to this Tri-City Weekly article. But with decades of excluding women and a sexual harassment lawsuit that was confidentially settled in 2015, it’s estimated the club would like to distance itself from those parts of its past.

“I have been working there (for several years) and what I have experienced is that it is like a huge family,” said an anonymous club employee. “Everyone treats each other with respect…”

In the podcast, you can hear more details from the dollhouse maker, correspondence with Ingomar Club President Karen Pingitore, more club history, more club mystery, some membership requirements, more from the anonymous employee, and comments appreciating the club’s preservation of the mansion.

The story begins at 6:32.

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Carson Mansion dollhouse made by Ron James, submitted

  • Laytonville Rock


  • I worked there in the kitchen in 2008. It was like something from that show kitchen nightmares. By far, the dirtiest place I have ever worked in. All there staff had quit/fired and a chef from LA and I were the first to work in the kitchen after 3 weeks of being shut down. A stand-up freezer so caked in ice, no idea what the unlabeled packages were. Floor mats stuck to floor with grease. An inch or two of grease and dust on the overhead vents that would fall down like chunks of fabric. Years of food bits in utensil drawers. Everything in the walk-in was improperly stored, fermented and covered in mold. Everything on the shelves we’re sticky and filthy. We busted our asses cleaning for weeks and totally turned it around into a functional, clean kitchen again. I was appalled by what I saw. It was absurd that management allowed it to get to that point.first thing you see when you go down the narrow servant staircase to the basement is a big sign that reads”WARNING! ASBESTOS USED IN THE CONSTRUCTION OF THIS BUILDING” On a shelf next to it are some leeky and corroded 70 year old batteries. I had a tour of the place 1 time when I first started, but was not allowed anywhere but the kitchen. When upstairs in the billiards room I got a creepy feeling that terrible things had happened to that room in the past. But hey, if you have a beautiful Victorian clubhouse, I guess committing unchecked genocide is perfectly ok.

  • Should there be no clubs that cater one or the other sex exclusively? Why is it not just as immoral that they only serve the wealthy?

    • You would think so, wouldn’t you? Always wondered that myself.

    • I also was wondering about the median income of their members now compared to before they changed member policies. Quote from that Tri-City Weekly piece linked in the article:

      “We’re absolutely happy to welcome more women to the Ingomar Club. What we’re looking for is people of good character. You don’t have to be rich.”

      • Judging from the vehicles in the parking lot, the median income of members is much higher than the median income of our community. But Im not sure there is anything wrong with that. It is a private club after all.

  • I worked at the ingomar in the 90’s and back then we were treated with respect even when it was all male members. The management didn’t put up with harassment, I recall a member being kicked out for inappropriate behavior. The kitchen was super clean back then and all the equipment was brought out to the parking lot and power sprayed on a scheduled basis. In fact the kitchen would close a few weeks every year for a fresh coat of paint, including the walk-in, all the silver brandished, carpets done, etc. The yeltons managed it back then. I was third generation in my family to work there. We all treated each other like family. It is haunted, but Mrs Carson is nice if you are. She scared the hell out of a transient that broke in once.

  • Alchemy Distillery has a replica of the mansion too. They actually let kids play with it.

  • tired of all this hate

    In 2017. Gosh I’m impressed (NOT)

  • Women were admitted to the club long before 2010. In fact it was 1987.

    There are women on the board and at least one woman has been president of the club in the past.

  • Though I accept the rights of private clubs to do as they wish, some of the drawbacks to these types of elite organizations that limit membership based on gender, financial resources, or the “right” community connections are the exclusive opportunities provided solely to their members. Business deals that non-members cannot compete for and other special privileges only serve to perpetuate the “good old boy” network in our community that benefits a select few. Humboldt Last Week does a fine job of tactfully highlighting the gender discrimination history of the Ingomar Club as well as the existing membership policy that welcomes people of “good character” – as judged by its members. Well done! Perhaps Groucho Marx had it right when he said he didn’t want to be part of any club that would have him as a member.

  • Ah the Ingomar club, where the rich ponder how to get more tourists to the area to spend money in their town and at their businesses while tourists congregate outside wishing they could pay for a glimpse inside of Eureka’s most prominent and well known attraction.

  • I grew up 3 blocks away,always wanted to see the inside. Your a woman,no way. Started a construction co.had a x-mas party there. Yuck.the food was horrible and it stunk!! We played pool up top had cigars on the little balcony,that was a beautiful view. I was a little disappointed to say the least.BUMMER it was pricey 💰💰💰💰

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