The Suspect Called a Cab to Escape

Information from the Arcata Police Department:

Roman JealousofhimOn 10-20-17 at 1219 AM APD officers were dispatched to the 1600 block of Old Arcata Rd for a hit and run traffic collision into a fence. Officers checked the area and located the suspect vehicle on the 2400 block of Golf Course Rd. Officers determined that the driver had fled from the vehicle. An APD officer noticed a taxi cab leaving the area and conducted a traffic stop. The suspected driver of the vehicle was the passenger in the cab, attempting to flee the scene. Officers discovered the suspect, Roman Jealousofhim, was in possession of a loaded firearm and methamphetamine. Roman Jealousofhim was booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility for 25850 PC – Possession of Concealed Firearm 11377 H&S – Possession of Methamphetamine, and 20002 CVC – Hit and Run.handgun



  • Gotta be a story behind that name…

  • I want to visit him in jail, and share my laughter! Coffee out my nose! News of the Weird doesn’t get any better than this.

  • I don’t know the story but it is a Lakota family name that I have seen here previously. It does catch the imagination but I never had the nerve to ask.

    Sad that it’s another young person trapped into drugs.

  • “An APD officer noticed a taxi cab leaving the area and conducted a traffic stop. The suspected driver of the vehicle was the passenger in the cab, attempting to flee the scene.”
    So, the suspected driver was the passenger, too? This guy is magic! I might be Jealous Of Him, too. 🙂

  • “Jealous of him” is a real name LMFAO?

  • Not the sharpest “Tool” in the shed!

  • Thank you Kym for not referring to his last name in your story heading. He is Native and his name is not uncommon where he is from.

    • Native? Thats becoming racist these days… it. Politicaly correct is “North America American”. Kinda like calling a Canadian a Knuk

      • Don’t call them Canucks either, they might kill you with their politeness.

      • Buzzardsnest, your mockery is low key racist. Just an FYI.
        If that’s what you were going for: Bravo?

        • Naw not really going for racism. Sarcasm is my forte. Just funny how every POC has a title nowadays and you can’t refer to color….but I’m just white. So no. Im just a sarcastic pessimistic asshole. Have a great day “actual native”. I actually have a lot respect for The People which I refer to them now ( no sarcasm)

  • Quoth John Trudell:

    “When Columbus got off the boat, he asked us who we were. We said we’re the Human Beings, we’re the People.

    Conceptually the Europeans didn’t understand that, it was beyond their conceptual reality. They didn’t see us. They couldn’t see who we were.

    Historically speaking, we went from being Indians to pagans to savages to hostiles to militants to activists to Native Americans. It’s five hundred years later and they still can’t see us. We are still invisible.

    They don’t see us as human beings, but we’ve been saying to them all along that’s what we are.

    We are invisible to them because we are still the Human Beings, we’re still the People, but they will never call us that. They taught us to call ourselves Indians, now they’re teaching us to call ourselves Native Americans. It’s not who we are. We’re the People.”

    And, truly, everyone I’ve asked says they prefer “indian” to “Native American” because it’s funny, because they weren’t consulted on what to call this hemisphere.

    • ! ! ! – Thank you Nines

    • I am Dene’ and prefer to be called Indian. When stupid Colombus landed in Santo Domino, one of his Priests called the people they encountered “Hente en dios”. People of god. Over time en dios was shortened to Indios and finally anglicized to Indian.

    • Dwayne Elizondo Bigleggins

      Quit being a victim. Nobody knows who you are so they base their first impressions on how you esteem yourself. Historically, you’ve always seen yourself as invisible. Start teaching your children that they can be whomever they want. Quit waiting for someone else to empower you. Empower yourself. Everything else is just a complex excuse.

      • Liberal hypocrisy


      • He meant the European Americans can’t see the People… not that the People are invisible. He was speaking of the one side’s blindness, not the People’s invisibility.

        We need more like John Trudell, and he did, indeed, leave a lot of his DNA walking around, lots more than most know about, lots more than the feds burned down when they burnt down his house and wife and children.

        It’s true that many indians are not doing a great job raising up children, but it’s also true that the ones who are are the kind of invisible Trudell was talking about.

        Personally, I think it’s funny, in a black humor sort of way, that more and more anthropologists and scientists and scholars are figuring out that the lifestyle most closely matched to human nature, and the planet’s wellbeing, is the one being lived in this hemisphere before Columbus and Conquistadors. In fact, that was the way of living in the other hemisphere before they, too, were conquered and genocided.

        John Trudell — The Tribes of Europe:

        • tired of all this hate

          May he rest in peace, though they way humans behave to one another it seems unlikely

        • No shit ,you’re telling me that human beings years ago have the same lifestyles of human beings now, holy shit what a concept

    • Well I’ll call these “Americans” The People from now on. Thanx


  • I do not prefer to be called ‘indian’.

    This isn’t India, and we have tribes. I’m Yurok or a Native American.

    • That’s fine. Can u call me Irish American then? Which technically I suppose is what I am now. Being called white is borderline racism FYI since it refers to me as a color and not a human. No comment needed

  • JustWantToHeartheEndoftheStory

    Is he the offspring of Deborah Jealousofhim, who has quite a history of her own…

  • Brave officer, deserves a commendation; Good job Leo; keeping the streets safe.

    Sad, so many of people in the drug trap; too bad somebody couldn’t have reached out to him before he got like this.

    • Got like what? He wrecked his car onto a golf course and got caught with a small amount of drugs…. so what. I would call that a typical saterday night for me back n da day….just never got caught. Try Uber next time lol

  • What is his native name? All I see is a funny American name,glad his family has a sense of humor. Once you go by an American name you have left the native at the door like the rest of us Americans did years ago .We are all the same ,tough shit ,live with it

  • Why didn’t Custer retreat? He woulda had to go back through North Dakota!

  • There is a Native Vet with the name of Jealousofhim on the Vietnam wall memorial.

    I know two wonderful Native twin girls that used to be coworkers and are still friends with that name, and have seen pictures of many of their family member’s with that name on Facebook.

    Can you imagine what they think of the strange Germanic, Russian, Spanish, Etc last names all you folks (myself included) have? Yet they manage not to disparage you.

    Those here and on Facebook that are ridiculing their name, your white privilege tinged racism is showing, you might want to tuck it back in and zip up.

    If you want to talk about an effed up name, how about discussing the sports team that uses the Racist epitaph “Redskins”, the direct equivalent of the N-word to Indians?


      Ellis Island changed plenty of our gringo names.

      Is it “The People” or “the People”? Seems a bit exclusive still.

    • Lol ,too funny , do you ever listen to the words of music these days, I must hear the N word a thousand times a day

    • I thought the direct N word for Indian was injun!? Well guess I’m wrong again…

    • If “redskin” was the same to the descendants of the aboriginal peoples of the area as “nigga” is to people who have at least one parent who can trace their ancestry to a place where people of darker skin come from, then why aren’t the aforementioned aboriginal descendants calling everyone, “redskin”?

      Because those other people sure like to call everyone, “nigga”.

  • Loaded gun & Meth, no the sharpest Banana in the bunch.

  • The image for this comment is an ad in the newspaper from 1863, the website linked by clicking on my name is an article about the R word. No further commentary by me is offered or necessary.

  • fake news…. i mean, fake name…

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