Four Arrested in Connection With Drug Sales

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On Monday, October 16th at approximately 10:00 A.M. Special Agents with the Drug Task Force served a search warrant on a hotel room located in the 1100 block of 5th Street in Eureka. When the Agents arrived they located the subjects of the investigation, 59 year old Randy Kobici


Randy Kobici

and 53 year old Larry Seminoff.


Larry Seminoff


A search of the room yielded evidence of narcotics sales, including packaging materials, pay and owe sheets and 94 Suboxone strips. Randy and Larry were arrested and booked at the Correctional Facility for possession of a narcotic for sale and maintaining a residence for the purposes of distributing narcotics.

During the investigation, Agents learned Larry and Randy had contacted a supplier and requested more narcotics. At around noon Agents located the supplier, identified as 44 year old Matthew Arnold parked in a vehicle in the Burger King parking lot off of 5th Street in Eureka.

Matthew Arnold

Matthew was found to be in possession of approximately 2 ounces of suspected heroin. Agents also located Matthew’s girlfriend, 24 year old Allison Strout in the vehicle.

Allison Strout

Allison Strout

She denied any involvement in the sales of the narcotics but admitted she knew Matthew was selling heroin. 

Matthew and Allison were placed under arrest for possession of a narcotic, possession of a narcotic for sale and transportation of a narcotic. They were transported to the Correctional Facility for booking. Once at the Correctional Facility, Correctional Deputies located a bag of suspected methamphetamine inside Allison’s bra. The suspected methamphetamine had a gross field weight of 10 grams. Allison was also charged with bringing a controlled substance into a correctional facility.

Anyone with information related to this investigation or other narcotics related crimes are encouraged to call the Humboldt County Drug Task Force at 707-444-8095 or the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Tip Line at 707-268-2539.Crystal



    • She is young enough to turn her life around, hope she can pull her shit together, maybe the 44yr old but probably not, the other ones look to far gone. 53 going on 70. Glad they actually took the time to look at their phone and climb the ladder, even if it’s only one rung it’s a good start.

      • sometimes its not so easy to pull your shit together when your shit has been destroyed by evil men. she looks health which is good.

        • So this turns into man bashing? Grow the fuck up she was old enough to make her own choices for good or for bad. Fucking snowflakes that’s what is wrong with this whole country, everybody blaming everyone else when their mouth opens and the bullshit that comes out is just that bullshit…quit the Divisive crap already it really gets old.

      • 70? I AM 70, and look 20 years younger than either of those guys.

    • Well, they know where she is now…

  • The shocking way private prisons make money.

    • Someone has to lock these pieces of shit up the state of California or tax land of the dubed, won’t spend the money to build Adequate housing for the law breakers,but they give Sanctuary to Ilegal aliens and spend billions on their heath care,and housing. Good by California…take my taxes no more.

  • Well they got another low low low low low level scumbag douchebag dealer. Looks like they gave up their supplier Wow 2 ounces of heroin 10 grams of speed . They already out dealing again.they all have the dark circle syndrome

  • What a dumb pretty girl! Don’t she know, she can do better than some 44yr old, nasty dealer. Guess she has no morals when it comes to getting her fix.

    • Most women in this situation have experienced serious abuse. Try not to judge to harshly, lest you yourself be judged.

      • Very true unfortunately.
        And a lot of men too, they just dont talk about it as easily.
        24 with a 44 year old, yah shes probably not had many good male role models, she looks quite hardened to me.

        There are a lot, too many, unwanted children who end up on drugs and becoming criminals, thank a pro-lifer for that. Once the kid is born they put the mother down emotionally for not being able to provide and then bitch about welfare.
        If you want crime to go down then support access to birth control. Its pretty simple stuff, a woman chooses when to have a child that she wants = a better chance that child will feel loved and supported thus succeeding in life in a more well rounded way.

        • Who is preventing anyone from using birth control? It’s cheap and widely available. Or, are you another one of those people that think birth control for Women has to be “Free” to be effective? Please don’t ask others to pay for your offspring’s poor choices. Abstinence works if you can’t afford $20 a month.

          • On the other hand, the less unwanted children…the better off society as a whole is. I’m way more willing for my taxes to go to support free birth control than a few other things I could name.

            • It’s a personal choice to have sex. It’s a personal choice to use birth control. We aren’t animals. We take responsibility for our actions. We weigh our choices with their outcomes. When we stop taking personal responsibilities seriously, everyone pays for the poor choices of a few individuals. Is that the world you wish to live in?

              Freedom to choose. That is your right. If you choose poorly, why should someone else be responsible?

            • Your taxes would be better spent on a foster care facility that took in “unwanted” children than a vending machine that spit out birth control pills like tick-tacks at the tax payer’s expence.

              Why would anyone support a program that defeats personal responsibility?

              If we don’t allow a person to have the freedom to chose whether or not to conceive a child or protect themselves from and STD, why are we supporting our Constitution? Are we really heading down the road of Nazism? I’m pretty sure my books aren’t on the list to be burned but, I could be wrong… God, Help us All.

              • They still have the freedom to choose—only now it is easier if they don’t have to choose between birth control and rent.

                Also, Foster care is expensive. Birth control is cheap.

                • Please, show me a place in California that I can rent for $20 a Month…

                  Your fictitious argument doesn’t lend to any credibility. If you choose to send your tax dollars to support tax based contraceptives instead of supporting the children that have already been born, that’s your call. You’re not supporting the children that are brought about from women that made poor choices. You’re only supporting” Poor Choices.

                • BTW, Thank you for the forum. I appreciate that you’ve let a slightly conservative, non-Trump voting, right-of-center Republican express his views…

                  We all strive to do what’s best for the next generation. Even though that vision isn’t always expressed or verbalized to garner acceptance or support that helps our views, we all try to do what we can to assure that our voice is heard no matter who’s listening. We all want what’s best for those that follow.

                • I have never been able to understand the opposition to abortion and especially to birth control by the so called “conservatives”. Birth control and birth control education should widely available and free. Abortion should be widely available and free; perhaps for some classes of people financial incentives should be given. The reasons for this are threefold: 1. Overpopulation is by far the greatest threat to every aspect of life on Earth and human existence itself. It is of great concern that undesirable classes of people are reproducing at a frightening rate. 2. If a demand exists, the supply will arise to meet it. In the case of abortion, this will result in tragic deaths and injuries. Stated succinctly, an illegal ounce of marijuana is no different than any other. A black market abortion has a good chance of being fatal. 3. Pragmatically — and particularly — in the case of undesirable classes of people I would much prefer my tax money pay for an abortion and stop it in the beginning rather than have to support it on welfare or in prison.

                • I didn’t mean that they needed the entire month’s rent to pay for birth control but I know women who have multiple children already who are always struggling to pay for the basics. If birth control were free, that would be society’s way of supporting the woman making a good choice, a choice that would also help society.

                  In addition, show me any way we could support a child on $20 a month? That $20 is a cheap way of preventing a child that could cost us welfare payments, school, medical, etc for their whole life.

                • Also, Foster care can be great, yet, I know people who weren’t treated well in Foster homes! MY COUSIN…is the best Foster family EVER, love her Fosters as if she birthed them!

              • Please, what in hell are you saying? Foster care instead of birth control is barbaric! And, really fucked up math.

                • I wanted to reply to Kym’s last post but, for some reason, her post wouldn’t allow a reply..?
                  First of all, if a child isn’t born due to either a personal choice not to have sex or self-purchased contraceptives, there shouldn’t be any Welfare payments or State funding to cover a non-existent child.
                  Secondly, If you know of someone that has already kicked out “multiple children” and is “struggling”, don’t you think that maybe that person should take some personal responsibility for their sexual liaisons? After all, She already had “multiple children” and should be aware of the consequences of intercourse… Why should tax payers cover her bills? I’m not against abortion as J. Ripper has suggested. Neither are most Republicans. If a woman “chooses” to create life, why would you think anyone else should carry the upbringing/fostering/nurturing other than the parents that conceived them?

                  We are human. Humans make choices. Are you a part of the Human race? Or, are you something else?

                • I do think personal responsibility is a great start but let’s face it, not everyone starts in a healthy well-adjusted family. Let’s just imagine a situation in which a sexually abused girl flees her house at 16 to an abusive relationship where she had three children before 18 and then even though drug addicted manages to flee that relationship to a healthier one where she has two more children before she gets drug free. Now she’s thinking as clearly as she can under the circumstances and at 24 is struggling to raise her five kids. I’m all for handing her birth control like candy at Halloween. She doesn’t need another kid and neither does society need her to have another kid. In spite of the hand life dealt her, she is surviving and doing a damn good job. Why not give her some help AND this is a big one, help her children do everything they can to not have more children before they are ready.

                  And, yes this girl now woman is a real person who happens to be a hero of mine.

                  But let’s assume worse case scenario, Girl comes from healthy family foolishly gets pregnant and continues to do so frequently because she doesn’t seem to have the willpower to say no. Her kids still don’t deserve to suffer and obviously, the resources this woman has–whether emotional or financial–are going to be spread thinner with every kid. Whatever you think of that girl now woman and her choices, her kids didn’t have any say in what happened and they will be damaged if society doesn’t help them. At the very least, let’s spend $20 to $100 per month to get the foolish girl/woman birth control so she doesn’t have a ton of children, who through no fault of their own, need help from society. That’s a super cheap deal for a fiscal conservative–pay a relative little on the front end to save a lot later. Society like people has to learn to make good choices that pay off in the long run instead of choosing the short term satisfaction of punishing people even if it isn’t in society’s best interest.

                  [The reason you couldn’t reply to me is that my commenting software only allows so many comments in a thread. Try going to the bottom and making an entirely new comment and putting @Kym as the first word. That will alert me and others that you are talking to me.]

            • I concur with this 100%. Stated succinctly, I would much prefer my tax money be used to stop an unfortunate chain of events in the beginning than to have to support the result later in prison or on welfare. The rate of reproduction of undesirable types of people is alarming in the extreme. It`s much better to stop it in the beginning than to have to deal with it later.

              • I like everything about your succinct explanation except the “undesirable types.” I think that’s a level of judgment that I’m not qualified to make. BUT if someone is choosing not to have children, I think they, any future children they could have had, and society is way better off making sure they don’t have unwanted kids.

                • The more PP we have, the fewer rapists stay locked up.
                  Revolving door in the both departments. Funny how that works.

        • Actually she’s had awesome men in her life as a kid growing up. Her dad and step dad both are of strong character and tried to lead her to being successful and of good character. Unfortunately, she choose to be a junkie and conartist, and insisted on this path instead.

    • Uh, he’s a dope dealer. You think she’s with him for love? Junkies only love the next fix.


    Kobici looks like his mugshot should be in black & white,for bank robbery in the 1920’s.

    Keep checking phones!

  • She’s got time,before the drugs take her looks too!!😣

  • Suboxone is a combination drug comprised of two substances:

    Buprenorphine—a relatively mild opiate analgesic with mixed opioid receptor agonist activity; historically used at low doses to manage mild to moderate levels of pain.
    Naloxone—an opiate antagonist used to reverse or eliminate the effects of opiates in someone’s system.

  • Marijuana was most likely the first drug the above consumed.

    When you grow and market marijuana, it means you have a part in these stories and are just as guilty.

  • We’re have you been chump get done with your harvest this year?

  • Wrll shit! I’d just lime to know where I can find $20 birth control!
    For 3 months of BC pills cost me $300. That was over 10 years ago.
    Oh wait. I remember now. I didn’t qualify for medical or welfare. So I paid more for them.
    Birth control, and access to it, should be available to all at no cost or at a minimum cost.
    And B. Please, have you ever heard of hormones? Yep we all have them and they’re all natural. Nature’s way to promote species continuation. Even when we don’t need any more.
    Side note, Condoms are NOT birth control. They are STD prevention if used correctly.
    In the young hormones rage and thing get out of hand. Not because someone is weak of will. But because the body is producing all kinds of really kick ass drugs ( again all natural) that produce a bunch of ‘feel good ‘ feelings. I thought I’d keep it simple and use little words so we all can understand this as a group.

  • If women are worried about getting birth control, why not stop having sex with men. Also, maybe learn how a baby is made and avoid that part of sex. One doesn’t even need a good education or family background to learn how to prevent pregnancy.

  • I hope she gets away from the drugs before she looks like the others.

    • I lost the ability to believe that the author had something important to tell me when he said, “You are losing nothing but the power to force nuns to pay for your oral contraceptives. As a matter of common decency, you should be ashamed of demanding something so outrageous.” We, as a society are always asking people to pay for things they don’t believe in or use, the taxes of the childless pay for schools and the taxes of Quakers pay for bombers. Wading through the rest of his rhetoric didn’t seem like a good use of my time.

    • here is the top comment on the opinion piece you linked written by a man about a woman’s health issue: “Oh, let’s think (since you obviously did not):
      What would an uninsured woman pay for the doctor’s visit, and the lab work, pap smear, etc required before the doctor would write the prescription for oral contraception? Compare that to the cost of choosing a bottle of aspirin from a shelf at a convenience store. There is no comparing the cost of contraception and aspirin, and only a moron would attemp to prove there is any equivalence between the two. You’ve shown your ignorance of basic women’s health care procedures *and* your bias, because I don’t see you asking to have erectile dysfunction medication taken from mandated coverage. That makes your opinion misogynistic *and* hypocritical.”

  • Alison, you have your whole life ahead of you. Don’t blow it . Whatever it is that your doing is NOT the way things should be . Life can be beautiful . I hope your able you turn things around. As for these other people I hope They get clean too .

  • Drugs are BAD, mkay! Luckily, plants like tobacco and cannabis are just little old plants. Smoke em if you got em. Better yet: VAPORIZE!

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