Multiple People Injured When 15-Passenger Van Crashed Near Mad River

Breaking news graphicAt approximately 6:47 p.m., a 15 passenger van carrying multiple people was reported to have gone off County Line Creek Road north of Hwy 36 near where the River Fire is burning. A helicopter flew into the Dinsmore Airport to transport out at least one patient with major injuries. One patient with back pain was transported to St. Joseph Hospital in Eureka by land ambulance. According to a report over the scanner, the van may have lost its brakes and one patient, at least, jumped out of the rolling van.

The incident happened on the Trinity County side of the line. We’ll try to get more information tomorrow.



  • Jumping out of a rolling van amazing that a person was able to achieve that must of been very scarery I mean how the hell do you jump from a rolling van (really)

    • With great difficulty, as fast as you possibly can, to prevent being hit by the rolling vehicle!!!

    • Before everyone jumps to conclusions.. Define Rolling.. Did they mean rolling on its wheels.. As in still moving?
      Or rolling as in rolling over during a crash ?
      Not gonna assume anything until that grey area gets defined !

  • Oh dear God,I hope everyone is going to be ok. Praying for a fast recovery

  • Firefighters or trimmers? Update please when you know more. Thank you.

    • More than likely Firefighters, since as far as I know most Trimmigrants don’t use Mass Transportation AFAIK @ least!!!

    • Geee zusssss.. What makes you people automatically assume it had to be one of those two options only ? And before any new update everyone flies off with all the same old comments all over again… Why wait for an update ? Sounds like you all got it figured out already.! Give it a rest already. hehehe.

  • One doesn’t jump from a rolling vehicle, one is Thrown out, due to not being restrained properly.

    Anyone who’s been in a rollover accident knows full well that nobody thinks “I better jump out of this rolling death machine”, nope, everything happens too fast for any thought, irrational or otherwise.

    If they claimed they jumped out, they are fabricating a story that defies the physical laws that encompass time, motion, and centrifugal force.

    Well, it is possible that they were truly stupid enough to believe that it was a viable option, and attempted to do so, but centrifugal forces would override any chances of selecting a safe trajectory to escape the rolling vehicle, that they survived is blind luck.

  • The van contained people… Most likly.. The human kind. Heros lost…is tragic. A clear tragedy we almost all can agree on. Injuries to Humans lost in judgement… A tragedy we can not. A life that matters… Is a chance all Heros need.

  • Is there a force field on Highway 36 that makes you STUPID when you drive thru it? This is beyond belief the continuous flow of jerk drivers on 36.

    • That Force Field only affects those who don’t know this road well enough to drive it safely!!! Those individuals are the ones we end up reading about here!!! After they have caused someone else to join in their rolling catastrophe then maybe they will wake up & drive right, but I seriously doubt it!!!!

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