Third Confirmed Death in Redwood Complex; Now at 21,000 Acres and Still 0% Containment

Oct 9 smoke map EODIS

Oct 9 smoke map from EODIS

The Redwood Complex in Mendocino County now has a third confirmed death that occurred in the initial hours after the fire broke out and the fire area expanded last night.

“There have been complete neighborhoods that have been wiped out,” Sheriff Tom Allman said at a press conference this morning in Ukiah. He also said, “We have a…third confirmed death.” He added that there may be more as investigations continued.

“I am not anticipating any additional evacuations today,” Allman said. But, he said, 1000’s of individuals are without power.

At the same conference, Senator Mike McGuire warned, “We are anticipating that shelters are open for many days to come.” He said that this is not going to just be a 72-hour event. He pointed out the “significant challenge with communication” that is the result of cell phones not working. AT&T workers are in Mendocino attempting to restore communications.

The Complex is now 21,000 acres, according to Cal Fire. The flames continue to push outward in nearly all directions. (See map here.) There is 0% containment as firefighters face another day.

Temperatures in the sixties and reduced wind speeds should help crews battle the flames this morning. But there could be problems later this afternoon. There could be more severe winds coming on Thursday, too.

101 is open–two lanes going north and one going south, reported Caltrans at the press conference.

There will be another press conference at 4 p.m.

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