Courageous Resistance Hosting Halloween Party/Rally in front of Jim Wood’s Office

This is a press release from the Courageous Resistance:

A Halloween Party/Rally in front of Jim Wood’s office 5th and L, Eureka on 101 October 31, Tuesday from 12-1 all the ghosts of people who died from lack of healthcare will be there! hosted by the Courageous Resistance, a local group of the California Courage  Campaign contact Pat Kanzler,



  • Socialists want nothing but endless debt to taxpayers. Single payer is a leftwing wet dream. Apparently these entitlement-obsessed freeloaders forget they live in America, land of liberty, not indentured servitude.

    • Please do some research and stop imaging leftists are socialists and imagine your neighbors are not your enemies.

      • Yea that was a pretty silly argument. The freeloaders are not the folks wanting health care. The Free Loaders are insurance companies that have no.moral compass and cause health care to cost more by making a profit off of it. Health care is treated like roads and police and fire everywhere else. We aren’t free loading when we get our fires put out. We are taxpayers.

  • Folks aren’t very free when they are six feet under. We do all the work. A tiny percent gets almost all the profit from it and convinces us that freedom to starve is the best freedom there is. Sounds like servitude to me. Love the way the one percent convinces us that that really poor people are the parasites, not the guy with the 10 homes and gold-played toilets.

  • Stitch in time saves nine.

  • All the health insurance in the world will not make up for the lack of doctors in our area. Especially if the largest percentage of insurance is low reimbursing public insurance such as Medicare or Medicaid.

    Imagine an honest recruiting poster for doctors to come to our area. “Doctors needed immediately. Want longer hours for less pay in an area riddled with crime and addiction? Humboldt Co wants you. PS Our scenery is magnificent due to all the fog and rain.”

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