More People Can Return Home This Morning, Says Mendocino County

A burned home in the Mendocino fires as seen yesterday.

A burned home in the Mendocino fires as seen yesterday. [Photo by Lynn Harrington]

The County of Mendocino released the following information on new areas where evacuees can return to their homes. _Redwood Fire_Media_Advisory_Potter Valley EVACUATION ORDER 10_16_17

Cal Fire offers some tips on how to return home safely.:Mendocino Complex Safety Message (Repopulation 2)

Here’s further information on safety. PGE_ReturningHomeAfterAfterAFire_print



  • Zero firearms should be found. Unless the are on the corpse of an unfortunate victim, they should still be in the safe where they were stored.

    • You know, since we live in this perfect world.

    • Ya sense you should take the time to secure it in the safe when you are woken at 2am with your house on fire, and if you put it in your car or on your person and leave your house with it in ca you are committing a crime if you don’t have your ccw, unless you want to take the time to unload and secure the weapons and ammunition in separate locked containers while running for your life.

      • This explains why they’re oh so concerned about the toxic ashes, but cared less about the citizens inhaling it for county after county.
        Do not touch your stuff until after it’s been inspected by the clipboards searching for ways to fine you.

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