Trinity County Teacher Arrested for Child Molestation

Trinity County Sheriffs Office TCSOThis is a press release from the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:



  • Teachers. The pride of progressives.

    • Crikey LiG, you couldn’t make your weak political tRoLL any more obvious, a complete lack of creativity on your part, pathetic.

    • It may be that the kind of people who molest are smart and find occupations which give them access to children, jobs where the parents aren’t as educated or involved (smaller PTAs, , fewer school activities…
      People who molest learn to hide, to be chameleons, taking on protective coloration so
      they fit in. Some do it so well they’re seldom noticed or caught. Some are so addicted to
      their aberrant behavior that they take chances and get caught.

      Back in the late 70s we had friends who taught in Humboldt & Trinity county schools. HumCo Schools had an in-service and I think some Trinco teachers attended. The friends
      told us (I was married then) that they were told in counties with larger rural communities, the incidence of family molestation was one in five. That one family in five (based on studies) would offend with one or more of their children and that often it was a long-term legacy of abuse, going back generations. That it was a way of life. Children raised in such families thought that was just the way it was and sexual abusers very often were not physically violent, so there were no outward signs of any problems.
      The friends were told that they could not be proactive, but only what to do if abuse was reported to them. Both had worked at schools which were more proactive, (and better, more involved parents) so the workshop/in-service greatly depressed them.

      Before judging an occupation like teaching, consider there are all kinds of people who become teachers. And remember there are monsters everywhere: in the home, in the school, at the doctor’s or hospital….

      • Exactly, pedophiles hold ALL/ANY jobs they need…no PARTICULAR jobs have more pedophiles.They have no particular LOOK either, sneaking around looking like typical humans…

    • Why do trumpers prefer people to be uneducated .. not just this guy, but on every level; cutting education, cutting teacher pay etc.? I think I know why.

      • Because the more that go through the education system these days, the worse the result coming out seems to be? If only the results of the far left’s theories turned out even closely like what they promise.

        There would be no Trump if the left would put in the work themselves and had the understanding of human nature needed to get results. They seem to prefer the Disneyland theory of life where, if you put in enough money and hire enough of other people’s labor, you can achieve a very isolated appearance of happiness. It’s where the tickets to visit are extremely expensive,which the poorest can’t afford in the first place, but provide a few hours of satisfactory fantasy to those who can pay.

        • literally all of the data related to your theory supports the opposite of your theory. I highly recommend this area focus’s on educating their kids. almost all of the arrests related to crime are locally raised and every year more and more 19 year olds join the ranks. have you thought of what would happen if all the educated progressive’s say fuck it? you would have to go to another country for healthcare for one. educated transplants are here for a reason, have you thought about what that reason is?


            Etc, etc,etc.

            You ask what would happen if all the educated progressive’s (sic) say fuck it (sic)? Why just what you say- educated (elsewhere) transplants come here to do what we can’t. We can’t produce our own professionals in needed numbers that even meet our own continuously dropping standards in any field where results can be measured. We seem to produce thousands of unemployable ‘progressives’ instead.

            As for student’s coming here from other countries, yes they do. Because we have lower standards than elsewhere as long as they can pay. Which is why our own institutes of higher learning love the foreign students. They pay better.

            BTW I love that euphemism for liberal “progressive.” It’s like a merchandising company naming something as Acme or Superior or Best in the hopes that people will be fooled into buying it. And as soon as that name manages to become a universal standing joke, someone will change the name for liberal again. Maybe it will be the Beneficials. There is magic in a name. Oh well. Hope springs eternal.

            • I meant nationwide, like the pharmacist in DC disclosing the drugs Congress is consuming. the breaking point is very close. as always, you have a very small town conservative view point that can’t even see the harm you advocate. keep em dumb that’s what your master wants. he just royally fucked the healthcare for your tax bracket.

              • First I have no ‘master’. Youbare assuming and very incorrectly at that.

                Then you’d be hard pressed to find anyone raised more internationally than I was. I chose here after having lived many other places.

                Again it’s not a question of keeping anyone ‘dumb’ but of avoiding damaging the brain cells that they managed to create before they start school.

                What this all has to do with a pharmacist in DC is very unclear.

      • What the hell is wrong with you? You know nothing.

    • Knowledge, the scourge of Trumpanzees.

    • Yes, let’s blame teachers for this guy’s crimes. Better yet, let’s just get rid of all of them and join in the roundpound ignorance that you seem to espouse.

      • It’s hard to see who is replying to whom in this format. But if you meant me, I certainly don’t espouse ’roundpound’- whatever that means- ignorance. I just responded to emily’s bible thumping condemning of ‘trumpers’ as ‘prefering people to be uneducated’ which is apparently her interpretation of anyone who objects to sentencing young people to decades of school only to find they can’t think through even simple problems when they finish. Apparently the ‘Progressive’ ideal, as stated here, is group think no matter how poor the results.

        Luckily a few do manage to survive the indoctrination of higher education but the average is sadly impaired for life.

  • May the investigation be done in a manner in which the victims get excellent support and resources.

    Thankfully some of the students harmed by the man sought help.

    That is a very brave action.

  • They should’t give teachers tenure, it makes them feel like they are above reproach and this is the result sometimes. I’ll get alot of flack for saying this but it’s my opinion and I have the right to voice my opinion in this GREAT country!

  • Of course the accused/confessed perp should be fairly prosecuted and face his sentence, but the thing that burns me about this kind of story, is that it ignores the fact that this abuse happens everywhere.

    Stories like this have been “normal” for decades, and only a few predators get stopped, and even then, it’s often after many years of abusing multiple children.

    Where are the checks and balances to prevent these people from getting jobs with easy and trusted “access” to children?

    And if these checks existed, they either didn’t work, or possibly they were basically ignored, and/or not implemented.

    So I feel the schools should be sharing fault here, as they failed their students through lack of supervision, and/or background checks, or silence concerning possible abusers within the education community, when are these issues going to be addressed?

    • They should’t give teachers tenure, it makes them feel like they are above reproach and this is the result sometimes. I’ll get alot of flack for saying this but it’s my opinion and I have the right to voice my opinion in this GREAT country!

  • Another? Wtf!

  • and lets just see what kind of time he serves. what is just as disgusting is the jail time these sick mf’s get compared to drug or other charges.

  • Same thing happened at one of my schools, several friends committed suicide in the ensuing years. And..

    For the Kids: maybe learn a bit from my failed approach, there’s other/ arguably better and extremely–extraordinarily–easier ways to cope, living in the dark makes it real hard to see hope..
    But you are absolutely Not Alone.

    The Show
    My innocence was taken long ago
    By my favorite counselor at camp.
    I picture him from time to time
    His sweat the smell, my mind a confused cramp
    He played by the rules, knew how to get by
    Well groomed, well employed
    no insult to the eye
    Not the man I had become
    A pavement sleeping junked out bum
    Stepped over and on
    by community types
    the skeletons among us
    that know how to hide
    Innocence taken long ago
    by a man who knew how
    to put on a show.

    For the adults: Think twice when judging. Anyone.
    (Amazing how kids don’t need that info.. one sees another.. so why not make friends?)

  • Sad. At least he admitted (some of) his crimes. Hope that will mean pleading guilty and not put the kids and families through trials. May he get the help he needs and the legal (not the extra judicial) penalties due him.

  • Theres always a rotten appel in the basket. Hope he gets help,and never ever works or is near children again. Praying for the children 💑

  • So the real question is how to keep children from being abused by those in authority without leaving them to fight through the chaos that would result from no authority in their schools.

  • Was he a registered democrap?
    Most likely a bernie voter.
    He will ve feeling the burn in his anus , the inmates will make sure of that.

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