Man Arrested on Charges of Lewd Contact

Press release from the Eureka Police Department:

Charles Steven FlinnOn 10/17/2017, officers of the Eureka Police Department responded to the 2500 block of 4th Street for a suspicious circumstances incident. A male was seen in the woman’s bathroom of the business at this location, but had left prior to officer’s arrival.

Officers began an investigation into the matter. Surveillance footage of the individual was obtained and an attempt to identify request was sent out through social media.

As a result of the investigation officers were able to identify the subject as Charles Steven Flinn (48 years old of Eureka).

On 10-20-2017, Officers, with the assistance of State Parole Agents, were able to locate Flinn at the 2400 block of Summer Street. Flinn was taken into custody without incident and was ultimately booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility on charges of lewd conduct and parole violation. Flinn is not eligible for bail due to his parole status.

This is an ongoing investigation. Anyone with information on this case is urged to contact Officer Soltow at 707-441-4060



  • So what? Because he forgot his wig he can’t go into the “girls” bathroom, isn’t this what we all wanted? Identify as whatever you feel like that day? I say profiling. (Sarc)

    • jack your a funny guy. yes sir that’s what they asked for your correct. lol profiling to funny. thanks

    • Liberal hypocrisy

      And these are the topics that are most important in our society now, who can use which bathroom? This is what you have created there will be more of this Behavior

      • im a six foot 3 inch tall , 275 lb biker. think ill dress up like lady gaga and go hang out in the women bathroom at the collage. lol trans who are real trans have been using the bathroom and no one has noticed. all this law did was make it legal for perverts to hang out in the women bathroom doing what ever they want, nice work [edit]. im glade my daughters grown

  • Now we know the rest of the story. Thank you!

  • What’s the rest of the story? I mean, if he went into the ladies’ room because the men’s was full, that’s one thing; if he had a camera on a stick and was taking pictures of the person in the adjacent stall, that’s another – regardless of gender.

  • Is this the guy from Target? He’s a POS.

  • Misidentified behavior.

    I think there is a provision that is it is an emergency one can use the a bathroom labeled for the other sex. Not sure that is true. And what was considered “lewd” is in question. Older people with incontinence has used the opposite sex bathroom. I have experienced women in the Men’s bathroom at College of the Redwoods. I don’t have a problem with a woman walking behind me, as I stood in front of an urinal, to enter a stall. And at HSU during a ball game a woman came into the men’s bathroom with her eight or nine year old boy. He did his business while she discretely stood by the door. I assume she was there to protect her son. Again I didn’t have a problem with that. But this could have been an inappropriate behavior by the suspect. Need more information. Maybe Unisex should be the norm.

  • That looks like the guy that was masturbating by the trail in the park E of Fortuna. Several women have seen him. A real pervert — he was reported to make loud grunting sounds as he worked out.

  • Not knowing which bathroom to use takes the special kind of stupid exhibited by liberals. I remember an old Chester the Molester cartoon where Chester was watching a young girl over the partition while enthusiastically masturbating. I also knew personally a commercial pilot (not a friend) who would wear nylons and women`s shoes to facilitate his hanging out in women`s bathrooms. He had a mirror on a stick with which he`d spy on the lady in the adjacent stall. This twice earned him a thorough beating from the “significant other” of two women who caught him.

    So many perverts — some even deviated — that I feel normal.

  • Its ok for him,to be in there if he identifies as a woman, so take that,you right wing fascists.

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