Evacuations Around Buck Fire Which Burns in Southeastern Trinity County [MAP]

A fire, the Buck Fire, that has been burning since September 12 has been whipped up by the dry windy weather and now the US Forest Service is issuing an order for evacuations.

Earlier today they wrote, “The fire has burned an additional 3, 670 acres since October 1st, and a total of 11,265 acres since it began on September 12, 2017.”

They posted on their Facebook page about 5:15 p.m.,

As a precautionary measure, a mandatory evacuation order has been put into effect for Forest section areas on the map highlighted in light red [pink].

The affected areas include those between the following landmarks – south of Buck Ridge, west of Hermit Rock, north of Penney Ridge, and east of Trough Ridge.

Buck Mt. Evacs
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