Traffic Collision Near Wabash and Summer; Wabash Closed

traffic accident in Eureka

Medical personnel prepare to extricate a patient from one of the vehicles.[All Photos by Mark McKenna]

At approximately, 3:40 p.m., two vehicles, a BMW and a Mazda Protege, collided at the intersection of Summer and Wabash in Eureka. Wabash is now closed in one direction.
One patient needed to be extricated from one of the vehicles but, according to the scanner, has only minor injuries.


removing patient from Accident



  • People just don’t give a fuck anymore they think they are the only people on the road and to hell with everyone else,i can wait till one of these ass’ s hit me they will have a rotten day.

    • I came back to this to ask why you were so angry about this? It seems a simple story of a relatively minor accident with no details.

      • Have you driven lately? Especially on Wabash? It’s like a speedway and the cars from the side streets are playing Frogger with traffic. I understand the concept that so many drivers lately don’t seem to have a care for anyone else on the road.

        • Wabash is truly bad for cars coming out of the side streets, I’ve stopped driving it for the most part. Too many close calls.

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        Driving in Eureka gets worse every day. It’s so bad that now we get people saying its not so bad ’cause nobody got badly hurt. Are you kidding? Oh, yeah, it’s fine with you until people are maimed and killed. “Just a relatively minor accident.” Think a little.

  • Wabash needs a stop sign at California. It would help slow traffic.


    What was the commute-hour accident by the myrtle cemetery?
    A lime van or suv just in the roadway with alarm and doors open. No passengers?

  • I’m glad no-one was killed, but it is just a matter of time before it happens. People speed, and fail to yield for pedestrians including when kids are getting off the school bus.

  • I hope the driver of the white car wasn’t that nice homeless lady. If so, she now has no shelter. I hope the BMW driver will have a heart because the insurance probably won’t pay enough for the lady to get a new car.

  • Maybe my feeling is effected by driving a large pick up but I have not found Wabash that bad. People make false starts from side streets and stop a lot. Maybe if I drove a passenger car, I would drive with my lights on to make as sure as possible that these people see me.

    It’s Broadway that really scares me.

  • Then a few days ago a woman was drunk driving on Buhne and A street in Eureka bounced off one parked car ruining it, then she made the corner and smashed into a parked car on A St.
    That car was also demolished, she was held by neighbors till the EPD got there and started dragging out bottles of booze.
    Broken glass and car parts were left all over the street, three vehicles wrecked.
    No people injured, amazingly.

    • In July, my friend was killed in a flagged handicap scooter on Broadway on the sidewalk in front of Carl’s Jr. The woman that hit him was not arrested, and has since skipped town. The police or the DA don’t have time to follow up on minor details. It is getting to be a war zone out there. Stop at every green light, look both ways and proceed at your own risk. And, yes, the bigger the truck or car, the safer you will be! Good luck to inattentive pedestrians, bicyclists, and handicapped people in wheel chairs and electric scooters!

  • Eureka has a historical and institutional tolerance for intoxication. Way too many people are just fine with being impaired and driving. They see themselves as normal as those who don’t agree as the problem.

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