Hwy 36 Open Tomorrow

Hwy 36 signBecause of rain, Highway 36 west of Dinsmore from mile marker 36 to mile marker 40.4, which has been closed for construction eight hours a day, was open to traffic today and will be open again tomorrow. According to Kody King from Mercer Fraser, “There will be some work happening onsite off to the side of the roadway but no traffic control will be in effect. Be careful when traveling through the job site during the rain.”

King said that work will resume Monday morning at 8 a.m. and the road will be closed Mon -Thurs  from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and again at 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. and Fridays from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and again at 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.



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    Yay! A CA Highway is… OPEN?? Go drive the 210 from Redlands to Ventura and see where all the highway funding is going…

  • Were a mere drop in the bucket,compared to the bigger cities. We’re probably last on any list

  • “GENTLEMEN START YOUR ENGINES!” It’s scary just trying to get to work. People think it’s their own private race track. Glad I don’t live in the stretch that being straightened. When it’s finished it will be a real blood alley.

    • Sharpen your pencil

      As opposed to before? You have got to be kidding! The buckhorn straightening has been amazing, as where before there were terrible wrecks more often than people can count. At least when the dinsmore project is complete there will be two actual lanes as well as a center line. If you think that’s worse you may need to have your head examined.

  • Pencil, they aren’t just making it wider and painting a center line. As Hick mentioned they are straightening that stretch which means increased speeds and accidents that will be more severe. Right now the hairpins in that stretch slow vehicles down and I don’t recall hearing of any fatalities in that 4-5 mile stretch in a very long time. That will change in a couple of years.

    It is also one of the few stretches of 36 that gets good cell service, from Verizon at least. That will add to the injury and death toll there for sure.

  • Maybe they should have cell phone turnouts where service is good. To encourage people to stop while talking. People sure aren’t worried about fines or possible death or injury they may cause.

  • Roads do not kill people.

    Redwood trees do not kill people.

    Reckless drivers kill people.

    The grower trash that have invaded Humboldt County are the culprits, driving as one person said, “on their own private racetrack.” Except it isn’t private at all all. I have lived just off HWY 36 for almost thirty years. The traffic and recklessness has increased over the last couple of years to an unacceptable level. Accidents? Take a look at the accident statistics between Dinsmore and 101. This new stretch of road hardly matters when you look at the numbers. Industrial grows and greed heads have caused the traffic on HWY 36 to become quite congested and dangerous at times, especially when a line of seven or eight vehicles forms. If you think that is a prejudiced point of view, I invite you to come out for a Sunday drive to Dinsmore and see for yourself just who is using the road as a racetrack.

    • Every time I drive to town on the way back especially I can be driving the speed limit & still get tailgated & passed on the double yellow line sections!!! This happens EVERY time i am unlucky enough to have to drive to town!!! More times than not it’s some GIANT pickup truck threatening to run me over if I don’t pull over to let them get to their date with a Redwood Tree!!!!

      • Hurry, the cemetery is just ahead. Lol.
        We drive fast when we are young. By your age, you’ve figured out you can’t hurry your way to happiness only to death. No snese playing the cliche by being grumpy about it.

        • If you look at the statistics from the California Highway Patrol more young people die due to inexperience and driving at high speeds why do you think insurance is so high for younger drivers. Your sarcasm comment is entertaining at the most. Keep on driving that way and it looks like you’ll make it to the Grave faster than the older people.

  • I’ve been driving Hwy 36 for over 50 years now with no serious issues. I used to get frustrated with the tailgaters, but I learned to chill out and pull over at the first available turnout. I think I pull over an average of close to 10 times between Carlotta and Dinsmore. No big deal anymore. I’ll get out of your way if you want to kill yourself, no problem. (edit) I do feel bad for the people who will meet you coming the other way though.

    • Pulling over for Traffic 3+ is now a law as is not passing bicycles in same lane.

      People pulling over to allow others to pass is a crap shot. 50/50 chance the driver will pull halfway over in a turn.

      • Isn’t the requirement to pull over to allow passing at 5 vehicles? And isn’t a bicyclust required to travel as far right in a lane as possible while a motorist needs at least 3 feet clearance in order to pass them in the same lane?

    • Gunther I’ve been driving 36 for over 30 years myself, maybe when I get closer to 70 years old, like you must be, I’ll mellow out a bit more and use your tactics 🙂

      But in the meantime I drive a reasonable speed not too fast and not excessively slow. When a vehicle comes up and immediately starts tailgating, especially in area where there is obviously no place to move over, I just maintain my speed but don’t move over at wide spots I come to later. I don’t like being bullied and I don’t want to encourage their rude behavior.

      I am a very concientious driver and aware that if someone catches up from behind they are obviously going faster than me. If they hang back a respecful distance, which many do, I move over as soon as I come to a good spot.

      Maybe some of the habitual tailgaters can learn something here. But I won’t hold my breath.

  • I’ve only been driving 36 for 18 years. I can say this year is by far the worse driving I have ever witnessed. Mostly from the wreckless speeders, but also the slow drivers. Here’s a tip, pulling over, maintaining speed and not getting off the road completely and doing it on a double yellow, does not help the situation.

  • One of the problems with using unmarked turnouts is that they are frequently very poorly maintained and sometimes not even wide enough in the first place. One road I use frequent has about 5 places that a person can turn out on the steep climb. Two of them have very sizable drops off the asphalt with immediate large potholes. One is in a location where it is impossible to see the traffic coming around the turn and where the road is so steep that it’s impossible to get up speed upon leaving it.

    So you can tailgate all you like, there are simply too few places where it is safe to leave the road. I try to keep up to the speed limit. Frankly probably faster. But there are still tailgaters.

    If it looks like you are going to be stuck behind a person determined not to pull over, then back off, relax and enjoy the ride. There is no other option.

  • It is a beautiful stretch of Highway, especially this time of year.

  • Yesterday was driving to town I was in the 45 Zone where you go through cuddy back school rd is . someone in a minivan passed me on the double yellow lines like I was standing still Blew by a semi trailer loaded with logs in front of me all in one motion,and a black double cab 4×4 follewing the minivans passed also .people are going to continue to die .zero traffic enforcement no resident deputy I never see a cop between highway 36 ,and pukereaka 85 90 is the new speed limit, don’t know were the cops are anymore ?doing 70 mph you get blown off the freeway .

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