Fleeing Suspect Injured in Southeastern Humboldt

ConvoyThis morning a number of law enforcement vehicles headed east on the Alderpoint Road in what neighbors are telling us is a raid on a marijuana operation. They stopped at a property off of Belles Road not far from the New Harris Store. A Fish and Wildlife Warden was chasing a fleeing suspect when the suspect fell injuring his ankle, according to Lt. Dennis Young of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office.

According to residents, a medical helicopter flew to the scene, landing at the intersection of Alderpoint Road and Bell Springs Road to pick up the injured person.

We have not been able to reach a Fish and Wildlife spokesperson for more information. We have requested more information and will update when possible.



  • I hope kym can find out who is getting busted this time. I bet it’s not the Bulgarians because they grow as much as they want no worries ,and non of us readers ever seem to get info of who or whom who was raided can anyone speculate as to the reason why they’re so tight-lipped law enforcement. I mean why is it such a covert operation.I no it’s not Kyms fault because she can’t get the information no matter how many times she trys to call law enforcement on who got busted

  • Chopper evac for sprained ankle?
    The guy will get a bill for $50k. Better than jail? Not in Humboldt. He would have been o.r.ed in about five minutes.

  • Kym if all he did was injure his ankle why did they need a helicopter to take him out. Couldn’t they just help him. I imagine he wouldn’t have any problem hopping on one foot if they were helping. I don’t get it. As usual, DUH !

    • in·ju·ry
      noun: injury; plural noun: injuries
      an instance of being injured.
      “she suffered an injury to her back”
      synonyms: wound, bruise, cut, gash, laceration, scratch, graze, abrasion, contusion, lesion; trauma
      “minor injuries”
      the fact of being injured; harm or damage.
      “all escaped without serious injury”
      synonyms: harm, hurt, damage, pain, suffering, impairment, affliction; disfigurement
      “they escaped without injury”

      So a compound ankle fracture/break or nearly severing a foot off at the ankle is still considered an “injury.”

    • get this, if they don’t waste our tax payer funds this year then they will not get the funds the following year, its pretty simple,…

    • Sharpen your pencil

      You are using sarcasm, right.?

  • When the Sheriff’s Deputies first called for medics, they reported the man had fallen down 5 stairs and was unresponsive. When the medics arrived, they also said he was unresponsive but breathing. Probably a decision was made to err on the side of safety by calling in the helo.

  • That makes more sense Shake Well. Where did you get that info? When I lived way back in the hills from Hay Fork I had about 3 acres of flat land. People that lived like I did would pay $25.00 a year and if you needed to get to a hospital they would fly in, pick you up and fly you to Redding. That was back in the 90’s though.

  • Love my scanner📻

  • the bulgarians are smarter then most of the locals and actually reinvest their money into property cleanups and compliance,
    aka permits and engineering.
    clean up your garbage that your got strewn all over your land and pay for some engineering and permits than get back to me,…

    • Bulgarians burn n bury there trash in gaint pits FYI

      • Says who? Have you see this with your own eyes are just basing your facts off of town gossip?

      • And know this …..
        Because it’s what you do?

        You shouldn’t paint broad strokes with a narrow brush.

      • plenty of locals that have their own landfills, here for 40 plus years and never been to the redway transfer station,..

      • Bulgarian this and Bulgarian that. I bet like every other group on the face of the planet,,, some do better than others in the good to Earth and common sense arenas.
        Whenever you begin a sentence with a collective noun, be very mindful that the following clause is a trap trying to make a boobie of you…or a racist etc.

      • I always seem to be behind this bulgarian guy at the dump. He has a hella nice clean dump truck , with trailer. It takes him 40 minutes to dump his trash, wish he would bring help. Anyway he is not burning his trash…And yes some locals are real pigs.

      • Disgusted ex-hippie

        Yes burn and bury. FYI the Bulgarians were caught and sighted recently in C.P. for illegal burning. All kinds of plastics,etc. The property has been decimated. Yes, they are “legal” grows. All the paperwork. No enforcement “YET”

    • Good point if people would come forward and go through the permit process, clean up their property to meet environment regs they wouldn’t have to worry. We’re not in the 80’s anymore times have changed. Get on the bus or sell out either way stop blaming other people you racist ass!

    • The Crooked Prairie Bulgarians are white trash eco pigs. They are exactly what’s wrong with Humboldt. No respect for the land, or anything, except American dollars.

      • Why don’t you write your real name [edit]? If the Bulgarians are not here you guys need to go and find job somewhere else and def they are cleaner than all of you in every way simply because we are much better !!!
        We know how to make money but you don’t
        We take shower every day you don’t
        We love , respect and support all of you but you don’t !!!!
        Stop bitching on us and learn life

  • ghillies on sale at amazon get one now, those dumb cops will never find you,…. also available in tan for you guys out on the meadows

  • YOSEL…uh, a police DOG will find a person…no matter what kind of clothes or ghillies…wise up dude.

  • All northern California emergency services are stressed out dealing with the fires. Why are resources being used to dog down the dread MJ plant at this time? Who is responsible for that decision?

  • Crush them and enforce federal law.

  • >”All northern California emergency services are stressed out dealing with the fires. Why are resources being used to dog down the dread MJ plant at this time? Who is responsible for that decision?”

    IMHO: Yup.

  • If they cared about the fish they would do the not so hard things these agencies ask them to when it comes to being compliant the least they could do is enrol in the water shed resorse protection plan but some people think this is to difficult or don’t care or feel they are giving up there property rights.

  • My exwife is a “Bulgarian (from Ukraine but it’s all the same to labeledanazi) she has a masters degree from Berkeley and makes 90g a year in Santa Rosa as senior accountant. Her house and her family’s place are spotless. I have in 10 years never seen it dirty they will spend hours cleaning their shoes. They are excellent farmers which unfortunately many locals are excellent gardeners. The Bulgarians are better at scaled up agriculture because they were farmers in their home country. My ex father in law had a PHD in genetic breeding and developed new apple varieties for the Soviet Union.

  • There were a lot Of non English speaking white guys hanging out at the mall today. Coincidence? They had a white van with covered side Windows. Tailgate window showed lots of blankets and clothes. They looked and smelled like trimmers/growers.

  • Were is the chump maybe he partnered up with the Bulgarians. Turned over a new leaf.

  • Does anybody know who got busted?????????

    • Bulgarians right next to us

    • It was some Bulgarians, small time ones, must have done something really dumb (besides falling off there porch) they hardly had anything worth taking the drive for. friendly enough folks never caused any problems here.

  • What are the prices this time of year for all you makeing a liveing off grass

  • Prices on it go up since a lot of it got burned in the fires

  • Hi would someone care to help a mom out? Theres a group of young adults working on a farm in your area and they arent communicating back home as much as we are use to. We get one text every few days and no reply when we reply.
    Is cell phone service that horrible there? We are starting to worry!

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