Detailed Fire Maps of the Redwood Complex, the Sulpher Fire, the Central LNU Complex, and the Southern LNU Complex

KMZ map of Redwood Complex on Oct 10, 2017

Infrared map of the Redwood Complex taken on Oct 9 at 9:09 p.m. (Click twice to enlarge.)

From the moment the first flames flickered to life on October 8 until today, one of the questions we’ve most wanted answered is “Where? Where are the fires?”

Today, we have some answers. Below are Cal Fire maps of the fires that began on October 8. The names are the Point, the Redwood Complex, the Southern LNU Complex, the Wind Complex, and the Central LNU Complex.

These are the most recent maps available (Timestamps can be found in the corners of the PDF’s).

Located at the bottom of this post are thumbnails of the detailed PDF maps. In order to see the PDF’s full size, click the thumbnail and the PDF will open in your browser (assuming your computer hasn’t blocked popups from opening). It may take a few seconds for the maps to load, so give it some time.

Click on the thumbnail images of each map to be taken to a pdf. Usually, in the lower right-hand corner of each expanded map, you can see the time and date that the information to create each map was collected.

The Redwood Complex in Mendocino County:

Redwood complex thumb

Redwood Complex Map

We also have a KMZ file that can be viewed in Google Earth if you have access: 20171010_RedwoodComplex_IR

The Sulpher Fire in Lake County:


The Sulpher Fire by Clearlake

The Central LNU Complex:

Tubbs Fire

Central LNU Complex which includes the Tubbs Fire in Santa Rosa.

The Southern LNU Complex which includes the Atlas Fire:


Southern LNU Complex near Partrick includes the Atlas Fire


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