[UPDATE 8 a.m.] Major Fire in Mendocino Joins Others Whipping Across Northern California; 101 Closing

wildland fire featureAnother major fire is breaking out in northern California early this morning in Mendocino joining a number of other fires breaking out across Sonoma, Napa, Lake and other counties. The Mendocino Fire is in Redwood Valley. It has shut down Hwy 101 at West Road, according to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page. Evacuations were called for on the scanner but at this point, it isn’t clear where they are.

According to Wildland Fire.com, the fire is at 600 acres as of 2:30 a.m. The fire is burning in all directions, structures are threatened and people are trapped. One commenter, these are usually firefighters listening to fire channels, “Manditory evacs along Tomki Road. West Road from Tomki to Hwy 101.”

Reporters at the Mendocino Voice have let us know they can see flames in the distance but their internet is down.

UPDATE 2:50 a.m.: Caltrans is requesting that Hwy 101 be shut down south of the Willits Bypass.

UPDATE 2:55 a.m.: Houses are being reported burned over the scanner.

UPDATE 3:01 a.m.: Here is the view from the Testa Vineyards in Ukiah. 

Flames burning near Testa Vineyards in Mendocino.

Flames burning near Testa Vineyards in Mendocino. [Used with Testa Vineyards permission]

UPDATE 3:06 a.m.: According to the scanner, The fire in Potter Valley is moving west, towards Redwood valley, along Redwood Drive.

UPDATE 3:09 a.m.: The Mendocino Sheriff tweeted in the last five minutes, “Fires in Mendocino Co. – In Redwood Valley, School Way from Hwy 101 has been closed. Currently under EVACUATION ORDER: East Rd & West Rd…ALSO UNDER EVACUATION ORDER: Tomki Rd to Canyon Rd in Willits, Golden Rule subd, Reeves Canyon.”

UPDATE 3:22 a.m.: The Mendocino Voice has information here.

UPDATE 3:23 a.m.: Anyone evacuating with animals can take them to the Ukiah Fairgrounds and go to the Main entrance, according to information over the scanner.

UPDATE 3:33 a.m.: Report came over the scanner that 7 houses are burning on J Road.
UPDATE 3:41 a.m.: According to a report over the scanner, “We’re done on West Road. Everyone has to get out.” Evacuations from Mohawk south on West Road, according to a firefighter on the scanner.
UPDATE 3:45 a.m.: There are multiple reports of structures burning.
UPDATE 3:46 a.m.: The Mendocino Sheriff’s Department tweeted two minutes ago that shelters are open for fire evacuees. Those south of fire go to Ukiah High School. Those north of the fire go to Willits Community Center.

UPDATE 3:51 a.m.: Roads L and K are being evacuated, according to the scanner.

UPDATE 4:26 a.m.: According to the scanner, one home on Redwood Drive is beginning to catch fire.

UPDATE 4:32 a.m.: The Mendocino Sheriff’s Department just posted on Facebook, “Highway 101 is closed from Uva Drive North to Ridgewood Grade. All Redwood Valley south of School Way Circle to Highway 20 and east to Horshoe Circle is under EVACUATION WARNING. An evacuation warning means you need to be ready to move out at a moment’s notice – prepare animals, important papers, medicines & other necessities.”

UPDATE 5:01 a.m.: PG&E is cutting power from School Way north.

According to a witness along Road E, Michael Godinez, “It sounds like a jet engine out here.” He sent the photo below.

Fire at Road E

Fire at Road E just before 5 a.m. [Photo by Michael Godinez]

UPDATE 5:02 a.m.: The National Weather Service tweeted this gif showing the fire growing.

UPDATE 5:07 a.m.: According to the CHP, Hwy 101 between Uva Drive and the Willits Bypass is closed.

UPDATE 5:13 a.m.: Mendocino Sheriff states, “Call center for fire information is now open. Do not call 9-1-1 unless you have an emergency.
Fire information numbers:

(707) 467-6428
(707) 467-2518
(707) 467-6446″

UPDATE 5:15 a.m.: Potter Valley School closed today, according to the Mendocino Sheriff.

UPDATE 5:16 a.m.: Two women being reported with burns over the scanner.

UPDATE 5:29 a.m.: According to the CHP CHP Traffic Incident Information Page, the two women were found with 3rd degree burns lying in the roadway at 11400 block of West Road.

UPDATE 5:55 a.m.: Redwood Valley North of Ukiah on Fire: Evacuations, Multiple Structures Burned, Serious Injuries
UPDATE 8 a.m.: Parts of Santa Rosa are being evacuated. https://twitter.com/amyhollyfield/



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