Public Workshop in Willow Creek on Proposed Revisions to the County’s Commercial Cannabis Land Use Ordinance, etc.

Humboldt Cannabis iconPress Release from the County of Humboldt:

On Wednesday, Oct. 18 beginning at 5:30 pm, Supervisor Ryan Sundberg and the Humboldt County Planning and Building Department will be hosting a public workshop in Willow Creek on proposed revisions to the county’s Commercial Cannabis Land Use Ordinance (CCLUO), and the associated Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR).

A sampling of the principal changes to County code being considered in the ordinance include:

  • Repeal of the current permit application deadline (12/31/16) to allow for submittal of applications for commercial cannabis activities, including cultivation
  • Broadening the scope of the current regulations to encompass commercial cannabis activities for recreational users authorized under the recent passage of the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA)
  • Providing for a greater diversity of areas where cannabis cultivation will be allowed to expand or occur
  • Developing performance standards for controlling odor and other impacts from cannabis activities
  • Special requirements/limitations for projects located within spheres of influence or community areas

More detail about the policies being reviewed at the hearings and the DEIR is on the county’s website.

In the matter of Proposed Amendments to Humboldt County Code Regulating Commercial Cannabis Activities

DATE:    Wednesday, October 18, 2017, 5:30 – 8:00 pm

LOCATION: Trinity Valley Elementary School Gymnasium

730 N. Highway 96

Willow Creek, CA 95573

Cannabis EIR web page



  • I don’t think a school is the proper setting to be discussing drug dealing, the jail is a much better place for this topic.

  • I hope people speak up in favor of NOT allowing any new grows. Its such bullshit they might consider allowing new grows when they can’t get a grip on all of the illegal grows. They should protect the people getting permitted, jumping through major hoops and paying lots of money. People are already starting to withdraw their applications. Why go legal?

  • The fact is, outdoor weed is much better for the environment than folks think. Fire breaks, water ready to put out fires, co2 consumption, etc… There just isnt a need to tie up everyone in the tpz and “get them out of the hills” when the “legal” market is a big zoning scam — this guy over here gets to be rich and everyone else starves… what they should do is only allow big grows on tpz before it all burns down…. prime ag, lawyers, red tape lovers, crony capitalists and lobbyists be damned

  • Ive talked to a number of farmers who are unaware of how many steps it takes to get complete, some need Cultural Resource Studies, additional water storage, replace or upgrade/install a new septic, get all your electircal inspected, etc. This all will take a lot of work. Its true we need to not ever allow any more permits, 2000 farms in humboldt is all we need. There is too much black market weed being sold, it needs to be shutdown first.

    • It’s all so stupid. Thanks for screwing it all up people.

    • Ie humboldt is not a necessary location to start a marijuana business there are warehouses and endless Wall Street money for top shelf production close to LA .Growing under the sun i.e. outdoor ,good luck getting any shelf space it’s not what consumers want and there’s plenty of prime ag land closer to population centers with existing water allocations .
      But hey lets all continue to fantasize like the supervisors wet dream of pot solving this county’s debt and do more forest conversions …

  • Unfortunately this is the beginning of the end for Humboldt. The County was once the leader in attempting to get folks permitted. The Planning Department has made mountains of mole hills, costing timely delays and significant amounts of money while the rest of the State is passing us by. The State will limit the number of permits based on anticipated demands. Also, the State will give applicant’s priority based on the date of local approvals. Thousands of permits have been approved throughout the State.

    Does it really matter when your water tank was manufactured, what type of organic fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides are used, dates of construction of buildings, etc. An application is not referred until it is deemed “complete”. Sometimes folks spend tens of thousands of dollars to submit a “complete” application, later only to find out that one of the referral agencies is recommending denial. The applications should be referred immediately to identify any fatal flaws, so that money is unnecessarily spent attempting to submit a complete application that will ultimately be recommended for denial.

    General agriculture, including horticulture, viticulture and crop production are principally permitted uses in all the resource zones, including TPZ. If you were growing grapes, olives, hops, etc. you would need nothing more than a business license. If grading is involved you would need a grading permit. If surface water withdrawals are occurring you would need permits from DWR and CDFW. Less than 3 acre conversions are allowed for other agricultural uses by CDF. Remember when Assemblyman Jim Wood said after the passage of MMRSA that “… now cannabis will be regulated like any other agricultural crop.” Although nylon netting is used extensively in the wine/grape industry, DWR is recommending it not be allowed for the cannabis industry.

    I’ve been told that the costs of obtaining permits in Humboldt County is the highest in the State. Many longtime farmers are leaving the area headed to other County’s where the permit process is not as onerous and costly. I hear that Emerald Family Farms is selling some of their operations.

    The local cannabis industry is dying. It has been the economic driver of the County for decades. Unemployment is going to rise, dependency on social services is going to rise, crime is going to rise and property values are going to decline. The State and the County should have prepared an economic impact analysis as part of the new regulations.

    • Or the local cops could just continue 2 be cool but bust anything over an acre and sessions could come around… triangle have the best stuff and kept the market honest for past fifty yrs…. Let the free market rule! Jah Bless Amurikka..

      Its not like all those private tpz parcels are just dying to be clear cut for the greater good…wheres the beef?

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