Bomb Squad Detonation Reveals Survival Kit in Suspicious Device

Press release from the Fortuna Police:

fortuna policeOn 10/20/2017 at approx. 8:06 pm, Fortuna Police Department received a call from a resident in the 300 block of 10th Streetreporting a suspicious device found on her back porch. The residence described the device as something resembling a “Pipe Bomb”. The resident advised she has never seen the device before and is concerned as to what it may be and how it ended up on her back porch.

Officers arrived at the residence and were informed that the resident’s son had moved the device from the back porch and placed it in the front carport area of the residence. Officers viewed the device and determined it to be constructed of a PVC pipe, capped on at least one end and wrapped in paracord and duct tape.

Due to the suspicious construction of the device and it’s resemblance to an explosive, the resident was advised to leave the home and wait at a neighbor’s house. Neighboring residents were also informed of the circumstances and advised to shelter inside their homes until the device was properly removed.

The Humboldt County Sheriff Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team (EOD) was contacted and responded for removal of the device. Using a radioed controlled robot, the device was removed from the carport and safely destroyed nearby. Upon examination of the contents of the device, it was determined not to be an explosive, but rather a homemade container used to carry survival items such as waterproof matches, a fire starter and an emergency blanket.

After speaking with the resident, it was discovered that her husband had recently left for a hunting trip and must have left the item on the porch.

Fortuna Police Department would like to thank the Humboldt County Sheriff and the members of the EOD team for their assistance with this incident.

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  • It is a story such as would be told of Lake Wobegon.

  • OMG, for real! Thanks for wasting our tax dollars!

  • Awwww. The survival kit didn’t survive. Hope the hubby doesn’t need it on his hunting trip.

  • Good work FPD & EOD! These days with all the ghetto city trash and meth head criminal nutcases moving into Humboldt we can never be too precautious in situations like this.

  • Lets call it as it is-a stupid idiot husband and a flake paranoid wife who doesn’t do anything with the husband to know what the tube is/was. A pure example of dumb dumb dumb, and don’t compliment the responding agencies! This should NEVER have happened!

    • hahaha, Crime stopper you must not have learned yet that we don’t live in a perfect world. Personally I found the story humorous. Most of these stories of suspicious devices rarely turn out to be explosives. Maybe you need to grow a sense of humor.

  • Ok, good bomb drill, let’s move on. I do hope the hunter is unsuccessful in killing innocent animals this season.

    • Black Rifles Matter

      If you were my neighbor I would so hang and skin that buck from a tree right in plain sight for you to see. Hopefully he filled his tag and is eating backstrap tonight. I’m assuming your a vegan by your comment.

      P. S. I filled both of my tags this year…. 168 lbs of sweet innocent venison in my freezer. At least I know what I’m eating and enjoy doing it.

      B Zone bucks are the best in the state.

      • There are hunters in my family. And we eat venison. But why would you go out of your way to make someone else unhappy? [Especially a neighbor who could then be hostile to you?–who wants neighbors that hate you?] As much as is reasonably possible, we would minimize the impact on our neighbors who might not feel the same.

        • Selecting who it is ok to offend and who it is not ok to offend?

          What is criteria for that choice? Seems like J Dubbs went out of the way to offend people unknown yet responding is not acceptable.

          • I’m not sure I’m following your thinking. But let me try…

            I think you are saying that I shouldn’t have questioned Black Rifles Matter’s response because J Dubbs was also trying to offend people?

            My response to that is

            a) God, if I responded to everyone who I disagreed with I’d never get anything done. I just respond if I think I have something to add to the conversation and I have the time.

            b) J Dubbs’s offense is he spoke about his hoping that the hunter doesn’t succeed. Most hunters are aware that there are people—vegans, vegetarians, and others–who don’t like hunting. Dubbs simply spoke the thoughts of this group which is an opinion that one has the right to voice. Black Rifles Matter said he would go out of his way to cause the neighbor angst. Those seem very different responses. If Black Rifles Matter had said that he was killing deer is a traditional way to feed his family, he would have been speaking of his opinion not trying to cause pain to someone else.

  • Why didn’t she call her husband first? Waste of resources, paranoid wife..

    • Although it was a funny result, she might have had good reason for her worry. Blaming her over the husband for losing the equipment or the police for calling in the robot seems harsh.

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