259 Homes Destroyed and 800 Structures Threatened in Mendocino and Lake County Fires Combined

Major fire burns along Road J in Mendocino County. [Photo by Michael Godinez]

Major fire burned along Road J in Mendocino County on Oct 9. [Photo by Michael Godinez]

The wildland fires burning across the lower part of the Emerald Counties have now been combined by Cal Fire into one unit. The Redwood, Potter Valley, and Sulfur Fires are now called the Mendocino/Lake Complex. Cal Fire now lists 250 homes destroyed, 90 other structures destroyed, and 800 structures threatened by the fires in this unit.

There is a combined total of 28,500 acres burning.

Gusty winds are expected for tomorrow which will make for tough conditions.


Below is Cal Fire’s factsheet on this complex.

Mendocino_Lake Complex Update PM (1)




  • Thank you for all updates Kym.

  • Cell service has been restored. Information is sparse. No officials have information or are unwilling to tell us what is going on. We are blocked from entering the pine mountain subdivision.

    • The fire is still pushing towards willits. Spot fires on both sides of the 101 between ukiah and willits. As of this evening there is a natural containment at Mariposa ridge. There are water tenders stationed at reeves canyon rd.

  • Kym you are an awesome news reporter, The cat’s meow.😸 . And thank you for all your hard work and effort.

  • Wait. Did I read that right. Expected containment 11-1-17

    • I think that they just do not know so they put a date out in the future that seems most possible. With the way the weather is going it must be very hard to predict when they will be able to have them fully contained.

  • Our friends lost their house in Redwood Valley. We are surrounded by fires here, in Penn Valley. Stay safe

  • My father owned a ranch on Reeves Canyon Road in the late 70’s and 80’s and put his heart and soul into building an amazing house out there. I spent the majority of my teens and 20’s up there. He sold it in the early 90’s and has since passed away but it makes me sad to think that that house may have burned down. My heart goes out to everyone affected by that fire.

  • Thank you for the timely updates!

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