Pedestrian Received Major Injuries After Being Struck by Hit and Run Driver This Morning

Hit and run

Background photo by Oliver Cory

At approximately 6:06 a.m., a vehicle struck a pedestrian walking on Redwood Drive in Redway near the Brass Rail Inn, according to California Highway Patrol Officer Jeremy Lozensky. The driver fled in the suspect vehicle. At this point, there are no descriptors of the vehicle available.

The pedestrian received major but not life-threatening injuries, Lozensky said.



  • Well that sucks.😕

  • Well that’s not cool at all probably somebody on the all-night Bender….

    • Wow shaka.. or they may be up early to get their coffee and go off to work. Cars shouldn’t be used for hitting people. And if you hit someone or an animal, go check on what you harmed. Easy.

  • People are always walking on the white line in front of the Brass Rail, and wearing dark clothes. I’m surprised my mirror hasn’t hit someone yet. It should be the CHP’s responsibility to monitor this. It’s always the same people walking on the white line. A pedestrian has a certain amount of responsibly and does not always have the right-a-way. But then nothing else is enforced in Redway…. Has anyone noticed how dirty and trashy the place has become ? Unless everyone makes a noise, nothing will improve in SoHum.

    • Just might be your mirror missing off your car from this morning, hmm?

    • We have been making noise for a long time, I don’t think anyone is listening, or we get “you brought this on your selves” from everyone else.

    • Pedestrians always have the right of way. They’re really easy to avoid. If you’re paying attention and driving safely

      • You need to check your DMV handbook. It talks a lot about who is supposed to yield the right of way to whom. Yes, vehicles are supposed to yield the right of way to pedestrians. But that’s not always possible. The pedestrian doesn’t HAVE the right of way until it’s given to them.

        I live in Arcata and see pedestrians walking out into traffic, nearly causing an accident. and then yelling at the driver, “I got the right of way, man!” That’s not how it works.

        I’m often a pedestrian, and I am very careful around cars. I’ve seen cars blast through stop signs like it wasn’t there (i.e., 30 mph). I want to see the drivers eyes and a wave before I will put my body where it can be hit by a car. And I’m always ready to jump or run, if I have to.

      • No they don’t . They have as much responsibility as a driver In keeping the road safe . You cannot leave the curb into the roadway if it is unsafe . Pedestrians get killed in eureka all the time and are found to be at fault with no culpability on the driver

    • Oliver if you think the only place laws aren’t enforced is Redway then you don’t get out much! I left loleta this morning to get my labs done, I got passed by no less then fifteen cars and trucks going at the very least 80+ mph some closer to 90mph,what the fuck? These assholes need to knock it off, the chp is a fucking joke I haven’t seen anyone pulled over in months. Then on the way home it was the samething…enough is enough.

    • Oliver, So, if you ever do hit someone, will it be chp’s responsibility to hunt you down, or will you stop and take responsibility? I’ve walked along that stretch several times. (Was I one of “always the same people” when I did so?)
      It’s been daylight, but I too walked on the whiteline….because the shoulder is remarkably slanted and difficult to walk on.
      Safe, walkable streets should be a reasonable expectation in the world’s richest nation it seems to me.

      • There should be a sidewalk there. It is a dangerous place to walk.

      • The US is not the richest country in the world. It is not even in the top ten. And Redway is far, far, far below average income from that.

        Then too many people are willing to give up city amenities to get what nature has to offer but cities have paved over. And nature rarely offers sidewalks.

        Not that such a situation means it’s open season on pedestrians.

    • Come and help eel river clean up project we meet in front of the laundry matt in gville Tuesday and Friday we pick the garbage and its back the next week some of try to keep sohum clean don’t complain volunteer.

    • Um maybe try driving on the road instead of the shoulder and line…. I see so many riding the line and the shoulder…. Duh people walk there, plus there’s plenty of room for any car between the lines, no excuse to hit someone…..

    • Charles Engebretson

      Are you kidding?Its the pedestrians fault?Somebody needs to check this persons grill for clothing and human hair

  • We can thank our county supervisors who are more concerned about cannabis legalization than they are of the problems our communities face on a daily basis. Just put on your blinders everyone, everything is just fine.

  • So fucking over the shitty drivers and dumbass people that hurt/kill someone and then leave the scene… or just people that DON’T pay attention while driving!! UGH! Idk about you, but i have people i love and care about around here SO WATCH WHAT YOU’RE DOING BEFORE YOU TAKE SOMETHING YOU CAN NEVER GET BACK

  • Hit and run means jail time for good reason; what sicko could ever justify hitting a human being and running; hope they catch who did it.

    If people drive the speed limit, observe traffic signs, pay attention to the road, it’s almost impossible to hit a pedestrian.

    • When it’s foggy, pedestrians are all of a sudden right there on the white line… Sidewalks would be money well spent, or at least a designated walkway. So many cars on these roads, and the county knows this, as they periodically have the electronic car counters. The speed limit should also be lowered!! But pedestrians as well as drivers need to be paying attention to their actions.

  • SoHumMountainRanger

    I agree with a lot of these comments, but I think a huge improvement on the area would be a few street lights. The area is so dark at night, and almost impossible to see someone in the fog until you’re right up on them.

    • We fought against light pollution in Redway a long time ago…Stephanie Gawboy (RIP) was at the head of that charge, along with StableSlopes Forever. The new Shell station made way more light than the old, but most of Redway is nice and dark. The main drag however, would be a good place to have a bit of specifically directed low lighting. And please, please ask CHP to give out reflector arm/leg band strips?

  • The perpetrator might not even know they hit a human and/or they could be scared shitless and might come forward once they calm down. That said, if they do know what they did and they are trying to hide, then unleash the dogs of war.


    Watched traffic during 30 minute sandwich break today. Damn!

    If the cops gave a ticket to half of the texting drivers the cities would be rich!!!

  • You know, pedestrians do not have the right of way like people think. Pedestrians are prohibited on the 101. How often do you see them there? Everyday. Its a high speed freeway where they arent allowed, yet when someone got hit there last year everyone said the same dumb thing, ” slow down” not pedestrians are prohibited for a reason. Pedestrians arent supposed to walk on the road, or jay walk or impede traffic. You know how many times the bums in redway have caused me to almost wteck with my kids in my car? Losing control of their shopping carts on the downhill exiting redway, or drunk walking in the middle of the road at night like idiots. Pedestrians need to use more caution.

  • Hahaha only in redway would people blame the pour fool up in the hospital and not the person who hit n ran….shit cracks me up..lmao…it would be one thing if they stayed at the scene… So hum town rats crack me up…unreal…

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