SoHum Friends Moved to Santa Rosa; Can You Help Get in Touch With Them After the Fire? Asks Reader

Can you helpA SoHum woman, Joedy Lange, is hoping one of us can help with her search for friends in Santa Rosa.  They are former locals who she hasn’t been able to contact since the fires started. She wrote,

I’m trying to find out if Vic and Sam Oteri are ok. They used to live out towards Ettersburg and moved to Santa Rosa a few years ago. They lived in the Journeys End mobile park that burnt down and I haven’t been able to get ahold of them to see if they’re ok. I’m hoping someone in this area may know how to get ahold of them or their family. I have their home phone but of course it’s no good now.

You can get in touch with Joedy Lange by calling (707)223-4442 or email her at or leave a message in the comments.
UPDATE 8:22 p.m.: Answers already! Joedy has talked to people who have talked to the Oteri family and they are alive.



  • Vic & Sam have been located and I’ve spoken to a much relieved Joedy and provided her with contact information for someone who knows far more than I. Good news!

    • I tried to get my friend for two days in SRosa, then I got an email from her. She still only gets limited use from her phone, even today. But email working well.

  • Such good news. I’m very happy for you and your friends.a little ray of sunshine🌞

  • It’s great to hear good news for a change. I’m glad they’re safe and as sound as possible.
    Readers might be interested in bookmarking the Safe & Well website and encouraging it’s use.
    Let’s see some more good news posting in.

  • i’ve seen several posts on rhbb of people worried about others that no other news outlet’s are reporting on.

    i wonder, could this forum be used by ppl concerned about loved ones in mendo co? people are thanking kym for info they are not hearing anywhere else…

    enough people check this site for updates – it might be like 7 degrees of separation.
    like an old party line phone system…

    and when the rains come i think we should hold an appreciation barn dance hoe-down for rhbb & company.

  • I’m glad to hear Vic and Sam are OK. I wondered what happened when I no longer saw them up here and feared one of them had died.

    When you get in touch with them Joedy please tell them Charlie from AEE says hi.

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