Today’s Maps of the Northern California Fires Including the New Bear Fire

Cal Fire image of plane dropping retardant

Plane dropping retardant. [Image from Cal Fire

Just as the Wine Country fires begin to subside and thousands of evacuees head into previously restricted areas, a new fire started yesterday in the Santa Cruz mountains sending over 100 residents fleeing and destroying at least four structures.

245,000 acres burned in the fires raging across Northern California this last week. As a whole though, firefighters have managed to add more containment lines around most of the fires burning.
Map of the Bear Fire in the Santa Clara area which began yesterday:

We also have a KMZ file of the Bear Fire that can be viewed in Google Earth if you have access: 20171018_BearIncident_IR

MAPS of the Wine Country Fires:

Below are the most recent maps available as of 6 a.m. Wednesday morning. Click on the thumbnail images of each map to be taken to a pdf. Usually, in the lower right-hand corner of each expanded map, you can see the time and date that the information to create each map was collected.

The Mendocino/Lake Complex:

Mendocino/Lake Complex

Mendocino/Lake Complex map

Here’s a pdf on the Sulphur Fire.

Here’s today’s fact sheet.

We also have a KMZ file of the Mendocino and Lake fires that can be viewed in Google Earth if you have access: 20171018_MendocinoLakeComplex_IR

Overview of the fires in Lake and Mendocino Counties:

For six months rain hasn’t fallen in significant amounts on Mendocino and Lake County and the vegetation is tinder dry. Predictions of rain on Thursday and increasing humidity today should help firefighters. However, with total rain amounts expected to be under a third of an inch and wind gusts possibly jumping to 15 mph, the danger isn’t over. By Saturday, the weather will begin drying out again. Nonetheless, the outlook continues to be good overall for the fires to become even more contained.

The Central LNU Complex in Sonoma:

Tubbs Fire

Tubbs, Nuns, and Pocket map

We also have a KMZ file of the entire Central LNU Complex which includes the Tubbs Fire in Santa Rosa that can be viewed in Google Earth if you have access: 20171017_2253_CentralLNUComplex_IR_Map

The Southern LNU Complex in Napa County:

Southern LNU Complex

Southern LNU Complex

We also have a KMZ file of the entire Southern LNU Complex which includes the Atlas Fire that can be viewed in Google Earth if you have access: 20171018_Atlas_IR

Help for those affected by the fires:

Other Useful Links:

More Information on the October Fires–from the earliest story at the top to the most recent at the bottom: Note: the link list was getting too long so we’ve eliminated the earliest stories. However, click on one of the early links below to see a list of stories from the beginning of the fires.



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    No rain, masturbating methhead-arsonists, fire everywhere! Wow we haven’t got a chance! The air was clear over Bakersfield yesterday, meanwhile. This proves the end is near! I’m at Big Bear Lake
    to escape the smoke! Good Luck Santa Cruz!

  • If you look carefully, you can see a chemtrail trying to control the weather.

  • How do you respond to something like this. So sad.

    • Conservative Stupidity

      Send the picture to the President with the caption: “North Korea under attack already so you don’t have to start World War III”.

  • Beyond the tragedy its an opportunity to help one another and band together as a region, santa rosa to the oregon border.
    Lets make sure no one who needs help falls thru the cracks and lets start really listening and backing the firefighters whove been speaking out about needing land mngmnt practices changed. Like letting timber co’s poison the trees they dont want and leaving them standing like giant matchsticks.
    In mendo firefighters went to a board if supes meeting about it a few years ago.
    Lets start patrolling our communication tower areas to make sure they are being cleared of brush like the companies are supposed to do.

  • PAY IT FORWARD! And let’s not forget a little HUMANKINDNESS

  • Good article. If the board of supes would have let the firefighters remove dead trees (that had been intentionally poisoned) a few years ago, as requested, the fires wouldn’t have been like this.

    Board of supes need to listen to the firefighters; the firefighters know what they are talking about.

  • Just for the record, the Bear fire is in the santa cruz mountains above los gatos/saratoga.

  • Thankful to the young people who do the job. They are special.

    Talked with a friend who’s son is a Cal Fire firefighter. He told me his son texted him and said he had on several occasions stayed awake for 72 hours before grabbing an hour and a half sleep only to be awakened to get up and move because the fire had changed direction and was heading his way. He then fought the fire for another 48 hours and then he was taken back to the holding area to eat and he said he fell asleep while eating. And he is one of hundreds of fire fighters going beyond human endurance. He then was sent back to a safe area where he said he collapsed and slept for four hours and then he was back awake fighting fires. I am sure there are tens of similar stories. And this is not even considering the conditions he worked under. Amazing effort.

  • Are the grow operations fueling the fires? They sure are spreading quickly.

  • Love that photo! Looks like an illustration out of a comic book.

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