Coast Guard Rescues 16-Year-Old Hiker

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Stock photo of a Coast Guard helicopter [Stock photo from Wikipedia by Vlad Lazarenko]

Press release from the Coast Guard:

A Coast Guard helicopter crew rescued a 16-year-old boy who fell from the Coastal Trail on Highway 101 and was stranded 300 feet up from a cliff face near Crescent City, Saturday night.

The Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office dispatchers called Coast Guard Sector Humboldt Bay watchstanders around 10 p.m., to request a helicopter hoist for a boy who was stuck on a cliff near Highway 101.

The boy had reportedly been hiking along the trail when he fell over the edge and caught himself 300 feet above the ocean on a one-foot-wide ledge.

Watchstanders dispatched an MH-65 Dolphin helicopter crew from Coast Guard Air Station Humboldt Bay, who arrived on scene around 10:45 p.m. and found the boy after he flashed his cell phone light at the helicopter. The helicopter crew assumed a 240-foot hover over the boy and used all 245 feet of the hoist cable to rescue him.

The Dolphin crew transported the boy to Del Norte County Airport in Crescent City, where Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office emergency medical services personnel were waiting to transport him to a local hospital.

“This case is a great example of the interagency efforts that go into a successful rescue,” said Capt. Greg Fuller, the commander of Sector Humboldt Bay. “The entire rescue team did an excellent job working together to get our crews in place and get the boy back to safety.”



  • Lundbar Hillbilly

    Thank you Coasties. You are under-appreciated heros in my book.

  • Semper paratus you guys rock

    what a world you live in.

    • I don’t want to minimize the magnitude of the lazer shining at the aircrew but it wasn’t “the locals”, it was a local or even possibly a few locals but it definitely wasn’t the entire community attacking them.

      • i am sure it wasnt the entire community, but it only takes just one, like a spark in a dry forest. The crew in that aircraft is in as much danger as the people or person they are trying to save. this is extremely dangerous work, that these men an women perform daily with out even a thank you sometimes.

        • I worry that there is so much negative that painting everyone with the same brush means that we fail to see the good in our communities. It only takes one person to cause terrible damage. But not everyone can be held responsible for what that one person does. I agree with you that the crew was in danger. I just don’t agree that the whole community is responsible.

  • Coasters are awesome great job. And we sure can’t forget the awesome job Kym does keeping us all informed on what’s going on.

  • He used a cell phone that uses just for games. He called 911 and held on for dear life with one hand for 2hours. A waterfall splashed on him and he just about froze. He used the flash light on the phone and sherffs offce tracked him. He prayed the whole time. He knew his prayers were answered when he seen a shootings star, and then here comes the USCG. Just like Superman.

  • If that was my kid he would be spending every Saturday until he graduates down at the Coast Guard station washing the helicopter that saved him.

  • This boy was from eureka.

  • Great job Coasties. We appreciate you,

  • We’d be doomed without OUR COASTIES YOU Rule Bless all your hearts ❤

  • Coast Guard is the finest agency that the U.S. has.

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