[UPDATE 11:50 p.m.] Fire Breaks Out North of Hopland; One Lane of 101 Closed

A grass fire broke out north of Hopland near mile marker 14 by Henry Station Road along Hwy 101 about 8:52 p.m. The fire forced the closure of one lane of southbound Hwy 101 by mile marker 13 about 10 p.m.

Alex Diaz took the video above about  9:30 p.m. He said if you are headed from Ukiah to Hopland, “Its the first big hill after u pass the strawberry fields and it was on the right hand side.”

As of this point, traffic is moving through the area.

UPDATE 11:30 p.m.: We haven’t been able to get in touch with Cal Fire. However, CHP said they believed the fire was not something to be concerned about.

UPDATE 11:50 p.m.: According to the Mendocino Voice, the fire has stopped spreading and Cal Fire is mopping up the fire.



  • Praying for rain!

  • Thanks to geo-engineering/weather manipulation/chemtrails that have been sprayed for the last 2 days it will be raining on Thur.

    • The hills are watching

      Yup… didnt see the rain coming until a couple days ago. Thanks for the rational explanation!

      • If you search back through old national geographics there are many stories about weather manipulation, including a cover story of japanese scientists work on it using projectile canisters instead of air plumes.
        Why do you think theyre flying big jets to arcata airport now? If you fly to LA from arcata, the plane you have to get from SF to there is way smaller than the newly introduced jets going between here and the bay.
        Like most things, the science of it was developed in hopes of bringing rain to parched areas so people can grow food, like africa in the 80’s, but was usurped by the govt and began to be studied as a weapon to either drench or dry out particular groups of people.
        The power to control the weather is huge.
        Its the particulates that fall on us that we breathe in/eat on food that are the issue of question,not whether its happening.
        Most research suggests high levels of aluminum, tho there are other chemicals involved that are probably messing with our atmosphere.
        Too bad they wont just use jet fuel made out of algae like the 4th grade class in fortuna made (yes its pretty easy) & have very few chemicals coming out the back of planes.

        Ive watched it happen in the sky for years, whatever it is, the thin lines of “cloud” are done in a grid pattern&start to spread out until it creates a haze that eventually settles in the valleys and then it will sprinkle or rain unexpectedly. Its easiest to see in trinity county. It comes out of commercial planes but the grids look like the jets that fly west-east coming off of the naval ships at sea.
        Has everyone forgotten that from the bay to canada, ocean to the 5 and beyond to the east is a designated navy testing area??? C’mon folks, it started years ago with the jets flying through the honeydew valleys and running livestock off of cliffs so our local supes had to get involved and thats when the info came out. Look it up.

    • Naw, its gonna rain ’cause I sacrificed a virgin, had sex with a goat, and danced nekid all night.

      • That’s not funny Scooter!! Conspiracy theories make a complicated and confusing word so simple. Let me have my Chemtrails!

    • It’s Hillary’s fault.

  • Victor G. Flashman

    Because all things have been plotted by the government… Chemically induced rain is cheaper than fire retardant and paying 150,000 firefighters…

    If you stop smoking weed, eventually you may become less paranoid…

    Northern CA is full of pot growers, firefighters, and apparently, arsonists…

  • Takes all kinds what if they are all the same people. Dope grower on the weekend. Firefighter by day arsonist by night it has happened before arizona 02 showdown at showlow and the hayman fire Colorado. My fire crew was right behind the people who died on the Hayman fire.

  • Yo Victor , chem trails are facts! It was nationally promoted in the 70’s when the technology first came to be. Then all the push back from citizens, put it back in to the shadows. Passenger jets trails disappear quickly, they dont spread out across the sky for an entire day. Cloud seeding its called.

    • Yo, Darrell, thanks for the news from InfoWars.

    • Back in the mid 80’s i remember a teacher talking about the up coming ice age, and all the things that were being done by goverments and corperations around the world to prevent it. Coal dust on polar caps to help them thaw and something about releasing propane in the stratispher . If folks would stop trying to mess with things i think this planet would take care of it’s self just fine.

  • You guys kill me.lmfao

  • Nah Its a fact

  • Lift that wool from over ur eyes

    Wow no wonder our worlds the way it is, do some damn research before you diss whatever those trails are! Weather control was a known thing promoted as a positive thing to help people, duh, you can find it if you do research. These days youd probably have to go to a library as the internet is very challenging to find older info.

    Area 51 didnt exist, right? Now it does. CIA testing of LSD just conspiracy? Nope we know now its not. Ever heard of the movie men who stare at goats? Yep they tested mind control too.
    Just to say our govt has hidden lots of things behind the curtain of “conspiracy theory”.

    Ok so if not chem trails whats the purpose of flying in grid formations leaving trails? Its like a checkerboard.


    Vincent Schaefer sparked new interest in weather control after discovering the principle of cloud seeding. Cloud seeding is a form of weather modification typically used to create rain by dispersing chemicals into the air. Soon after Schaefer’s discovery, Dr. Bernard Vonnegut discovered that silver iodide could be used to seed clouds.”


    The discovery channel is very non political, at least check it out. It wasnt insidious until thrown into the conspiracy dept.
    Lets not be like the humans who took hundreds of years to believe the world was round not flat. Open that mind even a little, theres all sorts of amazing things out here! 🙂

  • Geoengineering its called

  • has anyone noticed that the jets have regular contrails lately. it looks as if the trump and his Klan have put an end to geoengineering. therefore, I have concluded that Obama must have started the Geo-engineering program due to the simple fact that trump is only focused on undoing what a black man accomplished. with some of the highest levels of aluminum found in the Eel river drainage (one of the few north/south drainages inline with the chemtrails) and no natural source within the drainage, its a no brainer what they have been spraying.

  • Geo-engineering, completely abnormal fires.

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