Two Juveniles Arrested for Homicide in Arcata

Tonight, law enforcement surrounded a home in Arcata

Last night, law enforcement surrounded a home in Arcata in an attempt to bring in two homicide suspects. [Photo provided by a reader]

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On Monday, 10/16/2017, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office in conjunction with the Arcata Police Department detained and later arrested one male and one female juvenile for the homicide of Richard Falk who resided on Buck Mountain in Humboldt County. Richard Falk was discovered deceased on Friday, 10/06/2017, at his residence. At this time the investigation is ongoing and anyone with additional information is encouraged to contact the Criminal Investigations Division at the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at 445-7301.

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  • Good job kym now we know who the alleged murderers were of the nice old man. Now we know who was arrested when they surrounded the house

  • I hope they are old enough to be tried as adults if they are indeed found responsible for Richard’s death.

  • Juvenile names aren’t usually released.

  • Glad they got him and he’s 17 I think

  • Good job that was a quick arrest to bad things don’t work out like that every time

  • Our court and judges lack of showing there are consequences for breaking the law is trickling down to minors. They see that the ‘revolving door’ is so common, they have no fear of harsh punishments. Wait and see, they will be tried as minors and given 6 months in juvi and 3 years probation. If they are guilty???

  • Well done law enforcement..

  • Kids today, need their ass kicked! You got your good kids. But then you have the lack of discipline which turns into crap like this happening. Thank you gov for not allowing parents to discipline their kids. The law in my opinion, can f* off I am teaching my kid right from wrong. No law will tell me i cant discipline my child. The gov needs to Let the parents do what they got to do so this kind of crap stops.

    • This is an eternal problem as you would know if you read history or even went to church. Nothing new in this behavior. From the beginning of time.

    • If you have to use corporal punishment to keep your children “in line” you may want to reconsider, it has been shown time & again, you catch more flies with Honey than vinegar!!!

      • But the kids that got their butts beat back in the day generally don’t turn out to be screaming assholes later on. That’s also been shown…not in college textbooks, but in real life.

      • No, your method makes snow flake millenials. You might have to not get physical but there needs to be negative consequences for negative actions. Vinegar is needed !

        • we aren’t seeing the effects of not spanking. we are seeing the effects of mental illness which is genetic. the increase in mental illness in rural low income areas like ours looks like a J curve from 1980 to now. I got spank and went to college, I didn’t spank and the kid is in college. the key is to simply educate your kids, and try not to inflicted dumbassery upon them. once you become a parent its about them not you.

  • Since not one of us knows the circumstances y’all sound a bit like a lynch mob.
    The Oxbow Incident should be required reading. Henry Fonda starred in the movie.

    • Actually, it WAS required when I was in HS. but that was a long time ago… Check this out:
      Mississippi just BANNED “To Kill a Mocking Bird” in its school systems, and that’s neither an isolated book or state.
      The thing is, as I see it, that the whole education system in our entire country is being geared for reasons other than educating responsible adults; and the implications are really ugly, regardless of the supposed reasons.

  • Dwayne Elizondo Bigleggins

    There is a Richard Falk who had a profound effect on my childhood. He was a scoutmaster who helped propel me to Eagle. More importantly, he taught me to become self reliant so that I could rise above the mess I was in. He had more time for his scouts than anyone and I needed that. The treks across the Marble Mountains were the best moments of my life. He really wanted to help. I’m literally feeling sick.

    • Dwayne Elizondo Bigleggins

      He was also a descendent of the founder of the old ghost town of Falk. I’m sorry but this is almost a symbolic death of Humboldt County for me. I may never move back.

      • Sometimes doors close (for good or bad) but just think of the wonderful opportunity to know this individual and to grow under his tutelage! You have some great skills and memories from the old gent and that is a treasure! It is a tragic passing but celebrate his life! Tell his story so he can live on in other people’s hearts and memories! Everyone should share their stories about Mr. Falk so those that never had the opportunity to meet him can in a way get a glimpse. Really, I would like to encourage everyone that knew Richard Falk to join in sharing their stories.

        • Good comment! He sounds like a good man that I missed. I would love to read some stories about him. Some religions believe that the spirit stays around for a while after leaving the body…maybe he would also like to see the stories come out?

          • Dwayne Elizondo Bigleggins

            It really does help to know that there are kind souls like you two.

          • Dwayne Elizondo Bigleggins

            One time we hiked to the top of Hobo gulch. Saw many rattlers and even ended up cooking one that night. I kept the smelly skin for years. We set up camp just as it was getting dark and left our tents open. Luckily there was a fire ring already made from a large pile of rocks. As we cooked and the rocks heated up, hundreds of scorpions slowly crawled out. They were everywhere and it was dark. Were they in our sleeping bags? Couldn’t sleep all night. But that creek is like eden.

  • Both should be tried as adults and if they are, their names should NOT be protected. They are no better then anyone else.

  • Problem is kids do not care anymore. You talk to them and they are like”I dont care”.

  • The 17 year old male is being tried as an adult for murder of Richard Falk, and his name has been published in the Times Standard (since he is being tried as an adult). The girl’s name (also a juvenile) has not been released. This is a sad situation all around.

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