Firefighters’ Video of Santa Rosa Burning

The Berkeley firefighters who created this video of what they saw that first night in Santa Rosa are asking people to donate:

PLEASE DONATE FOR THE VICTIMS and RESPONDERS – LINKS are HERE: Helping people, Sonoma County resilience fund:… For animals, Marin Humane is doing so much:… A local community fund for agencies… Our Berkeley Fire Fighter who lost his home:…

Other places you can donate can be found at this link.



  • Thank you for your perseverance, dedication, bravery. How traumatic for everyone involved. Words… are not enough.
    Thank you for the donation links.

  • Amazing times where within days of an event we can experience a first hand view of something like this. Horrible situation but an amazing record.

  • A heartfelt thanks. This may well be the crew who saved my Aunt and Uncle’s home in Santa Rosa.
    As the man said: one side of the street was wasted; the other side saved.

    Truly amazingly great works in insane times.

  • wow. just wow.

  • Pinch of Salt River

    Santa Rosa Fire chiefs should be ashamed at their lack of communications, proper planning and reaction time. This video shows the lack of proper support from Santa Rosa fire’s management. Too many failures and bad decisions were made by those in charge. A few top fire officials need to be investigated and punished for their negligence. Good thing the respondents were able to stay alive and offer unorganized effective support. Thank you to all the respondents! Hopefully, qualified people will take the place of the people that failed to sufficiently do their jobs causing loss of life and property.

  • They deserve an award just for the magnified emotions they had to overcome. My knees are still weak, just from the feeling of not knowing where to base from. Follow that truck and hope to hell he knows where he’s going? They did an amazing job of regaining their composure and staking a place to fight.
    Do fire trucks have Ham Radio backups?

  • Wow! Very sad and very hard to watch the video.

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