Body Cam Footage From an Officer in Sonoma County as He Rushed to Evacuate People While Flames Engulfed Their Homes

As fires broke out across Northern California on the night of October 8 and in the early hours of October 9, firefighters, neighbors, and law enforcement went door to door waking sleeping residents and hurrying them to safety. Above are excerpts from one officer’s body cam released by the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office yesterday.


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  • Thank you for posting this, kym. It brings home so much reality of this horrible situation. And how much we all benefit from the help of others.

  • Give praise to ALL OUR FIREFIGHTERS your bravery is HONORABLE.THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK ALL OF you. You risk your life without thought of yours. Please be safe

  • So sad for people who lost everything .

  • THANK YOU police and firefighters for your courage, compassion and bravery.

  • I startrd to cry watching this. The terror and immensity of it all. Police, firefighters, and citizens have all acted with such courage and honor. I am moved. But also so dismayed at the immense destruction. If you can give please do. And if you have been thinking about adopting a dog or cat, now is a good time. Help southern shelters make room for the many pets being pulled off the streets, and eventually (we hope) reunited with their owners (if they still have a home). Be grateful for life and appreciate the quality and strength of NorCal folks.

    • Me too! So powerful & surreal to see what they all went through & are still going through. My heart breaks for everyone involved & am hoping for safety to all.

      The men & women out there fighting the fires & helping this community, in more ways than one, are the true hero’s & I am so thankful for each & every one of you. Stay safe!

  • Maybe people will stop hating cops so much.

    • Not the time to troll. There are thousands of heroic people helping others down there, and I am grateful to them all—first responders, neighbors, strangers. Hope the kindness comes back to each of them, a hundredfold. There really are no words to adequately thank them all.

  • The balls on that deputy are huge. Bless you officer! You and your co-workers, the firefighters, and all outreach are outstanding and ballsy. You’re all in my thoughts and prayers.

  • I think you might be referring to my post, Truthy, which wasn’t trolling, it was a nod to the great work our police do to keep our communities safe and recognition that they aren’t getting positive PR in mainstream media. It’s unfortunate if some interpret my comment as trolling, but that wasn’t my intention. Trolling: making a deliberately offensive or provocative online post with the aim of upsetting someone or eliciting an angry response from them. Come on….

  • FIRST RESPONDERS deserve a raise, and ample time off to relax with family and friends.
    I will vote YES on any measure that will increase their salaries, and provide for additional hires.

    Did you hear that officer coughing and choking on the smoke? He was undoubtedly out in that hellish situation for at least 12 hours.

    Imagine the physical and mental toll that such a sustained effort would take on his body and mind.
    The degrees of stress/exhaustion must be unbelievable.
    Imagine his family at home consumed with worry…and having to escape the flames themselves.

    When all this is over, voice your appreciation and support to all of our first responders. Ask them what they need…and provide it.

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