31 Confirmed Dead in Wildfires That Broke Out Earlier This Week: Maps

5:30 PM Looking north from Gibson Lane.

Yesterday afternoon on the Redwood Fire at 5:30 PM looking north from Gibson Lane. [Photo by Hannah Foster]

This morning Cal Fire reports that over 220,000 acres are burning in the wildfires that began on Sunday and the number of those confirmed dead has increased to 31. (See maps below.)

Higher winds and continuing dry weather are predicted for later today which could cause dangerous conditions for spreading the current flames or fan sparks into new wildfires.

8,000 firefighters are on the ground as part of the battle Cal Fire is spearheading against the current blazes.

ooking north from Upper Powerhouse Gibson lane at 3 on the 11

Looking north in Potter Valley on October 11. [Photo by Hannah Foster]

Mendocino and Lake Fires:

According to Cal Fire, “Firefighters utilized favorable weather conditions, across both fires, to their advantage yesterday and throughout the night towards achieving containment and providing structure defense, however, the fire continues to burn in multiple directions threatening numerous communities and infrastructure. Steep inaccessible terrain coupled with critical fuel moistures, and northwest winds will provide challenges for crews working on the fire. 34,000 acres have burned in the Redwood Fire, 10% contained. 2,500 acres have burned in the Sulphur Fire, 55% contained. There have been 8 fatalities and approximately 8000 people have evacuated throughout the incident.”

Here’s Cal Fire’s morning fact sheet:

10-13-17 AM Fact Sheet (1)


[Photo by Michael Godinez]

Below are the most recent maps available as of 8 a.m. Friday morning. (Timestamps of when the information was collected that was used to create the maps can usually be found in the corners of the PDF’s).

Click on the thumbnail images of each map to be taken to a pdf. Usually, in the lower right-hand corner of each expanded map, you can see the time and date that the information to create each map was collected.

The Mendocino/Lake Complex:

Mendocino/Lake Complex

Mendocino/Lake Complex map

We also have a KMZ file that can be viewed in Google Earth if you have access: 20171013_0214_MendocinoLakesComplex_CAMEU012169

The Central LNU Complex in Sonoma:

Tubbs Fire

Tubbs and Nuns Fire map

We also have a KMZ file of the entire Central LNU Complex which includes the Tubbs Fire in Santa Rosa that can be viewed in Google Earth if you have access: 20171013_CentralLNUComplex_IR

The Southern LNU Complex in Napa County:

Southern LNU Complex

Southern LNU Complex

We also have a KMZ file of the entire Southern LNU Complex which includes the Atlas Fire that can be viewed in Google Earth if you have access:20171013_Atlas_IR (1)

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  • Again I appreciate the information. However sad it makes me.

  • Great coverage!

  • my kids dads house is in the 12000 block of tomki rd. in redwood valley.
    does anyone know if structures have burned there?
    i have not heard anything back from anyone,
    and hope every day for some good news.
    thank you kym for your informative website.

  • I have Google Earth but can’t seem to open the image for the MendoLakesComplex fire. Any advice?

  • Thank you kym!!!!!!

    Please everyone be extra super duper careful over the next few days with anything that can spark. If you see someone using a power tool or having a burn pile (some folks just dont get it), dont hesitate to stop and remind them of the fire danger.

    One of the best gifts we can give our neighbors to the south is to keep our area fire free to the best of our ability and not pull any emergency services away.

  • Thank you Kym!

    I noticed the map today for the redwood fire looks exactly the same as the google earth map from 10/11, even on the north side and in the mountainous terrain. I spent some time comparing details. Either they have the fire pretty darn under control for now, including in difficult terrain, or they are recycling info. ???

    Maybe they are saving their time & energy to remap after the winds pick up? Do you know if the images are generated by satellite or by plane?

    • There’s a difference that you can see best on the KMZ from yesterday and today. I circled the area that you should look in white.

      • Thanks Kym, then I guess it’s pretty stabilized for now. I looked at the wind forecasts for that area and they’re forecast to be less than before. I might go down there this weekend if I’m able to.

        People say they are just doing mop up and spot checking in the reeves canyon area. I have friends in that area. If they’re letting people back in Redwood Valley that might be the case there as well. I’m wondering about PV though.

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