Company Announces Track and Trace Program Agreement With Humboldt County


Humboldt County's Trace and Track Program for marijuana

Press release from SICPA:


Following a successful six-month pilot program, SICPA, a global leader in security solutions for regulated products, … announced that it has signed a contract with Humboldt County to provide a comprehensive track and trace solution for locally-produced cannabis. SICPATRACE® Cannabis provides increased transparency and accountability in the cannabis supply chain from seed to sale. The county will require all permittees, with more than 1,800 applicants to date, to be active in the track and trace solution.<

SICPATRACE® Cannabis provides the County with a complete track and trace reconciliation of the cannabis supply chain from seed to sale.  The solution combines counterfeit-resistant stamps, traceability and enforcement tools, customizable data management services, and consumer engagement for proof of origin and product details. “The customizable SICPATRACE®Cannabis solution – combined with SICPA’s ongoing implementation support – provides government officials, cultivators, distributors, and consumers greater visibility into the supply chain for cannabis products. This forensic trail, stretching from cultivator to dispensary, helps identify and reduce the spread of illegal cannabis, supports public health and safety goals, and increases consumer confidence,” said SICPA Vice President of Business Development Alex Spelman.

SICPA’s solution combines ease of implementation with the flexibility to meet the needs of a mature market like California at the state, county and local municipality levels. This solution also uniquely provides consumers with insight into product origin, growing techniques, and safety testing – helping Humboldt County continue to build its reputation as one of the country’s highest quality, largest and most mature cannabis-producing regions.

“We chose to work with SICPA because they understand the importance of getting it right when it comes to track and trace. Their product is sound and has been successful both at a state and national level,” said Humboldt County’s Agricultural Commissioner Jeff Dolf. “SICPA’s track and trace product gives industry leaders and officials the flexibility and customization we need to manage proof of origin – allowing local businesses to build Humboldt’s brand of safe, high-quality cannabis products – while also combating distribution to minors, identifying diversion to other states, preventing revenue from supporting criminal enterprises and addressing growing on public lands.”


This contract will continue to build on the successful Humboldt County pilot program, where more than 30,000 stamps were applied to nearly 2,000 pounds of medical cannabis and medical cannabis products originating in Humboldt County. The pilot demonstrated the value SICPATRACE® Cannabis provides to regulators and industry stakeholders by reducing the burden of compliance, enabling consistent regulatory enforcement and helping protect tax revenue. In addition to positive feedback from officials and industry stakeholders, the program was formally recognized in the 2017 Excellence in Tax Stamps awards in the category of Best Tax Stamp Program and the California Association of Counties (CSAC) 2017 Challenge Awards for Innovation.<

The successful pilot positioned Humboldt County to implement a full-scale track and trace program. The new contract ensures continued access to the proven SICPATRACE® Cannabis solution, which helps protect public safety, enables regulation, and builds on Humboldt’s reputation as a preeminent cannabis-producing region. Humboldt is the third major California county to join forces with SICPA for cannabis solutions. Mendocino and Yolo counties launched similar programs with SICPA earlier this year.

How It Works

Once government regulators approve cannabis business licenses, licensees are given access to a secure, online system that allows them to share key information with other system users across the supply chain.

Through a combination of counterfeit resistant stamps and the secure online system, products are tracked starting with individual plants, through various product transformations, and all the way to point of sale. As a product moves through the supply chain—from cultivator to manufacturer to distributor to dispensary—additional detail is added to the online system in association with each unique stamp. This creates a map of a product’s journey through the supply chain in a secure online system.<

The stamps also connect patients and consumers to product information through the CalOrigin smartphone app and website ( Patients and consumers use these tools to make sure a stamp is valid, retrieve product details, see test results, and more.<

Program Benefits

SICPATRACE® Cannabis provides many benefits to program participants. For government officials and law enforcement, the solution offers:

  • Public Safety – Capture and rendering of product creation methods and testing information to ensure products are safe for consumption
  • Compliance – Ability to quickly authenticate product source and provenance to prevent transfer of products between legitimate operations and the illicit market.
  • Revenue Reconciliation – Detailed volumetric and sales information to enable tax calculation and reconciliation at multiple points in the supply chain

For growers, manufacturers, distributors, and dispensaries, the solution offers:

  • Simple and efficient toolset to enable quick compliance with regulations
  • Supply chain visibility aligned to regulatory reporting requirements
  • An app and website that connects them with patients and consumers

Patients and consumers can count on the solution to:

  • Validate cannabis products have been legally produced,  tested and are appropriate for consumption
  • View product information such as potency and appropriate use instructions and receive notification of unsafe or recalled products
  • Confirm product production methods and operator third party certifications

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  • Show me your papers.

    • Ok. Waded through that. So how does it work? You put a sticker on each plant? How much do the stickers cost? How can that enforce anything? One plant may produce an ounce while another may be 5 pounds….. Still not getting it.

      • You pay money, and you get a coded stamp. You pay more money to get more stamps as you go down the chain. Each stamp is key coded to a data base.

        Ironically the first efforts to the criminalization of cannabis was through the tax act… requiring a tax stamp to legally grow; except they didn’t issue any tax stamps.

      • As soon as the clone gets roots it gets a bar code, plant keeps barcode, once harvested that plant is trimmed up individually and weigh to the exact amount. That product then takes the bar code and is distributed. All this is recorded on a DVR that holds up to 10 weeks worth of storage. Every inch of growing facility has cameras on it. That way the DTF or Weed version of it can come in check the tapes and make sure old billy didn’t do what every permitted grower did this year. Claim they lost a bunch to mold, only harvested 200lbs for taxable market and back doored the other 1800lbs to blackmarket. That being said pretty sure the grows with no pg&e are going to have to pay permits to get on power or no dice… can’t have a geni fail during harvest make cameras go off and back door 80% of the product to be sold on the black market. That would be taking money from the government and we all know they don’t play nice when it comes to that. Have fun y’all.

  • This is GREAT news! Let’s get all permitees lined up and attached to a very rigorous track and trace program!! We do not want them selling their weed to brokers who will then flood the rest of the country with it. That market is for the moms and pops that are still brave enough to withstand the corporate sign-away-all-your-rights program called “legalization”. It is very important we stop all permitees from using their applications as a ruse to exploit and continue destroying the schoolchildren of America with their devils lettuce! Those kids deserve True Rebel devil’s lettuce!

  • Yeah, what’s’ YOUR proof of origin SICPA, ? Talk to the Getty Museum.

  • So tired of this garbage

    I have no faith in this AT ALL. I cannot even imagine how this would be possible & NOTHING in the article describes how a plant can be marked or traced…let alone from a seed to a packaged product.
    It can’t be done with shoes or jeans or t shirts. Counterfits abound. It can’t be done with currency.
    How does one tag a seed? And follow that tagged seed as it grows, and innumerable clones are made from that seed? How?

    • By assuming that any seed or product not verifiable is illegal. Live stock is tagged, GMO crops are tagged. Wine is labled. Even nursery stock is tagged. What makes you think that your product will be different?

      The way it will work is that volumes of pot needed to grow to be profitable will become large as pot gets cheap. Only those with proper paperwork will be able to grow that much without government attention. Even the recreational grower will decide whether the minimal work needed to grow their own is worth the effort when it is so cheap to buy it from factory farms.

      There will be counterfeits indeed. Produced overseas like most counterfits now. If it is even worth counterfeiting. Because, if pot is legal, importing pot will not persecuted any more.

      • are the vines that grow the grapes that make the wine tagged? no. this is impossible but better for the non good ol boys. the system they wanted to use, which would be different than every other area in the State, would be subjective to the regulator and we all know how that would go in Humboldt.

        • The vines are tagged, have you never been in a commercial farm? Everything is labeled and inventory is taken at each step — planting, transplanting, harvesting, packing, and shipping.

          I’m (not) sorry you’re so offended we want your SMOKABLE PSYCHOACTIVE DRUGS to be as well documented as apples or lettuce… welcome to legalization, are you gonna go protest with Trump and the Bundy’s against regulations now?

          • Harvard/Boston VA determined cannabis is not psychoactive last year, nor does it cause mental illness. I determined this when I was 12. I have only been to a few vineyard and did not notice any tags, but I will call a vintner I know and will get back to you.

          • There’s a difference between tagging for inventory and tagging for taxing.

          • you are incorrect. while they may be labeled for internal purposes, they are not tracked and traced by any government entity. only after it is bottled and its very loose. for example, you could give away cases of wine after it is bottled and it wouldn’t be taxed.

  • “Counterfeit resistant stamps” and “secure online system”

    What a joke!

    “the Excellence in Tax Stamps Award” “the category for Best Tax Stamps”

    And I thought the first two quotes were a joke!

  • Tax Stamps are Postal Stamps that dont make the cut. Demand FOREVER STAMPS.

    • selling to the bulgarians

      What a joke… I am 260,000.00 dollars and two years into permitting a ten thousand sqarefoot outdoor grow. How much more of our blood do they want. Good luck enforcing this.. The county has already put a ton of ordinances on the books, with almost zero enforcement. The only agency doing ANYTHING so far has been fish and wildlife,we need a platoon of them.The county continues to lay down the law while most all of the 12,500 grows here go untouched. Oh but wait,the water board will send you a letter,talk about a seven year itch, zero results.
      mabye we should have the county go to the indy five hundred raceway and pass out speeding tickets on a moped,It will be equaly as effective. Its great to have grows come into compliance,clean up, and do it right.Everybody wants clean waterways and sediment free road runoff,and a future for our children. The sad reality is that those of us permitting will be beyond bankrupt before the smoke clears. In the meanwhile the county will continue to change the rules and their collective minds to try and please the majority.Not require a permitted septic on a commercial grow,ARE YOU KIDDING ME! Without the enforcement of the existing and new laws and ordinances this is all simply going to blow up in our faces,fighting for the last job flipping burgers at debs.

      • Why on earth would you have 260k into permitting?

      • Sorry you bet on the wrong horse… this is outlaw grow land, that’s the only thing that makes sense here. Why anyone would sign up for costly and still federally illegal permits, and waste your last few years of profit, is beyond me.
        Why wish more enforcement on your neighbors? That’s a shitty way to react to making an uninformed decision. And you are selling to Bulgarians too? Wow I don’t like you very much.

        • Right on Emily! Good job telling this prick how the real people in Humboldt do it. The fact that this person came on here crying about how he’s out $260,000 and he’s upset that all of us who didn’t and wouldn’t be gullible enough to do the same thing aren’t getting raided at the rate he expects just shows his lack of character. I’m glad he’s out 260k. Goes to show that having money does not mean having intelligence.

        • Emily. I agree. U tell em. All these people did it out of fear and greed with no idea what was in store for them. Greed is fear. For one to be fearless he/she needs to be reliant on nothing and no one.

        • Thats a good spirit to have. I like it. However, some people would rather operate without the stress of getting busted. Don’t think it can’t happen to you, because it just might. Its not the end of the world if the “legal” game doesn’t work out. Life goes on. If cannabis is the only thing you have going on, then nobody can help you with that

      • Oops. You should have invested in Monterrey county flower houses.

      • WHAT? You must be trolling or not very smart

  • All these mandatory requirements. Once your in the system there’s no turning back.

  • What a farce this whole legalization process is turning out to be.

  • Is that the same SICPA that makes the ink for currency? I worked deep underground at an undisclosed location and we would get deliveries from a company named SICPA. A gallon of this stuff ran for about 12k and that was 20 years ago. A lot of those companies were trying to get away from paper currency and were leaders in the chip card market. What a coincidence. Guaranteed the county schmocks accepted bribes if they are involved .
    Strategically placed to buy their way in. What a small fucking world! I cant believe this shit! You better wake up humboldt pull your head out of your ass march on down to eureka and whoop some supes ass!

  • Keep your undocumented moms going! This is a joke right? And how much will this cost?

  • “The Whiskey Rebellion (also known as the Whiskey Insurrection) was a tax protest in the United States beginning in 1791 during the presidency of George Washington. The so-called “whiskey tax” was the first tax imposed on a domestic product by the newly formed federal government. It became law in 1791, and was intended to generate revenue for the war debt incurred during the Revolutionary War. The tax applied to all distilled spirits, but American whiskey was by far the country’s most popular distilled beverage in the 18th century, so the excise became widely known as a “whiskey tax”. Farmers of the western frontier were accustomed to distilling their surplus rye, barley, wheat, corn, or fermented grain mixtures into whiskey. These farmers resisted the tax. In these regions, whiskey often served as a medium of exchange. Many of the resisters were war veterans who believed that they were fighting for the principles of the American Revolution, in particular against taxation without local representation, while the federal government maintained that the taxes were the legal expression of Congressional taxation powers.”

    • I’m impressed Ullr. Nice to see someone who actually has a clue. The resisters were, indeed, fighting for American principles. How far we have fallen. The cowards who have signed up for this bullshit are the same fucking hypocrites who complain about the “evil corporations”. They fail to see the irony in that they are doing the exact same thing as said corporations by attempting to pay off their overlords ( government). They desperately want to be one of the chosen who get to monopolize the weed industry and keep everyone else out ( like the corporations they decry). In the end, they will drown in red tape and blame the outlaws, the free market, maybe even the Russians, who knows. Eventually they will get what they deserve. Reminds me of the poem “First They Came”.

  • Ah, the perfect cover for those supplying the black market, and a book juggler’s wet dream. “No, officer, as you can see from our stamps and permits and financial records, everything we produce is legal and accounted for.” Everyone knows that California cannot possibly absorb all of the “legal” pot that could potentially be hitting the market within a year or two, maybe not even 10% of it. Will the regulators stop the licensed growers from producing more than California dispensaries can legally sell?? And shutting down the black market? Right!! 40+ years and counting. How’s that working so far??

    • Yes kym, it is that bad.

      It’s ending in a cataclysm of water contamination, air pollution and environmental collapse. The property south of me was clear cut this summer, the property west of me is being clear cut right now. Property too small and steep to be feasible for anything to be grown but pot. With too little drinking water left to supply all who live here. Commercial foresters and loggers are going to have a season of great profit. A bunch of mini pot, not timber, barons are going to finish what was regulated over the last thirty years to stop.

      But what is grown in the mountains will not stay in the mountains. It all flows down hill. First the sediment then excess fertilizer. Into the same rivers where the cities get their drinking water. Then it will flow into the bays and ocean.

      But pot heads will blame cows. Knowing nothing about agriculture and how ranching works, they will fall back to blaming the boogeyman of the old environmentalist, based on thinking ranching is the same as a feed lot. But it’s you doing it. For nothing as basic to survival such as food.

      And the pot soaked college students will no more give up pot to protest than anything else beloved by themselves. Turn themselves into abstainers from pot like the vegans protest animal cruelty? Not in my lifetime.

      What hateful creatures you all are. Despite being so hating of anyone who objects, you are the problem. Green rush? Yes indeed. Words that will be as ugly in history as any other destroyer of the environment. At least for those with enough brain cells left go notice.

      • So tired of this garbage

        Have you reported these alleged “clear cuts”. You are full of shit, methinks

      • Dramatic much?

        • Yes kym, it is that bad

          Only for those whose running water has not disappeared to a still damp spot two times in the last month.

          BTW that remark about shit is shit. Both had logging permits as their places are less than 3 acres and they signed off as not doing it for pot grows. The one already has apparently wild seeded pot growing. I’m sure they are dreadfully upset and will soon put up greenhouses to keep out more of that dreadful invasive plant.

          Yet if the accumulated acreage was considered, they would not have the permits. As usual, people who are self absorbed are not going to worry about a little thing like that. In their own judgement they are fine. And the hell with anyone else.

          One of the constant weird behaviors of pot growers is the magical thinking where, if they do something repugnant, it is perfectly ok while they will, in the same paragraph, cite examples of non pot growing repugnant abuses of neighbors and the environment as reasons for everyone else to shut up. Their thinking can not make the leap from accusing others of wrong doing to understanding that doing the same thing for pot growing must be equally wrong too.

          So many animals so displaced. And for what…


    Good luck with that load of B.S.

  • Eureka, pot capital of the country. One day in the not to distant future people will regret the destruction we have caused our city.

    I weep for Eureka.

  • Yep I knew this was coming. All the growers who signed up for their permits and thought they could play both both sides of the fence, and no one would notice.. you really think the government didn’t think of that first? Its not a novel idea, and ever since you put your name and information on that paperwork, you are under scrutiny.

  • Wow, you pot heads are screwed!

  • Lots of money can be used to corrupt this about micro,smoke able markers.this is more important for marking oysters that come from domonic region.potsmokers aren’t so important.

  • Baaaa baaaa baaaa baaaa come this way little ones go on right through there , TO THE SLAUGHTER HOUSE!!!

  • Not a shred of hope this is feasible…

    Unless u are mono cropping -solo strain -Every step of the way from popping seeds, placing cuts, up potting,transplanting, taking more cuts, pollinating, cutting, hanging, cleaning, and bagging has multiple avenues of possibility for HUMAN ERROR. And LAZINESS. Or plain old making due and guess work.

    Traceable from seed to blunt to easily distinguish the legal from illegal herb? Hahahaha

    Why no illegal peaches ?
    Or broccoli ?

    What a farce.

    So grateful I didn’t go there.

    And I pity all those that have thrown good money down this rabbit hole of paperwork and regulation over a freaking plant!! You were duped.

    • Actually…nearly everyone I know is not counting on “making it” in competition with huge, industrial, heavily-financed and deep-pocketed corporate growers from The Valley and the year-round massive dep factories of San Diego and Gilroy. They are hoping to make their operation attractive to buyers and get out. Sell out to gullible dreamers or consolidated operations who’d like a flagship farm in Humboldt. Yes- they came here, blew it up and the plan is to sell out for big money and continue living their priveleged baller lifestyles. I don’t know if I can wish them luck since I always just wanted to work and simply live here in a beautiful forested natural place. And they pretty much ruined that. I see them in town when I go in- congratulating each other on how they “won” ie. made a fortune while destroying our community, environment and economy. But yeah- they are selling their extra pieces and buying places in Hawaii and such. Keeping their best piece and doing permit process to unload that one soon enough. They are “winners”.

  • Hmmm wonder if I can compete in the basil agriculture?

  • Boom! I recall how smug some were after being granted their permit. Not so much now. You spent all that money, registered with the government only to have the bottom fall out of the market and Uncle Jerry wanting his 30%

  • Sicpa paid off our supes to get in,
    I have personal experience with this company but kym keeps deleting my posts.
    That they are in this game is not a good sign to me, their corporate friends are ready and not far.
    The environmentalists will have no say when big phillip morris makes their first land purchase and shows you small potato heads a whole new meaning of blowing it up.
    Meanwhile the [edit] want to take down mckinleys statue in the plaza but kyms keeping quiet on that one.
    Remember it folks, SICPA is how it started,..the end is near, milk it while you can!

  • Crystal ball please

    QUESTION: How do u think the abatement letters will play into the equation??

    ..The Black market supply is sure to take a ding if the rebels who were unwilling or unable to begin the steps to compliance start folding up the tents and busying themselves paying lawyers and fines.

    Ed’s show 7-8pm tonight will address this new twist in the screw.

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